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3. Инструменты разработки дистанционного курса

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Неделя 3. Инструменты разработки дистанционного курса. 5 Unique Ways Create A Presentation Without Installing Any Software. These days, there are many uses for a presentation slideshow other than giving an actual presentation.

5 Unique Ways Create A Presentation Without Installing Any Software

How To Integrate Twitter with PowerPoint: Tweet Presentation Notes & See Instant Feedback. Speakers and presenters at conferences are increasingly finding their audience live tweeting during their presentation. In most cases, the presenter has no clue about what the audience is saying on Twitter. This leads to a disconnect between the true thoughts of the audience in contrast with that of the presenter. PhET: Free online physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and math simulations. Edmodo:The Total Classroom Solution. In a digital world where we can easily "find an app for that" to help solve many problems, rarely do teachers have a one stop shopping place for all their classroom digital needs.

Edmodo:The Total Classroom Solution

There are many individual tools that can aid a teacher in retrieving student's digital work, polling/quizzing students or assigning work, but each of these tools usually requires a separate account. However, there is one, free, Web 2.0 app that brings everything together that you need for your classroom, including a social learning environment. The app that does all of this is called Edmodo. 7 Web 2.0 animation tools. Google Apps for Education Webinar Recordings. Online Article. Motivation in school context « Studying Workplace Learning. By Ines Lopez Pradas, Mareike Langhoff & Dmitry Trishin As in any other introduction we would like to start with some points why learning motivation and how to motivate is important at all?

Motivation in school context « Studying Workplace Learning

According to Cheryl Spaulding the motivation is the key to student learning. Without motivating the kids, teacher cannot really teach them. It plays crucial role in the development of a human cognition. It influences our behavior and actually our behavior is built on motivation. Definition of motivation. Experiencing E-Learning. Free Educational Software And Games. eFront Learning: Free Stock Photos Sites for e-Learning. As an e-Learning developer I had to invest a lot of time to find images for my e-Learning projects.

eFront Learning: Free Stock Photos Sites for e-Learning

I am sure that the most of us work with tight budgets and limited resources. To take a digital camera and take my own images wasn’t an option. A Glossary for the Web. Grapholite - Online Diagramming Tool. Grapholite is a new online service for creating diagrams.

Grapholite - Online Diagramming Tool

Grapholite features a drag and drop interface for creating flowcharts, organization charts, and more. You can create new diagrams from scratch or use the sample templates provided by Grapholite. If you choose to create from a sample template you can edit the arrangement of elements, rename elements, and edit the colors of elements. To create a diagram from scratch choose "new" from the file menu then begin dragging elements onto your canvas from the menus provided. You can then label the elements of your chart, add colors, resize elements, connect elements, and arrange elements with a simple drag and drop system. Wondersay - Animate text with style (and make personalized gifts!) Theory behind Mind Maps. Online Photo Editing with LivePhotoEditor. The 35 Best Web 2.0 Classroom Tools Chosen By You.

100 Web 2.0 Tools Every Teacher Should Know About 44.24K Views 0 Likes We're always trying to figure out the best tools for teachers, trends in the education technology industry, and generally doing our darnedest to bring you new and exciting ways to enhance the classroom. But I wanted t... 20 Free and Fun Ways To Curate Web Content. How to maximize the value of SlideShare. Over the past few weeks, several of our users have written articles sharing tips and best practices for using SlideShare.

We think that our extended community will appreciate these insights, and have gathered and published them here. The articles below offer a combined 35+ tips to help you increase views and audience interaction. Key themes include improving the quality of your presentations, content aggregation, increasing interaction by being more social, and the difference between live vs. published presentations. Jean-Marie Bonthous, aka @seamlessocial, advises on inbound, content and influence marketing, as well as community-building.

His “Top 10 Ways to Unleash the Power of SlideShare” offers tactical tips for aligining your account with your search strategy. Welcome to My Resource Cloud. Open Source Authoring Tools. Consulta el Repositori. Бесплатные инструменты для упаковки в SCORM. Top 100 Tools for Learning 2010: Final list, presentation and more. PLE Online Courses: Login to the site. 28 Seriously Useful Tools for Creating Your Own Screencast. Software for creating screencasts have become essential and the products available are being used intensively for creating thousands of new videos every day.

28 Seriously Useful Tools for Creating Your Own Screencast

Химия. Программа 10-11 классов (обучающее видео) скачать книгу бесплатно. Rory McGreal's blog: Open Education Resources (OER) for assessment and credit for students project. Online converter - convert video, images, audio and documents for free. Seminar-KhPI-9-rel Online Class by Vladimir Kukharenko. Pedrada8-dc-zvit Online Class by Vladimir Kukharenko. Seminar KhPI-15-Google+e-learning Online Class by Vladimir Kukharenko. 280 Slides - Create & Share Presentations Online. School-2-twitter Online Class by Vladimir Kukharenko. Untitled. - образовательное видео. Материалы вебинара "Примеры курсов - как надо и как не надо делать" Как я интегрировал Facebook c системой дистанционного обучения. В связи с солнечной погодой и потеплением, у меня случилось весеннее обострение :) Захотелось сделать чего-нибудь эдакое, но не сильно трудозатратное.

Как я интегрировал Facebook c системой дистанционного обучения

В связи с чем, я решил интегрировать систему дистанционного обучения с социальной сетью Facebook , в которой некоторое время назад зарегистрировался. Сделал я это в том числе потому, что в последнее время часто приходится слышать что есть морально устаревшие решения (LMS) и новые решения - социальные сервисы. И если есть новые технологии, то "старые" инструменты надо выкинуть на помойку. Правда, я не услышал пока ни одного внятного объяснения, как социальные сервисы позволят управлять учетом и учебным процессом. Это умеют делать LMS. Для начала я пошел на страницу для разработчиков Facebook и почитал как делать интеграцию. Затем, я зарегистрировал приложение WebTutor в Facebook. E-learning tools and resources for schools and education.

Tips for Effective Presentations. My coworkers and I have been giving a lot of presentations lately, for a variety of reasons: explaining OpenSesame to buyers and sellers, sharing tips and information about the keys to successful elearning development and promoting OpenSesame.

Tips for Effective Presentations

We’ve developed some rules of thumb for captivating presentation audiences and focusing on the key information. If you cover the main points of your presentation effectively, you will leave your audience energetic for discussion and questions. Here’s our checklist for making sure our presentations are effective: . HOW TO: Optimize Your Content for the Cloud. PJ Gurumohan is the co-founder and CEO of GENWI, a cloud-based mobile presence creation and management platform.

HOW TO: Optimize Your Content for the Cloud

He holds two patents in wireless technology, has authored several journal articles, routinely speaks at technology conferences and has held various engineering positions at IBM and US Airways. The smartphone is increasingly becoming the interface through which people process the world around them. Welcome to Generation Wireless! This increasing popularity of the smartphone is also coming up against another interesting trend.

Myna — онлайн аудио редактор / Работа со звуком. The Google Classroom. Google Earth - Utilizing GE to take students on virtual field trips and Lit Trips.

The Google Classroom

Sketch Up - Quickly build and create 3D drawings and models. These drawings (if done to scale and look identical to the building) can be placed on Google Earth as a 3D image. Picasa - Photo sharing with students and parents. Embedding slideshows into your webpage or blog. eLearning: More on Copyright. First, there's the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video. Produced by American University's Center for Social Media, it gives some good guidelines for what is and isn't considered Fair Use.

Next is the Fair Use Evaluator which, if approached honestly, can help you determine how legally "fair" the use of materials in your work will be. Additionally, if a copyright holder asks you to provide a fair use evaluation, there is an option to print a time-stamped PDF. I also received a couple of questions on whether or not using Google image search results was okay. The short answer is no. A practical guide to creating learning screencasts: part 1. A screencast is a demonstration of a task carried out in a software application or on a web site for use as a learning aid or for reference.

To create a screencast, you simply carry out all the operations involved in completing the task and the software records this as an animation. This animation can be annotated with text labels, accompanied by an audio narration or both. Some authoring tools allow you to go beyond offering simple demonstrations, to provide the learner with opportunities to try out the tasks for themselves using a simulation of the original software. This 3-part practical guide explores the potential for screencasting, describes the different types of tools available and provides some tips on how to make a good job of your own screencasts. Media elements. A practical guide to creating learning podcasts: part 1 – coming to terms with podcasts.

The simplest way to look upon a podcast is as an audio recording. Strictly speaking, podcasting is a more sophisticated concept than this, which involves a user subscribing to an ongoing series of recordings, which are then automatically downloaded to the user’s computer as they are released, and then copied to the user’s iPod or similar MP3 player for listening to as and when the user wishes. In practice, once you have produced a learning podcast, you don’t really mind how it is accessed. A practical guide to creating learning slide shows: part 1. Digital Texts and the Future of Education: Why Books? (EDUCAUSE Quarterly. Key Takeaways Students have expectations for interactivity and connectedness when they use digital devices, yet these expectations are frequently unmet when using most digital textbooks, resulting in a lack of mass adoption. Visions of media-rich, cost-efficient educational texts available on a variety of digital devices seem frustratingly slow to solidify due to a wide range of factors, including failure to effectively exploit the pedagogical potential of mobile devices.

Super Maths World - математические игровые упражнения для школьников. Learning science through gaming. This month, thousands of middle-school students are going online to play an interactive video game. That might not sound surprising, by itself. But in this case, the game is a special science-mystery project, “Vanished,” created by MIT researchers on behalf of the Smithsonian Institution, as a novel experiment in alternative science education.

Great Resource for Using Graphics in eLearning... The eLearning Coach. 5 Google Apps features guaranteed to boost productivity - Software as a service, internet, Google, cloud computing - Computerworld. CIO — You're probably familiar with the basics of Google (GOOG) Apps—Gmail, Docs, Calendar and Spreadsheets. But built into these are a number of features designed to increase productivity and simplify workflow.