How do you explain this crop field UFO small documentary? The truth will soon come =)
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The Solway Firth Photo, 1964,(Spaceman) UFO Casebook Files On 24th May 1964, Jim Templeton, a fireman from Carlisle in the North of England, took his young daughter out to the marches overlooking the Solway Firth to take some photographs. Nothing untoward happened, although both he and his wife noticed an unusual aura in the atmosphere. There was a kind of electric charge in the air, though no storm came. Even nearby cows seemed upset by it.

The Solway Firth Photo, 1964,(Spaceman) UFO Casebook Files

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Archived UFO Case Files-UFO Casebook Files This page contains many of the most significant cases in UFO history. Opinions or theories drawn about these cases are the product of the individual author or organization. These files come from a variety of sources, and all source information was kept intact, therefore any and all copyrights are honored. This page is frequently updated so please come again. Archived UFO Case Files-UFO Casebook Files
Here is another alien story; a man and his friend who were out camping in the woods around Phoenix claimed to have seen a UFO land about 2:00 AM, late in December, 2013. Soon, according to the reporter, aliens emerged from the craft. The two lucky campers were taken on a tour of the craft. UFOs and Aliens UFOs and Aliens