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By using the website, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms. If you do not accept these terms, you should no longer use the website. These terms of use may change from time to time without notice, and as such you should refer to this page each time you access the website. Home - Thea Render. Ferme de rendu. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Ferme de rendu

Une ferme de rendu (plus connue sous la désignation anglophone de Render Farm) est une grappe de serveurs dont l'objectif est de calculer le rendu des images de synthèse, typiquement pour les effets spéciaux au cinéma ou à la télévision. Le rendu d'images est une activité très gourmande en termes de calcul et nécessite l'utilisation d'une architecture apte au calcul parallèle, chaque image pouvant ainsi être calculée indépendamment des autres. Le temps nécessaire pour rendre des images n'a pas progressé tout au long des 20 dernières années malgré l'énorme progrès réalisé dans la puissance de calcul des processeurs.

La raison en est que l'avancée technologique dans la puissance des ordinateurs est absorbée par l'augmentation du temps de calcul nécessaire aux nouveaux algorithmes pour faire face à la demande sans cesse plus grande concernant la qualité des images générées. Acquisition d'une ferme de rendu[modifier | modifier le code] Rebus Renderfarm Service - Démarrage. RandomControl. Shot, Drive, Pro 3D Rendering Software. Spectral Studio - Home - Spectral Studio. Render Farm Online. Tv #194: In-depth with Arnold creator Marcos Fajardo. Arnold is one of the most powerful and quickly becoming one of the most influential production renderers.

tv #194: In-depth with Arnold creator Marcos Fajardo

In this in depth interview Mike Seymour discusses the current path based ray tracer and its recent speed improvements plus looks at possible paths Solid Angle might explore with company founder Marcos Fajardo. Corona Renderer. RENDER ENGINES. Plugins Reviews and Download free for CG Softwares. [ #Corona #Rendering #Blender ] Developed by Joel Daniels, Corona Render Exporter allow you to export from Blender scene to Corona standalone renderer >> See Also: Corona Render tutorial: HDR Lighting Standalone features (and exporter features) include: To install and use: -Download the exporter from bitbucket, from the "Downloads" section -Extract the exporter and place it in your /scripts/addons directory.

Plugins Reviews and Download free for CG Softwares

Exporter To do list: Plugins Reviews and Download free for CG Softwares. [ #Corona #Rendering #3dsMax #Blender ] After 9 months of development, Corona Renderer releases new public version, called Alpha v6.

Plugins Reviews and Download free for CG Softwares

The new features include support for distributed rendering, new robust API, ability to save and resume rendering later, improved light solver and motion blur, physically based camera, exposure and lights, and more. Because it is still in development, the plugin is free to use and can be downloaded at the official website after registering at the forum. It has no restrictions like limited resolution or watermarks, and can be used for commercial work. Commercial versions with artist-friendly pricing are planned for the future. Corona Render tutorial: HDR Lighting. Maxwell Render 2 - Licences - Formation - Rendus. KeyShot - 3D Rendering and Animation Software.

PxrDisney. We make better, locally grown pixels. Pixie - Open Source RenderMan. Rebus Render Farm Service – only 2,9 cent / Ghzh. Octane Render. Guerilla Render. Introduction à Bullet - Game Developers. Rendering with Free Software. MessiahStudio Animation and Rendering Software. News. If you haven't seen Tim's Vermeer yet, go see it!


It's about using technology to make great art. It's about persistence and plowing through an insane project one day at a time. Things every photographer and 3D artist can relate to. My friend Bob Groothuis, maker of the famous Dutch Skies 360 collections, actually played a vital part in this movie and was at the movie shoot in the Vermeer museum. He talks about this close encounter here, and he shot this panorama with Tim and all the cast and crew.

Bob's been very busy. He just published Vol.5 of his Dutch Skies collection, with ... wonderful new HDRI containing all the golden light and fluffy clouds the dutch painters - including Vermeer - were famous for. We had a little chat about techniques and how he has streamlined his approach, and the result is that Bob sponsored this month's free sIBL-set and wrote this sweet tutorial for us. . [ Guest Article] In recent years I shot an enormous amount of skies here in Scheveningen (Netherlands). Corona Alpha6 is out! The long awaited Corona Renderer Alpha 6 is out.

Corona Alpha6 is out!

If you didn’t download it yet, get it now on the forum! It has been 9 long months since we released A5, and we’ve come a long way since that. Numerous things were changed and improved. This article should give you a short brief about those changes we did in A6 and tell you something about our future plans. So read on. Yes, it is still free for commercial useNo limitations, no watermarksOffers Biased and Unbiased RenderingBy default very slightly biasedCPU basedFully integrated into 3dsmax, standalone A6 version will follow20k+ downloads for A5ADD + NBP – Artist Driven Development & No Bullshit Policy. Welcome to our Magazine // FREELANCE ANIMATED ACTOR. Tuto et Formation informatique en vidéo sur FORMATIONVIDEO.FR. Appleseed - Open Source Production Rendering. Mitsuba - physically based renderer. iZi to Learn.

JHT's Planetary Pixel Emporium. Buy 3D Models, Sell 3D Models, Low-Poly 3D Models, 3D Print Models, Game-Ready 3D Models at 3DExport. A complete IOR list. Here's a long list with ior values you can use when you create various materials and liquids and much more.

A complete IOR list

This is a compilation of various ior lists scattered all around the web, so there may be duplicates in the list but they're there for comparison purposes and so you can pick either ior value that fits your specific needs. I hope this long list will be useful for someone.. Transparent materials Eye, Aqueous humor 1.33 Eye, Cornea 1.38 Eye, Lens 1.41 Eye, Vitreous humor 1.34 Glass, Arsenic Trisulfide 2.04 Glass, Crown (common) 1.52 Glass, Flint, 29% lead 1.569 Glass, Flint, 55% lead 1.669 Glass, Flint, 71% lead 1.805 Glass, Fused Silica 1.459 Glass, Pyrex 1.474 Lucite 1.495 Nylon 1.53 Obsidian 1.50 Plastic 1.460 - 1.55 Plexiglas 1.488 Salt 1.516. CG artists homepage with fresh CG industry news.