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The Orthodox Jews fighting the Judaization of East Jerusalem - H. The four stages of Israeli policy: crisis, pressure, cave-in and. One Belgian and 13 Gazans To Sue Israeli Officials For War Crime. Soldier's Shocking Allegation: Troops Ordered to Engage in '360. June 21, 2010 | Like this article?

Soldier's Shocking Allegation: Troops Ordered to Engage in '360

Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. Environment » Sarah Palin On The Environment: George Bush And Di. America Detached from War by Tom Engelhardt. Admittedly, before George W.

America Detached from War by Tom Engelhardt

Bush had his fever dream, the U.S. had already put its first unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drone surveillance planes in the skies over Kosovo in the late 1990s. By November 2001, it had armed them with missiles and was flying them over Afghanistan. In November 2002, a Predator drone would loose a Hellfire missile on a car in Yemen, a country with which we weren’t at war. Six suspected al-Qaeda members, including a suspect in the bombing of the destroyer the USS Cole would be turned into twisted metal and ash — the first "targeted killings" of the American robotic era. Just two months earlier, in September 2002, as the Bush administration was "introducing" its campaign to sell an invasion of Iraq to Congress and the American people, CIA Director George Tenet and Vice President Dick Cheney "trooped up to Capitol Hill" to brief four top Senate and House leaders on a hair-raising threat to the country.

Spending fight freezes war bill - David Rogers. Stuck in neutral, Democrats are watching their summer economic agenda whittle away each day, with Republicans driving the debate through Senate filibuster rules and their political lock in the House over new war funding sought by President Barack Obama.

Spending fight freezes war bill - David Rogers

Republican leaders warned Wednesday that their House members will withhold support by voting “present” on the war funds if Democrats attempt to add new domestic spending, including $10 billion to help local school boards avert teacher layoffs in the fall. Across the Capitol, the Senate ground to a halt for most of the day as Democrats met behind closed doors in a make-or-break effort to find the swing Republican votes for an already much-reduced jobs and economic relief bill. Afghan Questions Arise as Petraeus Takes Over - CBS Evening News. General Petraeus is expected to be quickly and easily confirmed by the Senate but defense secretary Gates acknowledged today the war itself is going slower and harder than expected, reports CBS News national security correspondent David Martin.

McChrystal Relieved of Duty; Petraeus TappedHotsheet: In Afghanistan, a New General but an Old Strategy The man Gates calls one of the greatest battle captains in American military history made the rounds today ahead of his Senate confirmation hearings next week. Before he is confirmed he will have to answer questions about the July 2011 date President Obama has set for beginning a withdrawal from Afghanistan. Thursday the president was at pains to explain what that date means. "We didn't say we'd be switching off the lights and closing the door behind us," said Mr. KUHNER: Who lost Afghanistan?

America is heading toward a colossal defeat in Afghanistan.

KUHNER: Who lost Afghanistan?

Unless there is a dramatic change in policy and leadership, the United States will suffer the most calamitous military setback in its history - one that will mark the end of the American moment, the loss of superpower status in the eyes of the world. President Obama was correct to dismiss Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal as the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan. Generals International on Israel, The Oil Spill, And Demonic Vor. Yesterday, Cindy and Mike Jacobs of Generals International hosted a special webcast with Chuck Pierce on their website that focused primarily on explaining how the BP oil spill in the Gulf is due to President Obama's poor treatment of Israel.

Generals International on Israel, The Oil Spill, And Demonic Vor

Jacobs explained that years ago Bob Jones prophesied that following the death of Oral Roberts, the Gulf Coast would be hit with an oil spill and two hurricanes. Apparently that prophecy is now coming true and it is because God is angry with Obama's attitude toward Israel. Chuck Piece agreed, but also noted that God had sent Hurricane Katrina because He was upset about the United States' treatment of Israel and He intended Katrina to be a "purifying wind," but the US failed to get the message "so now look at the gunk that's coming up on top of us": I should also point out that both Cindy Jacobs and Chuck Pierce sponsored and participated in Janet Porter's May Day 2010 prayer rally. Megyn Kelly Pushes Right Wing Outrage And Disputed. Megyn Kelly Pushes Right Wing Outrage And Disputed Claim Made By Republican Senator Jon Kyl Fox “News” does seem to run with whatever is hot, hot, hot in the right wing blathersphere – the latest being a public service announcement, made by the Secretary of Labor on the Department of Labor website, in which she states that all workers, both legal and illegal, have the right to fair wages.

Megyn Kelly Pushes Right Wing Outrage And Disputed

The ad offers a toll free line which offers assistance to those who feel that they have been denied their proper pay. Could White be right now? Democratic gubernatorial nominee's mid. When Bill White became state Democratic chairman nearly 15 years ago, he predicted that the party's worst days were over and that momentum "is definitely on our side.

Could White be right now? Democratic gubernatorial nominee's mid

" He was wrong. The Democratic Party was in political free fall when White took over after Republican George W. Right-Wing Israel Lobby Riding High in Election Run-Up « Aletho. By Jim Lobe* – IPS – June 23, 2010 WASHINGTON – Despite the growing international condemnation and isolation incurred by the government of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, the right-wing leadership of the so-called “Israel Lobby” here is riding high in the U.S. Congress. So far this week, it has chalked up a key victory on Capitol Hill in its longstanding effort to impose “crippling sanctions” against Iran. It also succeeded in getting a large majority of U.S. lawmakers to fire a shot across the bow of the government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which has led the international chorus of criticism against the Jewish state since the deadly Israeli seizure in international waters of a Turkish vessel carrying humanitarian supplies to Gaza. MADNESS & REALITY: Right-Wing Religious group.

Jobs Bill Fails In Senate: Democrats Say Thursday's Doomed Vote. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Thursday that after Republicans once again defeated a bill to reauthorize several expired domestic aid programs, including extended unemployment benefits, Democrats are giving up on trying to break the GOP filibuster.

Jobs Bill Fails In Senate: Democrats Say Thursday's Doomed Vote

"We're going to move to the small business jobs bill," said Reid. "We can't pass it until we get some Republicans... It's up to them. " Reid and Sen. Bc video: Hope fades for the unemployed. McCrystal Scandal Shows Us the Military No Longer Protects Ameri. June 24, 2010 | Like this article? Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. The Obama/McChrystal debacle is symptomatic of a wider divide -- the widening estrangement between our civilian elites and our military. McChrystal deserved to be fired and has been. Obama Making BP Pay Is Good Government, and That's Why Republica. June 24, 2010 | Like this article?

Obama Making BP Pay Is Good Government, and That's Why Republica

Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. Fears Grow over Oil Spill's Long-Term Effects on Food Chain - IP. ATLANTA, Georgia, May 31, 2010 (IPS/IFEJ) - As oil continues gushing from the ocean floor into the Gulf of Mexico, with no sign of stopping until a new well is finished this August, scientists, environmentalists and local residents are beginning to reckon with the reality of a massive annihilation of sea creatures and wildlife.

Dead animals are already washing up on shores. Birds have been found dying in pools of oil and dispersant, which have taken over their marshland habitats. Several species in the Gulf of Mexico are already endangered, including the Kemp's Ridley and Leatherback sea turtles, the Sperm Whale, and birds such as the Piping Plover and the Gulf Sturgeon, according to the Arizona-based Centre for Biological Diversity (CBD). As a result of the disaster, CBD has already petitioned the U.S. Where Corporations Learn How to 'Manipulate' the Media. By Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy The word 'manipulate' was used by Edward Bernays to describe how big corporations, like BP and Exxon, should harness the 'organized habits and opinions of the masses'.

Where Corporations Learn How to 'Manipulate' the Media

Bernays considered such 'manipulation' to be essential in a democratic society. BP's recent oil spill --now threatening the U.S. Gulf Coast, indeed, the entire Gulf of Mexico --is an occasion in which corporations will apply the principle of 'manipulation' referred to by Bernays. Deepwater BP Oil Spill. "To the people here in the Gulf, we are going to be standing by your side. And to Americans all across the country, come on down and visit. " -- President Barack Obama, U.S. Coast Guard Panama City District Office, Panama City, Florida, 8/14/10 Information on Spill-Related Damages and Claims Individuals and businesses that have incurred damages as a result of the oil spill may submit a claim to the Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF) for removal and cleanup costs, damage to real or personal property, lost earnings or profits, loss of subsistence use of natural resources, or physical injury or death. BP oil spill response hits methane ice hitch.

US bureaucrats smoked crystal meth, watched porn as BP oil rig b. A New Generation of Natural Gas Drilling Is Endangering Communit.