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DIY Raised Beds [InfoGraphic] : Grow Food Anywhere. TerraScreen Green Wall Vertical Garden. TerraScreen is an innovative approach to creating vertical gardens or green walls.

TerraScreen Green Wall Vertical Garden

Its design is simple and straightforward. This vertical garden system is the brainchild of Shane Pliska a progressive young interior plantscaper from Detroit. The Pliska family owns Planterra, one of the leading interior plantscaping companies in the U.S. The watertight containers can hold plants that are sub-irrigated by the simple method of capillary action. Simply place a pad of polyester batting material under each grow pot. You could also maintain the plants in sub-irrigated (recycled) pop bottle planters. Another approach would be plants growing in expanded clay pebbles (hydroculture). There is much recent interest in vertical gardens and green walls. Via: Apartment Therapy with more information and photos at greenUPGRADER.

Vertical gardening

How to build a Keyhole Garden. Recycled upside down planters. Well it’s the middle of april, and i must have springtime on the brain, because all i want to do is look at plants all day. i have had my eye on the sky planters by boskke since christmas time; something about upside down plants really strikes me as beautiful and intriguing. but i am low on funds, so i decided to try making my own with leftover containers from the various food items that make their way through my kitchen. surprisingly, there are a lot of container options for these nifty planters!

recycled upside down planters

The best are tins cans with plastic lids (items that usually come in these include coffee, instant cocoa mix, fiber drink mix, basically anything powdered or loose…yum!) CLICK HERE for the full how-to after the jump! Cost: soil/plants: $10 duct tape: $5 containers: free, on hand time: 2-3 hours instructions: for can planter: 1. peel labels off the can, then wash and dry the can thoroughly. 2. use a can opener to remove the bottom of the can. for the bottle planter: 1. clean, wash, and dry the bottle.

Diy. Gardening Tips & Ideas. Spider mites are among one of the most frustrating plant pests.

Gardening Tips & Ideas

Most people try to kill them with insecticides, which do nothing to them. Spider mites are mites and must be treated with special chemicals to treat mites. They are related to spiders and ticks, not insects. Before discussing specific control techniques, it is important to understand the spider mite’s life cycle and habits. Spider mites are 1/20th of an inch big. Adults mites are like spiders and have eight legs. Spider mites reproduce like rabbits in hot weather and are worse between June and September. When the plants they are on begin to die as a result of the spider mite infestation, the females spin a silk filament and catch wind currents to a new plant, just as baby spiders do.

Mites are sucking creatures and cause their damage by sucking the juices from the leaves of plants. Spider mites may be treated by releasing predatory mites onto your plants to eat the spider mites. Using pesticides on mites often fails. How-To plastic bottle green house build guide !