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Digital Painting Tutorials

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Home. FZDSCHOOL's Channel. Targete's NEWS. Umbrella Sky. FacesAt this point, I started sketching out the character’s face, which was going to be one of the most important aspects of the image.

Umbrella Sky

I usually paint confident and provocative expressions, but this time I wanted the girl to be young, subtle and dreamy. At first I pushed the face I initially sketched further, but also sketched an alternative. The one on the left proved to be a bit too modern and concentrated, and so I decided to stick with the original. After choosing the face I polished it some more, smoothing the rough transitions in Painter, and adding fist hints of details, concentrating on the eyes, nose and lips. The final blending was achieved with “Just Add Water” tool in Painter. APB Whistler Step by Step by ~arnistotle.

Turn a Picture of Your Face into a Glamorous Digital Painting - Photoshop Tutorial. Step 1 To start softening the hair you need to have in mind: - How to use the smudge tool properly (this includes changing shape, hardness and strength and adequate them to the piece you're working on); - To delimit parts of the hair that invisibly form a line shape (pieces of the hair); - Smudging pieces at a time, not all at once; If you're not so good with those, it's not a big deal, just keep reading.

Turn a Picture of Your Face into a Glamorous Digital Painting - Photoshop Tutorial

If by other side you're completely new to the matter, it may be a little difficult for you. So to star0, download a stock with a pretty good amount of hair that hasn't been manipulated yet. Step 2 To make it clear about what i mean with hair's pieces check the image below. Don't forget, they're not exactly precise, feel free to adjust the limits to your own preference. Step 3 Having in mind the second piece i indicated on the last step, select the smudge tool with diameter around 40-45, hardness 70% and strength at 35%. Step 4. Tutorials. Step 1: Line art I've always been fascinated by realism, and because of this it is really important to me that the base line-art sketch has got proper proportions.


I usually use the old trick by putting a grid on top of a reference photo I've shot, and then I copy the same grid onto a blank canvas and start drawing grid by grid from what I see on the reference photo. I make sure to keep the grid on a separate layer so that I easily can remove the grid at a later stage, and also keep the drawing on a separate layer underneath the grid.

Step 2: Blocking in, and grey scale shading Once I have the line art version ready, I delete the layer with the grid, and then I make another layer behind the line art drawing which I fill with one grey scale colour using a hard brush. Now I start shading with grey scale tones only by looking closely at the reference photo. 3D Total - The cg artists home page. Digital Painting Video Podcast Bobby Chiu  *Buy a new .COM, get one new .INFO for FREE for 1st year only. Not valid on renewals or transfers. Plus ICANN fee of 18¢ per domain per year. † Good for one 1-year registration of any available .COM, .US, .BIZ, .INFO, .NET or .ORG **New .COs, first year only. Offer ends 7/31/2012. ‡ Annual discounts available on NEW purchases only. is the world's No. 1 ICANN-accredited domain name registrar for .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ and .US domain extensions. Mozilla Firefox. Introduction It's very crucial for a creator to foresee the image in his own mind and be able to know if it will make a good artwork, or not.

Mozilla Firefox

I wanted to create a scene filled with tension and drama, just like a still from the film itself. Designing the Movement Planning the work, I wanted to bring out the tension and conflict as a priority, which led me to an explosive duel scene that would draw audiences into the work. What troubled me was deciding whether the duel should take place during the day or night.

Making of Yuka. Introduction After receiving some positive feedback to my last work “yuka” I decided to write a detailed tutorial about creating process.

Making of Yuka

The Art of Daarken. 70+ Mind-Blowing Digital Painting Tutorials. Digital painting is an amazing, beautiful and most popular art. Many of designers want to learn about its tips and techniques. Today, i have a collection of absolutely astounding digital painting tutorials. These tutorials will help you on your way to becoming a master digital artist, so if you’re looking to improve your skills. 50 Digital Painting Tutorials 15+ Mesmerizing Digital Painting Tutorials.