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Grid Calculator by Nicolaj Kirkgaard Nielsen.


Typetester – Compare fonts for the screen. The Best 20+ Online Creative Design Tools Including Awesome HTML & CSS Generators. Amazing what you can find online these days…yup yup yup pretty much anything that comes to mind, ya can most certainly find Some of my favorite resources available online are Multimedia, design tools, applications and of course, the awesome HTML and CSS generators! I can’t be thankful enough to the lovely folks who take the time and energy in creating these tools for free….’coz at the end of the day we’re all benefiting from ever increasingly easy-to-use…less time consuming ways to work, play and therefore give us the breathing space to focus on what’s really important, expressing our creative selves.

HTML Table Style Generator: Style up an HTML table using CSS with this easy breezy table generator. Patternify – CSS Pattern Generator: A Simple pattern generator, that takes the hassle out of opening up Photoshop, creating an image then uploading/attaching to your site. CSS3 Generator: CSS 3.0 Maker: CSS Button Generator: Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator: CSS3 Gradient Generator: Border Radius: Screenfly by QuirkTools — Test Your Website at Different Screen Resolutions. Web Design Blogs To Read Daily, Web Development , Wezile | BLOG. wezile.

The web is full of web design blogs, many of which are very similar, and many have their differences. But a handful of them only post a few times a month, maybe because of their occupation or they just don’t have enough time to update their blog. I have compiled a list of the top 30 web design blogs, that have a continuous stream of content. P.s – (They are in no particular order). Smashing Magazine is an extremely popular web design and inspiration blog. They have a nice selection of categories, and their posts are very in depth, and provide web designers with knowledge and much inspiration. Although Fuel Your Creativity don’t update their blog on a daily basis, they have an awesome array of posts that are very inspirational to web designers.

Garcya is full the the brim of icon packs and goodies for web designers. This is the online presence of Jacob Cass. It has an odd name, but is a brilliant blog for designers. This web design and development journal is sweet. Magazine » 9/44 » Best Web Designing & Graphics Designing Resources -Nuefolio Magazine. Gridpak is the starting point for your responsive projects, improving your workflow and saving time.

Create your responsive grid system once using the simple interface and let Gridpak do the heavy lifting by generating PNGs, CSS and JavaScript. The CSS that Gridpak generates is compatible with IE 8+, however it makes use of some more experimental CSS properties such as the media query, box-sizing and background-clip properties so they suggest using it in conjunction with a library such as Modernizr to ensure backwards compatibility. Source Website & Download. 11 Fantastic Resource Sites for Web Designers. It is quite obvious that at some point of time we require some help and look out for quality information.

Thankfully Web World has provided much help as we can now come across a wide variety of information with a few mouse clicks. But when we visit different sites and get the required information, we forget the designers behind those sites who also require the same help to sort their queries or may like to have information pertaining to their field. Therefore, in this article we are going to present a collection of some useful resource sites for our designer friends which they can refer and in fact must refer. Most of us also have our own, lesser known resource sites that we go to. So please, share yours in the comments and help grow the community. Thanks! Mashable It is one site that every designer will get glued to as it offers a plethora of information related to web industry whether it is current news, new technology, social media, analysis, reviews and what not.

A List Apart Design Newz. Designing Style Guidelines For Brands And Websites - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement A website is never done. Everyone has worked on a project that changed so much after it launched that they no longer wanted it in their portfolio. One way to help those who take over your projects is to produce a style guide. Edward Tufte once said: “Great design is not democratic; it comes from great designers. Why Create A Style Guide? You’ll have an easy guide to refer to when handing over the project.Makes you look professional. Branding Guidelines: What To Include? Strategic Brand Overview This should be short and sweet. 1See Kew’s branding guidelines2.

Kew uses strong photography in its “brand essence” message, with a few paragraphs that both inspire and define the brand. Logos For print and Web, most brands revolve around the logo. 3See Cunard’s branding guidelines4. Cunard provides many variations on its minimum sizes. 5See Think Brick’s branding guidelines6. Provide logos with different colors, and specify which colours are allowed. Spacing Colors Fonts Layouts and Grids (al)


Textures. Fonts. Construccio web. Support Details | Tech Support Management. From PSD to HTML the easy way – Using Ultimate CSS Framework | Ultimate Designer Toolkit. From PSD to HTML the easy way – Using Ultimate CSS Framework Already a member? This tutorial will teach you how to transform your PSD files to HTML with a very easy method using Ultimate CSS Framework. This framework will help you first to create your designs using the psd file. Using css classes, you will be able to align your design like a pro. Things you need: Download Ultimate CSS Framework Optional – Vector icons Please note: we have created over 60,000 premium design items which you will be able to download instantly and use in your own or client designs.

View layout option: Before you start this tutorial it is better to look on the layout option. View Layout Option After you have the framework .zip file, extract it to your hard drive. The first step is to open the PSD file included in the “PSD Template” folder. In case your layout will not look the same try to make the folder with the blue blueprints visible. After you enable the Guides you will see some vertical blue lines. Demo 1 1. PSD to HTML tutorials, Ultimate CSS Framework, Photoshop tutorials. Over 55.000 Designer items in one place | Ultimate Designer Toolkit. Demo Server.