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13 Things About Highly Creative People You Should Know. Creativity works in a mysterious way often leaving us baffled.

13 Things About Highly Creative People You Should Know

Inspiration and great ideas often pop up out of the blue and fail to show up when we need them. The science gives us a complex picture of creativity. However, there is a couple of telltale characteristics creative people possess that make them so unusually attractive, odd, and worth admiring at the same time! 1. They daydream a lot They are here, but their minds are miles away during your conversation. 2. Many great creatives are known for working during odd hours. 3. The little unusual things they do when they need to spark creativity, focus on work or just get into the mood. 4. Once a creative gets “into the zone” or what’s defined as the flow state – a mental state when a person transcends conscious thought to reach a heightened state of effortless concentration and calmness – they become immune to any external distractions and can stay focused on crafting for hours without keeping an eye on the time. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.


Intersts. Arts. 3-strategies-attract-opportunities-into-your-life?mtype=daily_newsletter&mid=20160401_customized&uid=852523&email=mariamsalib1985@hotmail. Feeling stagnant?


You don’t attract opportunities because you are not upgrading I often get asked by my coaching clients: “How can I get more opportunities in my life?” This is a really important question. New opportunities enable us to advance in our lives and careers as a result of an abundance of options to choose from. In the case where we seldom get a chance to upgrade our current situation through new possibilities, it is a common occurrence to feel stagnant, unhappy and unproductive. Mariam Magdi Salib. 28-great-things-to-do-before-turning-28?ref=mail&mtype=daily_newsletter&mid=20160506_customized&uid=852523&email=mariamsalib1985@hotmail. 1.


Travel, travel, travel and see the world Photo credit: Albumarium/ 2. Go skydiving. Just for the sake of it. Photo credit: Lakshya Lohumi/ 3. Photo credit: 4. Photo credit: PicJumbo/ 5. Lifehack. 20 Things Only Highly Creative People Would Understand. There’s no argument anymore.

20 Things Only Highly Creative People Would Understand

Neuroscience confirms that highly creative people think and act differently than the average person. Their brains are literally hardwired in a unique way. But that gift can often strain relationships. I’ve seen it firsthand while working with New York Times bestselling authors and Grammy-winning musicians. Firestarter Passion Profile Quiz by Clarity on Fire. 36 Quotes To Get You Through Bad Days. A bad day can sometimes be misinterpreted as having a bad life.

36 Quotes To Get You Through Bad Days

But essentially that’s what it is: just a bad day. There’s many factors which may be contributing to your negative mood – you might feel stressed with work and in need of a long holiday somewhere hot, or maybe you feel like you’re stuck in the same routine and consequently you feel discouraged. But it’s not abnormal to feel this way, in fact most people will at some point in their lives. This list of inspiring quotes will hopefully give you the motivation you need to pick yourself back up and work towards your life goals. 1.

10 Highly-Desired Skills You Can Acquire By Self-Learning. When you look past the swarms of shallow content, the internet can be an extremely helpful database.

10 Highly-Desired Skills You Can Acquire By Self-Learning

Never before did we have access to such a vast amount of knowledge, and it is distributed for free. With the right sources, each and every one of us has an opportunity to acquire a decent level of expertise in any particular field. It is also worth mentioning how a lot of tutorials are now uploaded in video form, allowing us to learn much more efficiently, due to the fact that we retain more information from watching a video than from reading a book. Passion for self-learning is truly great, since we are, in a way, always perfecting our skills and constantly improving. 10 Hard Things You Need To Do For Success (While Many People Are Unaware) The road to success is a long and winding one, with plenty of obstacles just waiting to trip up a careless traveler.

10 Hard Things You Need To Do For Success (While Many People Are Unaware)

Apart from the privileged few who are given everything on a silver platter, most of the people who make their dreams come true put in a lot of hard work and make sacrifices behind the scenes, constantly improving themselves. Shaping yourself into a smarter, faster, stronger and better version takes time, and there are a number of things that you need to do for success, even though you may not realize it yet. 1. Stay calm and composed during conflict situations One of the first things to look for in a good leader is the ability to keep his or her composure during a high pressure situation.

Now, you shouldn’t just sit there and wait for an opportunity to show off your conflict management skills, but you have learn to stay calm during arguments and crisis situations. 2. You Need To Visit These 20 Websites If You Want To Learn New Skills. Are you still trying to think of a clever goal to work toward this year?

You Need To Visit These 20 Websites If You Want To Learn New Skills

How about challenging yourself to learn a new skill? Or even better, several! Just imagine, by the end of the year you could be coding your own website, conversing in Mandarin, networking with ease, publishing your first book, or properly using that DSLR camera. You don’t have to leave your couch, much less take a student loan, to learn these and thousands of other skills from some of the best teachers and educational institutions in the world.

Whatever you can dream of learning, these 20 websites can probably teach it to you — maybe even for free. Coursera With more than 1,500 courses to choose from, Coursera can bring you new skills in practically any field a university offers — business, social sciences, math, life sciences, and humanities, to name a few. Skillshare. Becoming a #BossBabe: 5 reasons you should read more. We all dream about being successful….

Becoming a #BossBabe: 5 reasons you should read more

We discuss it over wine with our homegirls, stating that “one day when I become the next Oprah….” We hope, think, obsess, and wish for it, not to mention Googling the hell out of it. Even though we attempt all of these tactics the first time someone suggests a book recommendation to get there our reply is…. “No, I’m good girl you know I don’t read like that…..” Most of the answers that we search for lie between the pages of a book. Anyone Who Wants To Be Successful Needs To Drop These 10 Habits Now. ‘You have brains in your head, You have feet in your shoes, You can steer yourself any direction you choose.

Anyone Who Wants To Be Successful Needs To Drop These 10 Habits Now

You’re on your own, And you know what you know, And YOU are the guy who will decide where to go”-Dr Seuss At one time in my life, I believed that my success was based on the amount of money I made, how good I was at my job, and how many people liked me. The older I got the more I realized that success for me was actually based around how happy I felt. I did spend many years caught up in the whirlwind of defining my success by comparing it to how other “successful people” lived their lives. I wasted a lot of energy chasing other peoples’ definition of success.

I never really truly believed I was successful. 10 Lists To Keep If You Want To Be Successful. The human mind is truly incredible, and we should all strive towards creating a tenacious memory we can rely on. Many lucrative professions or hobbies require such a trait—actors, musicians, artists and entertainers in general do countless drills, just so the required information can be embedded in the memory with certainty.

Clearly numerous doors that lead to a successful future are unlocked if one has a great memory. Although beneficial, it is not an essential ingredient within the success formula—what you lack in memory can always be compensated with diligence. Keeping track of crucial elements in your life through list-making is still an unrivaled tactic for counterbalancing feeble recollection. By utilizing constant reminders, we can have significantly greater organization, we won’t be under the impression we have forgotten something, and we will have a clear insight into which task has a stamp of immediacy attached to it.

35 Quotes From Tony Robbins: How To Become Extraordinary And Successful. Please don’t call Robbins a motivator, because as he has said: “If all you do is motivate, without a strategy, it’s like a warm bath. “It’s nice. It’s not enough.” Tony Robbins, as he reveals to the Miami Herald, prefers to think of himself as an inspirer. The life coach and performance strategist extraordinaire is known for providing powerful words of wisdom on how to achieve greatness and success in businesses and life. His first best-selling book “Awaken the Giant Within” continues to inspire millions of people around the world to great success even today, while his recently published book “MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom” (his first major book in 20 years) is equally inspiring.

The-single-biggest-regret-people-have-in-their-lives?mtype=daily_newsletter&mid=20160411_customized&uid=852523&email=mariamsalib1985@hotmail. Have you been following your heart, or are you guilty of the thousands of people that will chalk their biggest regret as to not following through on what they’re passionate about? It is something that does not get spoken of enough, but many people end up sticking to the safe route in life as if it is the only path they know how to walk. They then forget what tingles their fiery sense of desire and regret not taking the small sliver of opportunity that was available to them at some point, and instead they find themselves stuck or complacent and missing out in a repentant state of mind.

This idea of following the heart is difficult, but imagine the life you could be living if you gave in to the calling of your heart instead of the ‘norm’ life that society has ingrained into our heads. People often get stuck where they are at. 10 Reasons Why Some People Always Seem To Know A Lot. Ever come across someone who really seems to know everything? They can answer questions about any topic, any field and any place.

They have general understanding and can explain either in brief or well detailed how and why? Most of the time, these kind of people make a really good impression and they seem to be doing pretty good for themselves professionally and in their private lives. They seems to progress really well and pursuit excellence in all they do. Lists You Need to Make for a More Satisfying Life in 2016. I wasn’t always a list-maker. For most of my life I’ve been more of a scraps-of-paper-notes-everywhere-and-5-unfinished-journals-at-a-time type of gal. But after researching and interviewing some of today’s most successful people last year, I’ve realized organization is a fundamental key to success.

It’s also not just office organization or systems and processes, it’s organization of one’s entire day, entire week, entire life. Successful, satisfied, happy people have multiple ongoing lists that are prioritized and edited regularly. If you are like I was, surrounded by post its and ready for change, here are some lists to get you started. 1. This is a lesson I learned after sitting down with Chalene Johnson, we need a list to guide all lists. 2. Often, we don’t achieve greatness in life because our goals are flat out uninspiring. 3. 4. 5. It has happened to all of us, we see a scene in a movie or read a passage in a book, about a particular place, and something stirs in our soul. 6.

25 Free Online Courses To Equip You With Valuable Skills. 7 Things Successful Women Do To "Have It All" Successful women don’t have it all by accident. 32 Life Lessons I Learned by Age 32. 12 Subtle Clues That Reveal Your True Personality. 5 Struggles Only Highly Intelligent People Suffer From. Highly intelligent people might seem to have it better through life, but this isn’t always the case. There are several difficulties and challenges only they will experience. Due to how they are raised and develop, they can also feel isolated. How-to-get-up-early-when-mornings-make-you-cry?ref=mail&mtype=daily_newsletter&mid=20160511_customized&uid=852523&email=mariamsalib1985@hotmail. Admit it. 17 Apps And Websites That Can Change Your Life.

With over 1.5 million apps available on the app store alone, it can be confusing to determine which ones you should download and which ones you should ignore. There’s just too much noise out there today. Not only are there more apps than we can fathom, but there’s only so much time and mindspace we have to consume all of them. This is why it’s increasingly important to filter out the apps and websites that will have the biggest impact in our lives, with the least amount of effort. 11 Life-Changing Books To Help You Build Better Habits. 6 Ways to Act on Your Ambition.

Success isn’t in the having. Success is in the doing. 6 Ways to Act on Your Ambition. Turn Guys On: Top 10 Subtle but Flirty Tips to Turn Any Guy On. Change Your Life Forever With 10 Actionable Steps. 20 Things Only Highly Creative People Would Understand. Forbes Welcome. Pinterest. How To Conquer The Fear of Success. Whole-Day Meals: 15 Healthy and Unique Avocado Recipes. Avocados are not only full of vitamins and minerals but they are high in protein and low in saturated fats.

This makes them an amazing superfood that can be incorporated into your diet easily. The versatile nature of the avocado means that there are plenty of avocado recipes out there from main meals to desserts, which gives you a way to sneak this wonderful fruit into your everyday diet. Although it’s delicious raw, avocado can be cooked and even substituted for butter in cakes to give you a healthier alternative.

7 Fashion Tips That Will Make You The Center of the Room. 18 Must-Have Apps to Become Your Best Self. ‘The Get-It-Together Guide for Figuring Out What to Do With Your Life’ 6 Ways To Personalize A Rental Home – 12 Signs a Man Is Attracted to You: What His Body Language Reveals. What Do Men Find Attractive: 7 Things That Drive Guys Crazy. Psychological Pricing: 46 Strategies and Tactics. 35 Tools and Resources to Hack Your Freelancing Success. The Pursuit: Tony Robbins’ 5 Steps to Break Through Your Limits. 4 Ways to Find Passion & Purpose in our Lives.

7-creative-resume-design-layouts-that-will-set-you-apart?ref=mail&mtype=daily_newsletter&mid=20160624_customized&uid=852523&email=mariamsalib1985@hotmail. Does He like You? 8 Signs He Thinks of You as More than a Friend. 25 Bathroom Hacks You'll Want to Share With Everyone. 20 Awesome DIY Office Organization Ideas That Boost Efficiency. 10 Lists To Keep If You Want To Be Successful. Kitchen Hacks: 31 Clever Ways To Organize And Clean Your Kitchen. The 37 Best Websites To Learn Something New — MAQTOOB For Entrepreneurs.

Clifton StrengthsFinder Theme. Nutella Stuffed Churro French Toast - Cafe Delites. 5 Smart Ways to Increase Your IQ (Because It’s Not Set in Genetic Stone) 25 Hobbies That You Can Turn Into Moneymakers. هل أنت من هواة الكتب والقراءة؟ 10 تطبيقات لا غنى عنها. Gifts Under $5: 30 Sweet And Creative DIY Gift Ideas. 30 Awesome DIY Projects that You've Never Heard of. 16 Highly Recommended Chic, Budget-Friendly Online Fashion Stores. 50+ Highly Motivational Quotes To Prepare You For 2017. The Best Christmas Products to Buy at The Dollar Tree. Remove These Things From Your Life To Be More Successful. The 5 Best Lessons From the 5 Best Business Books of 2016. An Unexpected And Effective Way To Find Your True Calling. Green 360 — Great Websites for Exploring Your Interests, Values and Skills. 12 Things A Woman Does That Men Find Irresistible.

45 free online classes you can take (and finish) by the end of this year. 42 Practical Ways To Improve Yourself. 15 Simple and Affordable DIY Projects. 30 Awesome DIY Projects that You've Never Heard of. 13 Must-Read Books on Success and Being Successful. How Reading Great Books Can Enrich Your Life.