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JavaScript Charts. Features Powerful data-viz Advanced serial charts We made it easy to display complex data visualizations. Combine various graph types on a single chart. Create clusters, or stacks, or clusters of stacks. Superior time-based scales When displaying flat series just doesn’t cut it, amCharts comes in with true date/time scale support. Micro-charts and sparklines Reduce the charts to complete minimal configuration to produce tiny but usable micro charts by disabling a few components like axes, legends and margins. Functional Interactive Zoom or pan serial charts, drill-down to other data levels, select slices, toggle graphs using legend, display HTML-rich contextual info, or draw trend lines directly on chart.

Export options Annotate and export charts dynamically to various formats including static images, SVG, PDF, Excel, and CSV. Load external data Easily setup and load external data sources in JSON or CSV formats. Google Data Studio Tutorial for Beginners & Novices — MarketLytics. Note: only you are allowed to delete this report and not the individuals you are sharing it with.

Google Data Studio Tutorial for Beginners & Novices — MarketLytics

Uptil now, you have learned how to draw reports in Data Studio. Now it’s your turn to create some appealing and organized reports with your bulk of data. So far you have learned the most simple and basic ways of building reports but if you want to explore a few advanced options, I have mentioned some below. Add New Dimensions and Metrics with Calculated Fields Calculated fields allow you to control the information contained in your data source. Setting a default date range As you know that Google Analytics has a default date range of last 30 days and we can’t change it.

Add date control to your report Click on the date selector. Données économiques. Il y a quelques producteurs de documentaires qui creusent un sillon de films d’auteurs, qui ont pour politique de se situer dans ce genre de films et font du documentaire d’auteurs “avant” de faire du documentaire pour la télévision, pour le national ou le régional...

Données économiques

Il s'avère que souvent, pour faire ces films, ces producteurs trouvent alors leur économie au niveau régional (et aussi international) plus qu'au niveau national. Il y a une autre catégorie de producteurs ceux qui trouvent leur économie en travaillant presque uniquement à l'échelle régionale, ce qui ne signifie pas qu'il font forcément du documentaire d'auteurs ou de création. JEAN-MARIE BARBE – ARDÈCHE IMAGES PRODUCTION, TËNK – Lussas – Rhône-Alpes Ce que je dirais à des jeunes : Ne vous faîtes pas d’illusion, vous êtes dans un monde où, contrairement aux années 90, on ne peut pas vivre correctement de son métier quand on est auteur, réalisateur ou producteur de documentaire de création. Math, Programming, and Board Games. You-draw-it - Index.html# _script.js# style.css#

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Building a Bubble Cloud. For the 2012 Republican and Democratic national conventions, Mike Bostock , Shan Carter , and Matthew Ericson have created a series of visualizations highlighting the words being used in the speeches of both gatherings.

Building a Bubble Cloud

These word-cloud-like word bubble clouds (what I’ll call bubble clouds, unless you can think of a better name) serve as a great interface for looking at the differences in the two conventions and for browsing through quotes from the talks. Check them out here: While there is a lot that could be discussed about all the little things that contribute to the quality and polish of these visualizations, in this tutorial we will look at some of the implementation details that make them tick. Bubble Cloud Demo I’ve created a basic bubble cloud visualization that tries to replicate some of the functionality of the NYT version. Try clicking on the bubbles, then try dragging them around. The source code is available for download and use in your own projects. Ready to get started? Portfolio de mes travaux.

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The 14 Best Data Visualization Tools. Nishith Sharma is the co-founder of frrole, a social intelligence startup.

The 14 Best Data Visualization Tools

Raw data is boring and it’s difficult to make sense of it in its natural form. Add visualization to it and you get something that everybody can easily digest. Not only you can make sense of it faster, but you can also observe interesting patterns that wouldn’t be apparent from looking only at stats. All Killer, No Filler This one’s different, trust us. To make the tedious task of making beautiful charts and maps easier, I’ve made the list of best data visualization tools available for the job.

Let’s get started! For Developers D3.js D3.js, short for ‘Data Driven Documents’, is the first name that comes to mind when we think of a Data Visualization Software. Tutorials. Rennes Métropole. Highcharts Cloud. ← Retour à l’accueil de la FAQ Cette page contient : Qu'est ce qu'une réutilisation des données publiques ?

Depuis 2005, la loi relative à la liberté d'accès aux documents administratifs et à la réutilisation des informations publiques, prévoit la possibilité de réutiliser les informations publiques à d’autres fins que celles pour lesquelles elles sont détenues ou élaborées. OpenDataSoft - Make The Most of Your Data. Data Journalism Tools. Outils dataviz.

Highcharts Cloud. Interactive JavaScript charts for your webpage. Iframe nomm�