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Facebook Twitter Kahoot! RWT Timeline. Studious. Storyboarder. DubScript is an easy-to-use, feature-packed screenplay editor for film or TV.


DISPLAYS FOUR SCRIPT FORMATS: Fountain 1.x, Final Draft (.fdx), Trelby, and CeltX (.html)SAVES: Fountain, PDF, Final Draft (FDX), and HTML. Create a new script in the fast, free-flowing editor... then type away! DubScript uses Fountain markup, so don't bother manually indenting or waste time assigning what's a character or action or a slug line. Just write. It's all simple plain-text, allowing your creativity to flow uninterrupted. Done? Screenplay files are stored right on your device in local storage. Fountain is a way to write quickly and naturally in plain text without dealing with the usual "screenwriting software" formatting stuff that gets in your way.

Here are the Fountain "rules": just make it look screenplayish, and you should be good!) • Unlimited scripts! DubScript is committed to offering the best value of any serious writing app. Smaller phone? • Switch to a compact soft keyboard. Happy writing! Pyne. Poll the world. No worries about language barriers anymore!

Pyne. Poll the world.

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Madefire Comics & Motion Books

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