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Essential Fonts For Designers. 1.0 - Free online bookmarks with so much more... The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities. Review: Migrating to Mozilla FireFox. Thinking of migrating to Mozilla Firefox from Internet Explorer?

Review: Migrating to Mozilla FireFox

In this two-part article we discuss the pros and cons and installation issues. Part 1: The Pros and Cons. OOExtras. Site Map. About Mozilla. Learn more about our projects, products and principles designed to help people take control and explore the full potential of their lives online.

About Mozilla

Play video The Mozilla mission What drives us and makes us different Career center Want to work on Firefox? Apply today! Mozilla Firefox Start Page. Opinion: Five reasons NOT to use Linux. FUEL Database on MontaVista Linux Whether building a mobile handset, a car navigation system, a package tracking device, or a home entertainment console, developers need capable software systems, including an operating system, development tools, and supporting libraries, to gain maximum benefit from their hardware platform and to meet aggressive time-to-market goals.

Opinion: Five reasons NOT to use Linux

Breaking New Ground: The Evolution of Linux Clustering With a platform comprising a complete Linux distribution, enhanced for clustering, and tailored for HPC, Penguin Computing¿s Scyld Software provides the building blocks for organizations from enterprises to workgroups to deploy, manage, and maintain Linux clusters, regardless of their size. Data Monitoring with NightStar LX Unlike ordinary debuggers, NightStar LX doesn¿t leave you stranded in the dark.

Educational software from Computer Products for Education, such as Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, Corel, Avid, and more. - download torrents. My Favorite Smallware. Freeware World Center - NONAGS - FILExt - The File Extension Source. 300 Free Truetype Fonts You Should Have. File Hippo - Free Software Downloads. AVG Anti Virus: AVG Free Edition. Home - The home of Spybot. Google Guide Quick Reference: Google Advanced Operators (Cheat Sheet) The following table lists the search operators that work with each Google search service.

Google Guide Quick Reference: Google Advanced Operators (Cheat Sheet)

Click on an operator to jump to its description — or, to read about all of the operators, simply scroll down and read all of this page. The following is an alphabetical list of the search operators. This list includes operators that are not officially supported by Google and not listed in Google’s online help. Morephases. Ghostzilla - the invisible browser. Tools for Protecting Online Privacy. Disclaimer: EPIC does not lobby for, consult, or advise companies, nor do we endorse specific products or services.

Tools for Protecting Online Privacy

This list merely serves as a sampling of available privacy-enhancing tools. If you have a suggestion for a tool that you believe should be included, or if you have comments to share regarding one or more of the tools that are already listed, send e-mail to Manually configuring Ad Blocking. Troubleshooting Windows XP, Tweaks and Fixes for Windows XP. USB 2.0, Hi-Speed USB FAQ. Home FAQs We try to cover in this USB 2.0 FAQ the basic aspects for those who are not too familiar with the serial bus technology.

USB 2.0, Hi-Speed USB FAQ

This FAQ is limited to just a few questions so you won't be overwhelmed by the length of the entire FAQ. And for those who are interested in latest USB standards, we also have FAQs on Wireless USB and USB 3.0. Web Designer’s FREElance Toolbox for Windows. The web professional's online magazine of choice.

Web Designer’s FREElance Toolbox for Windows

In: Articles By Brian Reindel Published on June 20, 2005 Freelancing for an extra thick wad of greenbacks to pad your back pocket is every Web designer’s dream. New & Fresh Fonts @ 1001 Fonts. MIDI. This page holds a list of my MIDI Packages.


There's more information for each of these; just follow the links! Since questions do occur from time to time, I've created a discussion forum for them. Shazdocs index. Rainy's. Gmail Tips - The Complete Collection. Gmail Beta: First Impressions The other day, I received an "invitation" to beta test Google's new "Gmail" email service.

Gmail Tips - The Complete Collection

After having tried and used literally dozens of web-based email services over the years, I decided to see what the buzz was all about, so I followed the Invitation instructions, and within a couple minutes, I had a new Google Gmail account. After working with this account for several days, I have discovered some things that I like about it as well as some things that I don't. Read on for the lowdown... AntiVir Personal Edition Classic. Create your Blog Now. The whole world can talk for free.