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Portable, isolated, fast & powerful universal development environment for PHP, Node.js, Python, Java, Go, Ruby. Recordit: Record screencasts fast & free! with GIF Support! Book Suggestions Ninja. Buildah - build your containers from the ground up! Since I’m relatively new to the world of containers and images, I was excited to learn about the Buildah tool. Especially since I’m a native New Englander and it’s a clever play on how we say Builder in these parts. Buildah is a newly released command line tool for efficiently and quickly building Open Container Initiative (OCI) compliant images and containers. Buildah simplifies the process of creating, building and updating images while decreasing the learning curve of the container environment. It is easily scriptable and can be used in an environment where one needs to spin up containers automatically based on calls from your application.

What’s really neat is there is no requirement for a container runtime daemon to be running on your system chewing up resources and complicating the build process. Testing Environment Setting Up Buildah Before you can run Buildah, you need to install it. . # dnf -y install buildah To verify the install: # buildah --help Let’s Play!

Now for the fun stuff. . #! Codebashing. StdLib — Function as a Service Software Library. Build a “Serverless” Slack Bot in 9 Minutes with Node.js and StdLib. Minute 5: StdLib Service Creation You’ll now want to create a StdLib service for your Slack App. We’ve built a slack template for you to use to get a bot up and running with very little effort. In the stdlib directory you just created, type: $ lib create -t slack You’ll be asked to enter a Service Name, we recommend slack-app for the purposes of this tutorial. This will fetch the slack template from our utils.templates service that’s available open source on GitHub.

. $ cd <username>/slack-app To make sure your slack-app is ready, let’s run a test “Slash” command — for example, this would respond to /hello hey there when run in your team. $ lib .commands --command /hello --text hey there --channel general You’ll get a result that looks like this: Great! We can test events as well. . $ lib .events --event message --text hey --user me --channel general Finally, deploy your service live to StdLib — your app won’t quite be ready to use yet, but we need it to talk to Slack to verify that it’s working. Online regex tester and debugger: PHP, PCRE, Python, Golang and JavaScript. C++ Threading #8: Using Callable Objects. Markov Chains: The Imitation Game. Learn X in Y Minutes: Scenic Programming Language Tours. Learn Git Branching.

GitHub - ArcadeRenegade/SidebarDiagnostics: A simple sidebar for Windows desktop that displays hardware diagnostic information. Comment désinstaller plusieurs applications Windows en 1 seule fois. Le printemps est là, et c'est donc le moment de faire le grand ménage. Surtout si vous avez un ordinateur blindé de conneries en tous genre... Je pense bien sûr à tous ces petits logiciels pré-installé sur votre PC de grande surface, mais aussi à tous ceux que vous avez testés et que vous n'utilisez plus. Mais désinstaller tout ça demande du temps car faut tout se taper à la main, un par un !

Heureusement, une fois encore, je vous viens en aide avec une solution qui déchire tout : BCUninstaller ! Ce freeware (enfin, ce beerware) permet de dégager en une seule fois, tous les logiciels de votre choix. Excellent pour faire un grand ménage, surtout qu'il exploite le mode silencieux (unattended) des programmes de désinstallation, donc sauf exception, vous n'aurez pas à cliquer sur "Suivant, Suivant, Suivant, Ok, Suivant, Bla Bla, Terminer". BCUninstaller propose des options de recherche et de filtrage et peut fonctionner sous la forme d'un outil portable (nécessite le framework .net 3.5).

101 Useful Websites! : InternetIsBeautiful. A site where you put in a link with any sound file (soundcloud, youtube, etc.) and it will donwload it. : InternetIsBeautiful. Choisir son identifiant Twitter est aussi important que son nom de domaine. Anders Riggelsen - Visual glBlendFunc and glBlendEquation Tool. Youtube To Mp3 | F.lux: software to make your life better. Free Fax • Free Internet Faxing. Gorhill/uBlock.