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National School Library Standards. As school librarians, you know that great stories are not just heard but experienced, and they have the potential to change conversation.

National School Library Standards

Storytelling is a communication skill that can take your advocacy to a new level, allowing potential supporters to connect with your school library in an immediate, meaningful, and memorable way. Adding to the Knowledge Base - NxtWave. Learning Commons: More Than Furniture. Home - Guide for Teacher Librarians. Free PD for TLs (an infographic) SLJ Innovator Basecamp (Inaugural Trek!) Saturday May 20, 2017 (with images, tweets) · joycevalenza. 6 Active Learning Spaces Your Library Should Have. Active Learning Spaces In the book Get Active: Reimagining Learning Spaces for Student Success, the authors identify six types of active learning spaces that are essential for creating an engaging learning environment for students.

6 Active Learning Spaces Your Library Should Have

While this research (and this book) are not specifically focused on school libraries, we are the ideal place in our schools to encompass all six types of learning spaces in one location. We are the learning hubs of our schools after all. :) You might find that many of these spaces will overlap in your library, or that their purpose might shift depending on the day. That’s totally normal considering how flexible our spaces have to be. Aim for having all six areas available as much as possible. Small group areas In your library, make sure that you have areas available where small groups of students can meet, talk and brainstorm. Large group areas By default, most school libraries already have a large group area. Community Area Technology rich area. It's Annual Report Season! Here Are Some Tips To Help You Effectively Tell Your Story. At this time of year, many teacher librarians are working to compile an annual report: that is to say a 2-3 page summary of how their work made a difference for students and staff all year long.

It's Annual Report Season! Here Are Some Tips To Help You Effectively Tell Your Story.

As someone who has crafted more than one of these babies, I understand and appreciate the work that goes into the shiny final products. Further, I know that the most effective annual reports are not simply collections of data pulled together at the last minute. SLJ’s School Ebook Market Directory. Ebook providers offer different selections of titles with varying terms.

SLJ’s School Ebook Market Directory

Which ones will best meet your school’s needs and budget? School Library Journal’s snapshot of 19 ebook vendors outlines the suppliers’ range of offerings, terms of use, and pricing options. Getting to E: The State of the School Ebook Market. Illustration by Ken Orvidas.

Getting to E: The State of the School Ebook Market

By fits and starts, school libraries are moving toward ebook adoption; the question is how fast. While publishers and distributors are evolving their offerings to appeal to students and educators, the transition to ebooks has its challenges, ranging from inadequate technology to some students’ preference for print books. Still, the movement is definitively toward e, as an anticipated $30-million deal for e-materials between Amazon and the New York City Department of Education shows. OverDrive, a leading distributor of ebooks to schools and libraries, saw its highest-ever single day of checkouts—more than 500,000 ebooks—in June, according to David Burleigh, the company’s director of marketing. Nationally, school librarians report that the mean portion of their materials budgets spent on ebooks is 7.2 percent; five years from now, it will be 12.4 percent, according to respondents to SLJ’s School Library Ebook Survey.

Environmental Scanning: what it is and how to do it. Environmental scanning. Environmental Scanning: what it is and how to do it. Doing Environmental Scanning Guide Feb 12. Environmental Scanning: what it is and how to do it. Chooimreader. DOBBINS%20n.y.%20scanning%20the%20environmental%20in%20Agricultural%20Businesses. Doing Environmental Scanning Guide Feb 12. Environmental scan assignment Henny Maruapula s215140516. Articles/Presentations: Environmental Scanning. Assignment | scanlinks | special topic(s): art links On the common, or garden variety, environmental scan.

Articles/Presentations: Environmental Scanning

Wendy L. Schultz September 2001 Houston, Texas A few thoughts on scanning, written last September when I was recovering from navel-reconstruction, due to laparoscopic surgery for an emergency gall bladder removal (an interesting 46th birthday present, don't you think?) , and updated in June 2002. I-Search Paper - English - Composition - Subject Guides at Grand Rapids Community College Library. School Libraries, Coding and Librarians.

Yes, Virginia. (Recently, The Charlotte Observer ran an article entitled, “Are School Librarians Going Way of the Milkman?”

Yes, Virginia

The article reported that Principal Lauren Fowler at Nathaniel Alexander Elementary had replaced her professional school librarian position with a teaching assistant stating, “I think we get more. Our children are not losing any value or knowledge of reading by running the media center the way we do.” Overall in the Charlotte Mecklenburg school system, the article noted that 31 principals out of 168 had so far opted to operate their school libraries without a professional school librarian. In the spirit of the season, I decided to adapt the famous New York Sun editorial in which Francis P. Church defends Santa Claus as my response to the CMS dilemma.) Dear Editor— I am 8 years old. Virginia O’Hanlon. Yes, Virginia. 5 Library Trends to Watch in 2016. Libraries everywhere continue to meet the challenge of evolving as their users’ needs change.

5 Library Trends to Watch in 2016

These changes are never easy and often need to be tweaked as they are put into practice. While many of the library trends that I list below are not completely new, I think you’ll find it interesting how they have continued to evolve and I am sharing some of the interesting twists I am seeing take shape. 4 Future Trends You Are Bound to See in K-12 School Libraries - Education Futures: Emerging Trends and Technologies in K-12. School & Library Spotlight: Hot Topics for School Libraries. © Leigh Ann Jones The collaboration area in the Parish Episcopal School makerspace in Dallas.

School & Library Spotlight: Hot Topics for School Libraries

Following the recent American Association of School Librarians National Conference, held last month in Columbus, Ohio, and during the lead-up to ALA Midwinter in January, we spoke with a number of school library professionals about issues and trends they and their colleagues have been seeing in their work. Transforming quiet school libraries into collaborative spaces. Transforming school libraries into communal learning “playgrounds” offers students technology support, remote access to research resources and expanded opportunities for creative exploration.

Transforming quiet school libraries into collaborative spaces

Librarians can collaborate with teachers to develop lesson plans that incorporate a multifunctional library’s media programs, books and other online resources. Library Information Technology Association (LITA) Audio Archive Available here. Program Date & Time. I-Search. Ahram Choi, Stuti Garg, and Margaret Kilroy The University of Georgia Review of I-Search Scenario Ms. Johnson has decided to include I-Search papers in a unit on ecosystems. She has worked with the school media specialist to determine what materials are available for this study within the school setting, the local community, and on the Internet. Figure 1. Ms. Writing%20an%20I search%20paper. 2014 July 30 Top 20 Topics and Trend %20Final.

My top 10 tech trends (expanded with infographic) S Top 10 Tech Trends 2014. Announced in July, the American Association of School Libraries (AASL)’s new mission statement said it clearly: AASL empowers leaders to transform teaching and learning. The trends we see this year emphasize significant opportunities and the critical importance of transformative library leadership as we rethink our platforms, collection, space, and new opportunities for instruction. Leadership from the center is not new—but perhaps it is a new essential in a transitional time. At her Connected Librarian session on October 7, Judy O’Connell (@heyjudeonline), course director for the School of Information Studies at Australia’s Charles Sturt University, reminded us that 2015 is the 25th anniversary of the Web. “The book did not take its own form until 50 years after it was invented,” O’Connell said, evoking a Gutenberg parenthesis.

We, too, are smack in the middle of a paradigm shift. Social media is the new media. Transparency is the new platform for student work and reading. S Top 10 Tech Trends 2014. Top 10 Topics and Trends Spring 2012. 5 Library Trends to Watch in 2016. Librarians' Changing Roles Can Inspire School Communities. I'm in a new job this fall, moving from K-5 to the library at Western Albemarle High School in Crozet, Virginia.

It's a great chance to look back at what I've learned and what I've tried during a time of transformation in school libraries. Libraries have always been focused on users and communities, but recent support for makerspaces and experimentation, coupled with the benefits of system-wide support from Albemarle County Public Schools, has allowed librarians to spearhead inspiring changes. As I change schools, I plan to build on some of the new approaches that I've tried. For a high school, the context is different -- and the curriculum is very different -- but the user-focused approach and the willingness to tinker and try is sure to carry over in the following four practices. 1.

Librarians model much-needed differentiation in professional development with teachers, and in user-focused tech and literacy approaches with students. Conference Presentations. Presentations. Virginia Association of School Librarians. AASL Releases White Paper from CLASS Research SummitPress release from AASL: