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A Flickr™ Search Tool. Education. Leading-edge educators have long recognized the value of Diigo to education, and we are very happy to support their effort.


There are two special education offerings: Free Teacher/Student Account: The teacher account option offers teachers greater capabilities than the normal free plan. Most importantly, it provides a Teacher Console, where the teacher can create and manage student accounts, with student email addresses being optional). You can apply for this account option here, after you have signed up. The student account option provides a greater privacy for the user, and is created by a Teacher account. Search Engine - Donate Rice with Every Search. Cuil. Fuel your fascination. GazoPa similar image search. Juice - The intelligent add-on for Firefox. Lexipedia - Where words have meaning.

Collecta. MelZoo. 73). Free PDF Search Engine. Search-cube - the Visual Search Engine. SortFix - Improve your Search. Free stock photo search engine - the largest free stock photo re. Spezify. Springo - Top of the Web. Mashpedia, the real-time encyclopedia.

Tizmos Home - SEE and Access your Favorite Websites in One Place. VideoSurf Video Search Engine. Viewzi — What are you looking for? Yoozila. Wiffiti. What do you suggest? Download yolink Browser Add-on. "I'm quite impressed with yolink and the options it offers my users.

Download yolink Browser Add-on

I am sure that many will find it useful. " Bill Goffe Professor, Department of Economics "yolink helps to quickly connect students with the important resources they need for their research. " Shauntee Burns Outreach Specialist