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Abigail & Brittany Hensel - The Twins Who Share a Body. How English sounds to non-English speakers. How to pay a compliment. Kom Ihåg, Inspirerande Citat och Klassrum. Watching the detectorists – About Words – Cambridge Dictionaries Online blog. By Colin McIntosh You could be forgiven for thinking that old-fashioned hobbies that don’t involve computers have fallen out of favour.

Watching the detectorists – About Words – Cambridge Dictionaries Online blog

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. If anything, the internet has made it easier for people with specialist hobbies from different corners of the world to come together to support one another in their enthusiasms. This has generated a crop of new words, some of which are now making their first appearance in the Cambridge dictionary. One new general word that has recently arrived in Britain from the US is hobbyist.

Typical geeky pastimes involve collecting things, spotting things, or discovering things. Stamp collecting is the classic nerdy hobby. I’ve found it hard in the past to explain the concept of trainspotting to learners of English. About Words - Cambridge Dictionaries Online blog. About Words - Cambridge Dictionaries Online blog. Hot under the collar: idioms to describe emotions. By Liz Walter​ Idioms stand out from ordinary language because of their colourful imagery, and they often express concepts in a strong way.

Hot under the collar: idioms to describe emotions

However, these characteristics also make them rather conspicuous and difficult to use naturally. In addition, many of them have a slightly old-fashioned feel. This post will therefore offer a selection of emotion-related idioms that are in common current use and which you can feel confident using in everyday speech. Let’s start on a positive note, with happiness. About Words - Cambridge Dictionaries Online blog. By Colin McIntosh​ The pressure to achieve the perfect body shape is greater than ever before, for men no less than women.

About Words - Cambridge Dictionaries Online blog

At the same time, rates of obesity are at their highest level ever. These two related facts are reflected in some new additions to the Cambridge English Dictionary. Much of the vocabulary relates to our bodies and how we see them. An objective measure of how overweight or otherwise we are is given by the BMI or body mass index: a measurement of our weight in relation to our height.

We don’t really get on. (Phrasal verbs for describing relationships) By Kate Woodford​

We don’t really get on. (Phrasal verbs for describing relationships)

About Words - Cambridge Dictionaries Online blog. By Liz Walter What would Gandhi have made of glitterbombing?

About Words - Cambridge Dictionaries Online blog

This form of protest – a curious mixture of the high-spirited and the serious, the comic and the aggressive – consists of throwing handfuls of glitter at whoever has caused the protester’s anger. Glitterbombing has been aimed mostly at those accused of homophobia, and most of the recent US Republican presidential candidates have now been glitterbombed at one time or another.

The tactic has also been used by Occupy Wall Street protesters. Another, rather more benign, form of bombing is yarn bombing, a protest not against bankers or politicians, but against drabness and dreariness. Grandson shares nan's polite Google search. 10 More Moral Dilemmas. Humans Morality is fun to debate.

10 More Moral Dilemmas

At the end of last December, I posted a list of another 10 dilemmas. By the comments submitted, I realize many did not feel that they had sufficient debatable merit. Therefore, I have posted 10 more, which I think will be more thought provoking and agonizing than my first list. Please tell us what you would do in each scenario via comments. Doctor’s Sick Patients You are a very skilled doctor with five dying patients, each of whom needs a different organ in order to live. A: Wait for the patient to die and then harvest his organs or b: Save the patient even though the other patients won’t get organs.

If you chose to administer the medicine, would you still do so even if the medicine will not cure the patient, but, instead, delay his death to some short term future date or time after the five patients will have died? You have witnessed a man rob a bank, but then, he did something completely unusual and unexpected with the money. Top 10 Moral Dilemmas. Miscellaneous Thankfully most of us do not come across dire situations that present a moral dilemma, but it is always a very interesting exercise to consider a dilemma and our reaction to it.

Top 10 Moral Dilemmas

So, I now present you with a list of ten agonizing moral dilemmas, in no particular order. (Be sure to tell us what you would do in the comments.) 10. Concentration Camp You are an inmate in a concentration camp. 9. "BOY" - SHORT FILM. CGI 3D Animated Short Film "THE LOST THING" A Beautiful OSCAR WINNING Animation by Passion Pictures. Momondo – The DNA Journey. Lessons Worth Sharing. While high speed loop-to-loop coasters and haunted houses are commercial hits of the 20th and 21st centuries, people have been scaring themselves and each other since the birth of the species.

Lessons Worth Sharing

This has occurred through all kinds of methods such as storytelling, jumping off cliffs, and popping out to startle each other from the recesses of some dark cave. And we’ve done this for reasons other than fun: inciting fear is very effective at building group solidarity, teaching the next generation about what to fear and how to survive, and as a means of controlling behavior. Ida Gratte - Fucked Up World. Rebecca Lyn - EVERYONE PLEASE READ. Body Soul. Games for the Brain.

Growth mindset. Why sitting is bad for you - Murat Dalkilinç.