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Big Picture, Small World. Why great ideas come when you aren't trying. History is rich with 'eureka' moments: scientists from Archimedes to Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein are said to have had flashes of inspiration while thinking about other things.

Why great ideas come when you aren't trying

But the mechanisms behind this psychological phenomenon have remained unclear. A study now suggests that simply taking a break does not bring on inspiration — rather, creativity is fostered by tasks that allow the mind to wander. The discovery was made by a team led by Benjamin Baird and Jonathan Schooler, psychologists at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The researchers presented 145 undergraduate students with two 'unusual uses' tasks that gave them two minutes to list as many uses as possible for everyday objects such as toothpicks, clothes hangers and bricks. 4 Ways To Keep Great Ideas From Getting Stuck In The Pipeline. More than ever, innovation is a real, tangible competency at many Fortune 500 companies, which are investing substantially in their innovation capabilities to build new businesses, explore new technologies, and find new avenues to creating value.

4 Ways To Keep Great Ideas From Getting Stuck In The Pipeline

However, for every company that has produced substantial impact through innovation, there are many others that have struggled to produce real results. Tempted by the hope of disruptive products and beyond-the-core growth, less successful business leaders discover that making innovation happen at a large company is harder than they imagined. After a few years--usually three--they find that their budgets are dramatically cut and their priorities realigned.

In some cases, their entire innovation structures are eliminated. About: The Holstee Manifesto - Live Your Dream.