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FluidDATA Public Audio Database and Search API. Improve your English using Youtube. Brainstorming and Voting Amazingly Easy. Free Online Tool  Tell About This. iSpraak. iSpraak for Google Chrome is an online activity generator designed for foreign language educators.


This web-based application automates speech evaluation for second language learners. The instructor sets up the activity by selecting the language of instruction and including a short text for students to read. The student then practices speaking and is given immediate feedback, along with audio help from native speakers for problematic words. The best way to learn more about iSpraak is to try it out yourself! You can create your first activity by following the prompts here. When you are ready to register, please visit our registration page here. For more information, or to speak with the developer, please e-mail Additional license info here. Language exchange community - Speaky. Fluency Tutor. i2Speak - Free Online Smart IPA Keyboard. Select & Speak: An Easy To Use Text To Speech Extension [Chrome] Select and Speak is a handy extension for Google Chrome that allows users to listen to text from almost any website.

Select & Speak: An Easy To Use Text To Speech Extension [Chrome]

The extension has a list of voices (accents) to choose from; you can choose any of the voices that you recognize the clearest and the easiest. To get started, simply install the extension and visit any website. Now, select the text you want it to read and then click on the Select and Speak icon to start listening to the text being read aloud. You can pause/stop the playback anytime by clicking on the pause button when the text is being read aloud.

You can also configure a shortcut to use the extension from Select and Speak options page. SpeakPipe - receive voice messages from your audience directly on your website. Forvo: o guia de pronúncias. Todas as palavras do mundo pronunciadas por falantes nativos. Search for Words. Free English Pronunciation Dictionary for mobiles - How to Pronounce English words. Voicee : Voicee - talk whenever! The debate site - Quibl. Vobok. Capture the authentic voice of your customers. Things to Think About. Talky. Scoop. Spell Up. Online Talking Dictionary. Macmillan Dictionary and Thesaurus: Free English Dictionary Online.

Find Similar or Opposite words at WordHippo. Free English Pronunciation Dictionary for mobiles - How to Pronounce English words. Unit Planner: Searches Made Even Easier! Moshi Monsters - Mobile. Howjsay Pronunciation Dictionary. An App for Android and iOS – iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Announcing FluencyFinder 2.5 Brand new tools for a new school year!

An App for Android and iOS – iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Here’s what’s NEW NOW… ** NEW! Data-sharing e-mail function** NEW! Comprehension questions for a one-step fluency and reading comprehension assessment And what’s COMING SOON… ** COMING SOON! Dear FluencyFinder Friends and Aficionados, You spoke, and we listened. You’ll find all the features you love about FluencyFinder in the 2.0 version, plus a few that you told us you wished for – including data sharing with the new email function, and a one-step comprehension assessment for all 48 passages. Unlike other educational tools that require a one-minute reading fluency assessment, PLUS a separate assessment step to measure reading comprehension, FluencyFinder 2.0 lets your student read the entire passage in one quick sitting.

When the assessment ends, FluencyFinder instantly calculates the results and stores them in your Student Record for immediate access. Sincerely all things “fluency” and otherwise, FluencyFinder P.S. 5 books that will help you teach English pronunciation. I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the lookout for new ideas on how to improve the pronunciation of my students; even the good ones need all the help they can get.

5 books that will help you teach English pronunciation

This has always been an area of teaching that worries me and one where I still feel I can grow greatly as a teacher. Basically, I need the help of those seasoned pros out there who have blessed us with their knowledge in the form of written texts. With this in mind these are the books that I feel deserve a place among your collections. 1. English Phonetics and Phonology: A Practical Course by Peter Roach This little beauty is perfect for anyone who has ever wished they had a simple, straightforward resource for either personal reference or for their students to use. This text is an essential for the novice teacher and experienced pro alike, as it explains all the terminology and theory in a way that is easy to understand; a truly great book with which to get indoctrinated!

2. By Robin Walker 3. Audioboo. Learn to Talk Like Yoda with the Yoda-Speak Generator. Record and send voice emails.