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Time Tracking, Billing and Attendance software. OfficeTime – Team Tip: Separate Team Rates. OfficeTime allows you to produce great team reports on everyone by importing their data files.

OfficeTime – Team Tip: Separate Team Rates

But what if you want your team members to have a different rate than you use in your own reporting? Or what if you simply don’t want your contractors to know what they are being billed out at? It’s a fairly common practice. It’s actually pretty easy. In fact, it doesn’t matter what rate is set on each of the team member’s computers. OfficeTime - Mac Sources. OfficeTime adds productivity to time tracking. iOS VersionClick to Enlarge.

OfficeTime - Mac Sources

One of the things that I am required to do in my job is to manage time spent on projects. This can be a somewhat daunting task as there are many jobs to juggle and different vendors for each one. There are companies that dedicated there software development to creating only project management applications. Some of these can be overly complicated and still not accomplish the basic needs of a project manager – time management.

Welcome to Forbes. ActiTIME Reviews, Features, Pricing & Comparison. ActiTIME Overview actiTIME is a free time tracking software.

actiTIME Reviews, Features, Pricing & Comparison

It allows you to enter time spent on different work assignments, register time offs and sick leaves, and then create detailed reports covering almost any management or accounting needs. actiTIME is a web-based application that means you will access it via web browser. The application itself can be installed in your office or hosted at our secure data center and provided to you as a service. Software by Actimind, Inc. actiTIME Screenshots (1) Advertisement Specifications Intended Users Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non Profits, Public Administrations, Small Business Devices Supported Android, iPhone-iPad, Linux, Mac, Windows, Web-based Supported Countries.

12 Accounting Solutions for Small Businesses. Credit: Accounting image via Shutterstock Looking for an accounting solution for your small business?

12 Accounting Solutions for Small Businesses

Business owners need all the help they can get. Instead of being inundated with crunching numbers, balancing incomes with expenses, and figuring out how much to pay whom and how much to pay Uncle Sam, the right accounting solution can do away with the grunt work. Spreadsheets, handwritten invoices and sticky notes aren't only ancient by today's tech standards, but are also colossal time wasters compared to the many new tools available.

Or maybe you've just had enough with clunky software from the days of digital yore. Small Business Workbench is an online tool to aid small businesses in managing working-capital and cash-forecasting. This turnkey solution is customizable and designed as well as priced to allow third party distributors to offer as a "white label" product to help their own clients prosper. TaxMate is a mobile app that aims to minimize surprises come tax season. What accounting software do you use? Cloudsourced Accounting LLC. Which cloud-based bookkeeping and accounting software is better?

Cloudsourced Accounting LLC

When it comes to accounting software for small businesses, one name has dominated the field for more than a decade: QuickBooks. From the desktop version to the newer QuickBooks Online, Intuit has enjoyed a monopoly on the marketplace. But that’s beginning to change. Enter Xero, a New-Zealand-based online accounting software company that’s managed to grab more than 200,000 customers around the world. And people are taking notice. The similarities In the major categories, QuickBooks Online and Xero are very similar. The differences. Accounting.waveapps. Signup for Xero & free trial. Zoho CRM Review 2014. Overview: Zoho Corporation’s roots go back as far as 1996.

Zoho CRM Review 2014

They started in a vastly different world as an IT, networking, and telecommunications company. Since then, the focus has drastically shifted to produce business productivity apps, which have proven popular enough for the company to re-brand itself as Zoho Corporation more than 10 years after its inception. Today, they have offices worldwide, and are officially headquartered in Pleasanton, California. They have grown to employ over 2000 people, most of whom work from their original offices in Chennai, India. While they have several edges over other software developers, Zoho has one distinguishing factor in its history that really puts it in a class of its own. The software has set itself apart from its competitors as well. Date Established: Zoho was launched in 2005 with a web-based word processor, and they have added many other applications since then. Pricing: Q&A: Tax for the self-employed.

When you become self-employed you’ll need to know what taxes to pay and when.

Q&A: Tax for the self-employed

Tax and accounts consultant James McBrearty explains the basics This is the first time I’ve worked for myself... If you were previously an employee, you probably didn’t have to think about income tax and National Insurance, let alone care. The payroll department deducted them automatically from your gross earnings and you netted the balance. Now that you work for yourself, obviously, you are responsible for sorting out your National Insurance and income tax.

What tax do I pay as a self-employed person? Income tax and two types of National Insurance to HMRC [Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs]. When is tax payment due? Cashier Live - Web-based Point of Sale Subscription Pricing. Multi line invoice in mail merge from excel to word.