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Bionics Bionics (also known as bionical creativity engineering) is the application of biological methods and systems found in nature to the study and design of engineering systems and modern technology.[citation needed] The transfer of technology between lifeforms and manufactures is, according to proponents of bionic technology, desirable because evolutionary pressure typically forces living organisms, including fauna and flora, to become highly optimized and efficient. A classical example is the development of dirt- and water-repellent paint (coating) from the observation that the surface of the lotus flower plant is practically unsticky for anything (the lotus effect).[citation needed] The term "biomimetic" is preferred when reference is made to chemical reactions. Bionics
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‪Liquid Magnet Sculpture‬‏
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‪Tesla's egg rotating in magnetic field‬‏
‪Magnet Gun‬‏
Homemade Shoulder-fired Rocket Launcher
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‪Full Scale 3D Printed Motorcycle from Inventor‬‏