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SugarSync. SugarSync Review. ZumoDrive - Enjoy your media and documents from every device. Audiogalaxy - Your Music + Internet Radio. Audiogalaxy Vs Subsonic - Fight! What's Your Favorite Android Music Streaming App? [Reviews, Poll] In our last week's poll, we asked you your thoughts on the best overall Android music player, and over 1500 of you responded, clearly putting PowerAMP ahead of the competition, followed by Winamp.

Audiogalaxy Vs Subsonic - Fight! What's Your Favorite Android Music Streaming App? [Reviews, Poll]

PowerAMP released the full version shortly after and still occupies the #1 spot for playing local music in my book. However, rightfully so, some of you noted that there are some players out there specializing on remote media streaming, and by that I don't mean Shoutcast streams - I mean streaming your own music collections. Google's music service may one day supposedly join the party, as we saw demoed at Google I/O earlier this year, but right now, that solution does not yet exist. Today's poll is here to establish which music streaming app currently on the Market deserves to be named the best. Right off the bat, there are 2 giants in this space, namely Audiogalaxy and Subsonic. Audiogalaxy Pros Cons Download Appbrain link Subsonic Appbrain link Conclusion. Subsonic. Songza - Listen to Music Curated by Music Experts. Songza Review & Rating.

Last.FM. Pandora. Slacker. Spotify. These and a wide variety of other streaming music services let you explore the depths of your favorite acts and genres—typically free of charge with a premium for accessing more advanced features. Startup Songza joins these established players with a completely free, ad-supported service that focuses on themed playlists created by both Songza music experts and users. Design and InterfaceSongza sports an easy-on-the-eye black, gray, and blue interface that keeps the visual clutter to a minimum. The Popular section, as the name implies, highlights the hottest playlists of the week, year, and those that are currently trending. Music Concierge is easily one of the most unique features in the streaming music space as it presents music options based on the time of day. Loading... The Songza Experience I decided to pass the day with Feelin' Good in the '90s, a playlist of happy, up-tempo '90s songs.

Songza Streaming Music App Review. May 7, 2012 The Good Large selection of well-curated playlists Pandora-style music discovery and streaming Unlimited streaming No audio ads The Bad Can’t pick your own song Buffering problems Limited number of song skips (and some errors) Can’t create playlists in the app The Price Free Download at iTunes Music lovers and those looking to discover new artists have long turned to the seminal streaming music service Pandora to get their new-music fix.

Songza Streaming Music App Review

Playlists for Every Occasion While Songza initially seems very similar to Pandora, that impression changes quickly. The first, Music Concierge, is the biggest argument for the service. Songza App Review: Pandora And Spotify Better Watch Their Backs. Songza soars in challenging online music field. Songza knocked Pandora off its throne as the most download free music app on iTunes. Picture: Songza Source: Supplied SONGZA, a new online radio service, leapfrogged Pandora as the most popular free music app for Apple devices last week. But it immediately faces a struggle to survive in a business saddled with high royalty rates for artists. The New York-based startup aims to re-write the songbook on how an online radio service ought to run. One key difference: it has no mood-killing audio ads. "We have playlists for getting lucky," said CEO and co-founder Elias Roman, 28.

Songza app streams tunes that suit your mood. Five o'clock.

Songza app streams tunes that suit your mood

Quitting time. I'm stressed after a long day of writing. I want to unwind to some mellow tunes, maybe a little acoustic guitar. Six a.m. Time to hit the treadmill. Sunday afternoon by the pool. Songza Review. Posted 06/28/2012 at 5:02am | by Susie Ochs Back in the day, it was easier to decide what to listen to: whatever you had with you.

Songza Review

Once that was a bulky CD wallet of 12 carefully chosen albums. Then it was a few hundred digital files loaded onto an iPod, and then a couple thousand. Now that music is in the cloud, the embarrassment of riches can lead to decision-making paralysis. Songbird. Turntable - play music together. Turntable Review & Rating. Have you ever wanted to DJ a party, but lacked the skills to master the wheels of steel? Turntable, a streaming music service, lets you become a virtual Grandmaster Flash by spinning your favorite records (albeit without the scratching, cross-fading, and other DJ skills) in listening rooms filled with open-eared music fans who judge your taste.

Turntable is an unusual streaming music service for sure, but it's also one that you should check out if you fancy a social music experience that's different from Editors' Choice award winners Songza (Free, 4 stars) and Spotify (Free, 4.5 stars). Diggin' Through the CratesTurntable features themed listening rooms (think "80s Rock"), which are locations in which other users create the soundtrack that provides the backdrop to your work day, commute, or chillax time.

You can passively partake of the audio or become a DJ yourself, which is where the fun lies. Each listening room features a DJ area where up to five users play the disc jockey role. Hulkshare - Listen to Free Songs & Music Online.