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Cannes Ad Fest 2010

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The Future of Ads | The Future of Advertising The Future of Ads | The Future of Advertising It’s easy to say that a car is spacious and luxurious, but how do you demonstrate that claim in a clever and unique way? If you’re Fitzroy Amsterdam and the car is the new Hyundai i30 Wagon, you turn it into Hotel Hyundai, the world’s first 5 star hotel on 4 wheels. For Hotel Hyundai, the i30 Wagon was customized with a double bed, blinded windows, a multimedia system, and included 24 hour in-car service. To complete the experience, Fitzroy even created a unique logo for Hotel Hyundai, as well as a full collection of sheets, pillows, slippers, bath robe, and even a hotel key that winners would retrieve from the front desk.