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Product Overview - Cross-platform hybrid mobile app development - Icenium. Titanium Mobile Application Development. Remi-grumeau/emy. Mobile Frameworks Comparison Chart. HTML5 Enterprise Application Architecture. Now that we have a good understanding of HTML5 for applications, we can jump right into the HTML5 application architecture.

HTML5 Enterprise Application Architecture

The most important aspect of a good architecture is the independence and integration of all the parts of the system (i.e., integration should not be a factor of dependence). In other words, we strongly recommend lightweight, modular frameworks or libraries that do one or two thing well over the do-it-all mega-frameworks (e.g., Sencha) that try to do too many things, often in their own way (and not the HTML/CSS/JS way).

So, in short, go lightweight and modular, and most of all, learn the HTML5 way and NOT the framework way. Here is our recommended HTML5 application architecture (with some library recommendations). From bottom to top: Kendo UI - jQuery HTML5 framework for desktop, mobile app development, HTML5 data visualization. Strikingly - Simple, Beautiful Mobile Sites In Minutes. Apache Cordova. SproutCore. jQTouch — Zepto/jQuery plugin for mobile web development.

jQuery Mobile. HTML5 Framework for Desktop and Mobile Devices. Build HTML5 Apps for Any Browser.