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British Columbia Government Lends Support to Open Textbooks. Cable Green, October 16th, 2012 The government of British Columbia, Canada’s westernmost province, has announced its support for the creation of open textbooks for the 40 most popular first- and second-year courses in the province’s public post-secondary system.

British Columbia Government Lends Support to Open Textbooks

The texts will be available for free online, or at a low cost for printed versions, to approximately 200,000 students. The first texts under this project could be in use at B.C. institutions as early as 2013 for courses in arts, sciences, humanities, and business. UK Open Textbook Project – Promoting the use of openly licensed textbooks in UK higher education. A History of the Modern World, 9th Edition Textbook Outlines. L’accès gratuit en ligne.

A History of the Modern World, 9th Edition Textbook Outlines. 5 Places to Get Digital Textbooks. David Lippman. Professor David Lippman has saved students a million dollars.

David Lippman

David co-wrote two math textbooks and built iMathAS, a free, open-source math assessment and course platform. Nearly all of his work is licensed under a Creative Commons license, allowing others to access, reuse, and edit his work for free. Unlike traditional publishers that won’t publish known textbook errors out of fear of compromising their business, David wants edits. “Whatever I create’s not going to be perfect. So I want to make sure that people have the ability to make changes and improvements, and hopefully contribute back.” One day last year, David Lippman got an interesting Google Alert. 1,300 miles away, fellow math professor James Sousa had created free video tutorials for almost every example question in David’s basic math textbook.

David loves getting that kind of news. Free-textbooks project helps SA. AN innovative education project has enabled the government to print more than 2.4 -million free maths and science textbooks for a nominal cost.

Free-textbooks project helps SA

The project also allows pupils from Grade 10 to 12 to download the books free - and provides videos and presentations that they can source via the internet or on their cellphones. The textbooks are written by an army of volunteers, many of whom are PhDs , and are provided free of charge to schools. The initiative - called Siyavula - is the brainchild of Mark Horner, 35. Horner's project is a labour of love that began in 2002 when he ran a project with graduate students at the University of Cape Town. Called the Free High School Science Textbook, it ran until early 2007 when he got a fellowship at the Shuttleworth Foundation. He then started Siyavula - which means "we are opening" in Nguni. Now it costs government only R40 to print and distribute one of these textbooks, whereas previously the Department of Basic Education had to fork out R150 a book.

350,000 Textbooks Downloaded From Apple's iBooks in Three Days - John Paczkowski. Though nascent and unproven, Apple’s new textbook initiative appears to be gaining lots of momentum — and quickly, too.

350,000 Textbooks Downloaded From Apple's iBooks in Three Days - John Paczkowski

Within days of its debut, Apple’s iBooks textbook store had already racked up a significant number of downloads. Same thing with the company’s textbook authoring tool. According to Global Equities Research, which monitors Apple’s iBook sales via a proprietary tracking system it doesn’t much care to discuss, more than 350,000 textbooks were downloaded from the company’s iBooks Store within the first three days of availability (caveat: a number of these may well have been free copies of E.O. Wilson’s Life on Earth downloaded for free by folks interested in seeing an iPad textbook in action) Open Text Book.

Open Textbooks Statement to Make Textbooks Affordable. Make Textbooks Affordable, a campaign composed of Student Associations and Public Interest Research Groups from across the US, yesterday released a statement in support of open textbooks signed by 1000 academics.

Open Textbooks Statement to Make Textbooks Affordable

From the press release: Open textbooks are complete, reviewed textbooks written by academics that can be used online at no cost and printed for a small cost. What sets them apart from conventional textbooks is their open license, which allows instructors and students flexibility to use, customize and print the textbook. Open textbooks are already used at some of the nation’s most prestigious institutions – including Harvard, Caltech and Yale – and the nation’s largest institutions – including the California community colleges and the Arizona State University system.

Bibliothèque numérique de la 6e à la Terminale. Gutenberg. Boundless - Textbooks. Book:Lists/Subjects - TextbookRevolution. Une collection gratuite de manuels scolaires sur Internet. Nouvelles ressources pédagogiques sur Internet.

Une collection gratuite de manuels scolaires sur Internet

La première collection gratuite de manuels scolaires est désormais accessible en ligne aux collégiens et à leurs enseignants, et en version interactive. L'éditeur indépendant vient de mettre en ligne sa collection de 16 manuels scolaires en libre accès, couvrant tous les niveaux des matières principales au programme du collège : français, mathématiques, histoire-géographie et anglais.

Un groupe d'anciens professeurs a fondé en septembre 2009 la maison d'édition, un indépendant qui publie en ligne, sur son propre site, des manuels scolaires numériques en accès libre destinés au collège. Et en 3 ans, en 2012, l'éditeur s'est taillé sa part à hauteur de 7 % du marché, tandis que la moitié des collèges compteraient des usagers du site Internet, précise le communiqué de presse. Pour les enseignants, le numérique offre de renforcer le suivi individualisé des collégiens.

Manuels scolaires libres. Education | Manuels scolaires libres Liste des projets de manuels scolaires libres ou à défaut sous licence CC BY SA NC.

Manuels scolaires libres

Avis aux contributeurs : le format retenu est courte description, licence, liens, éventuelles remarques. Liste des licences libres pour les œuvres d'usage pratique autre que les logiciels et la documentation de logiciels : Attention : Dans cette liste figure des manuels non-libres car sous licence CC-BY-NC ou dont seule une partie est libre. Manuels scolaires libres achevés[modifier] Mathématiques[modifier]