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Untitled. This example of a designing a speaker box makes use of many of the calculators found on this site.


You should also review the Speaker Building Guide for additional help. For this example, I picked 3 ScanSpeak drivers for a 3-way speaker - the same 3 used on the Crossover Tutorial. This design is old and the characteristics of these drivers have since changed and/or been discontinued. These 3 drivers might be smaller than what is expected of a typical 3-way system. The mid is 4" and the woofer is 6.5" in size, but this system is still capable of producing deep frequencies at 35Hz.

We will first use the Sealed vs. Efficiency Bandwidth Product (EBP) = Free Air Resonance (Fs) / Driver Electrical "Q" (Qes) The tweeter in our example is already sealed and doesn't require an enclosure. Untitled. Tone Control atau bisa disebut juga pengontrol nada yang akan di share pada posting kali ini bisa disebut sebagai Tone Control semi-Aktif, karena pada rangkaian inti Tone control ini bekerja sebagai rangkaian pasif, namun pada posisi sebelum (Buffer) dan sesudah (Bootser) Tone Control ini, ditambah beberapa rangkaian penendang bass dan juga penguat Transistor.


Untitled. The Design: I found a speaker building buddy who happened to live in my neighborhood.


The first time I went to his house he had a line array using 9 three inch drivers per side and 9 small tweeters. Untitled. Stay safe and healthy.


Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Explore more ideas with a Pinterest account Sign up to see more Continue with email Continue with Facebook Continue with Google By continuing, you agree to Pinterest's Terms of Service, Privacy Policy Already a member? Untitled. Untitled. Intro : This is a speaker project i did in parallel with the T-Amp.


As all the best projects, in the beginning, it was never meant to be...I was surfing the full range speaker section @ in search for a project to go with the modded T-Amp i was doing (see my other entry here). I kinda decided from the beginning that i wanted to go with a single driver design, but couldn't find "the ideal project". There were some very nice designs around that i was interested in, but the budget was an issue ; indeed, i couldn't justify to myself to pay 200+ euros for a pair of drivers, not for the first speakers i was going to do.

I ended up posting my question on the forum, and got a lot of helpful replys (the folks over there are very nice). Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Audioreviews: Cornu Compact Spiral. What are they?

audioreviews: Cornu Compact Spiral

To describe what sort of speaker the Cornu CS should properly be called becomes easy and tough at once. The easy answer is to call them rear-loaded hornspeakers with a single driver. That means no crossover, low cone excursions due to horn-loading, less impedance fluctuations, less phasing - as well as time delay between the driver and the horn, horn resonances, potential intermodulation distortion and so on, with other respective pros and cons of such driver loading lining up on either side of the fence. Untitled. Wie ich das Thema Multiroom-Audio bei mir umgesetzt habe, habe ich ja hier schon erklärt.


In diesem Beitrag möchte ich Euch nun zeigen, wie ich meine WLAN-Lautsprecher selber gebaut habe. Im Grunde ist da auch nicht viel dabei: Wir nutzen idealerweise einen Lautsprecher, den wir noch irgendwo herumfliegen haben und bauen da zwei Netzteile, einen Raspberry Pi, Verstärker und noch ein paar Kleinigkeiten ein. Dann haben wir das Gröbste geschafft. Folded Horn Passive Phone Speaker: 8 Steps (with Pictures) The construction of the speaker is actually very simple, with no hardware used, only wood, and wood glue.

Folded Horn Passive Phone Speaker: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

I prefer the common PVA glue, usually white or cream in colour. It doesn't set too quickly, giving ample time to adjust the fitting of pieces, and it dries to a very strong binding material. It works especially well in applications like this one, where only butt joints are used. The more you apply, the stronger and sturdier the joint. Best is to first cut all the necessary pieces to size, and then marking each one clearly with it's length (the width is the same for all the pieces, except for the two side panels).

As it is quite a few pieces that have to be glued together, I think it best not to try to glue too many together at the same time. Pinterest. Ecklautsprecher.

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