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SideFX Houdini OnLine Training Course “ConeXions” (Mastering Houdini Escape) « CardanFX. Master of Rigging. The LookUp CHOP. I want to take a quick look at how you can use the LookUp CHOP to do many things such as set driven keys.

The LookUp CHOP

Many of you may be familiar with set driven key solutions in other 3D applications and have been looking for a way of doing the same thing in Houdini. The LookUp CHOP represents a fantastic way to sample into any data with a simple reference curve. Let's learn about the LookUp CHOP then check out some examples such as the set driven key. Understanding the LookUp CHOP The LookUp CHOP can be thought of as the chf() expression but on steroids. Index a path in to a walk cycle for crowd animation along particle pathsDeform geometry with noise and waves You can watch the video to learn how to set up a LookUp CHOP and how the index channel is used to reference the right input Look Up Table.

Michael rice misc. Super-material for Houdini 10 To install: note: the included otl file is a non-commercial asset.

michael rice misc

A commercial asset can be downloaded from the SideFx Exchange. Martin Sawtell's website. PRman and Houdini OK first off, lets link some resources:The odforce wiki page on this subject.DCT systems has a writeup.SCAD student Alex Lim has one too.As does Hubert Weldon.

Martin Sawtell's website

However there aren't any for PRman 14.3, OSX 10.5 and Houdini 10, which was the combination I had to deal with at the time. Sylvain Riou. Adam Swaab. Go Procedural User Guide: Introduction. Go Procedural. View All Houdini Tutorials and Training. 2h 31m 2229122,291 watched 207 added 3h 13m 58715,871 watched 67 added.

View All Houdini Tutorials and Training

Houdini Modeling Tutorials and Training. Gamma, Linear Color Space and HDR - XSI-Wiki. Part I: Gamma We’re all computer users whose primary interface for viewing images is the monitor.

Gamma, Linear Color Space and HDR - XSI-Wiki

Everything about monitors, including their aspect ratio, comes from their ancestors: old television sets. Old television sets were bad - it took a lot of voltage to make them bright. That’s the thing to remember - that images on a monitor are “darker than they should be”, which we’ll need to know later in order to debug what’s going wrong. Monitors have a gamma of about 2.5, which looks like the graph shown here Monitor Gamma of about 2.5 . But when we watch videos, look at pictures, and work on our computer, the images look the way we think they should, don’t they? For display on television sets, video cameras compensate by producing images that are slightly “brighter”, so the result is a gamma of about 2.2. DONNA & HOUDINI: Modeling in Houdini. The best part about modeling in Houdini is having all the tools at your finger tips.

DONNA & HOUDINI: Modeling in Houdini

Hit of a tab key, type what you want and you got it. If you're a destructive modeler (usually character modeling) you'll probably just live in the viewport and sculpt away. Create Gorgeous Realtime Renders of your Game Art using the Marmoset Engine. FurryBall 3.0 - News. Houdini12 Raytrace Vs PBR Render test. Untitled. Modo 401 Fur Tutorial - Adding Density Map. Create A Soap Scene In Modo. Create Amazingly Realistic Renders Using Advanced Render in Cinema 4D. Nick Campbell. How to access particular object in mograph via XPresso? - Dynamics, Hair, Thinking Particles, MoGraph or General Animation. Geoff Swartz - UV Mapping & Texturing. Old School Blog - Object Intersections Part One. 3D1. Bitmap2Material - Create normal map in 3ds Max.

Peter Quint. My Houdini Blog. Houdini - the Foreach SOP Tutorial, HD. CmiVFX Worlds Leader In VFX Training - Expression cookbook - Houdini online help. Use the ch("pathname") function to grab the value of another parameter.

Expression cookbook - Houdini online help

For example, to have a Tube SOP change its height based on the translation of an object named logo, set the tube’s Height parameter to the expression ch("/obj/logo/ty"). To create ch() references easily, press on the source parameter and choose Copy Parameter, then press on the target parameter and choose Paste Copied References. You can use the channel value within an arithmetic expression, for example ch("/obj/$OS/spare1") + ch("/obj/$OS/tx") + 2 takes the value of the channel $OS/spare1 and adds the X value of that point plus two. The chf() function is the same as ch() function, but you can specify the frame at which to sample the value of the named parameter.

The chs() function returns the value as a string. Motiva COLIMO Overview I. Understanding Attributes & Variables. Houdini Mantra. Procedural Animation & Expressions. Traditional Animation Tools. Mantra Rendering Masterclass. Geometry Solver Footprints. Procedural Modeling And Digital Assets. Houdini Waterfall Tutorial. First Steps. Intro Workshop. Autodesk 123D - Free 3D Modeling Software, 3D Models, DIY Projects, Personal Fabrication Tools. CmiVFX – Houdini Hip Tricks Volume 4. CmiVFX – Houdini Hip Tricks Volume 4 If three were not enough, we come back with the highly anticipated fourth, killer sibling, for the series!

cmiVFX – Houdini Hip Tricks Volume 4

What can you say when you have a team like cmiVFX and Varomix? Simply awesome! We guarantee that you will be using this little bag of tricks for a long time to come. We take a lot of the initial problem solving out of so many of the sought after looks for film and television post production so that you can get your projects done in a quick efficient way. Realtime Motion Graphics Driven by Music Houdini is a totally awesome app, and this time will create a scene driven by music. This awesome effect, seen in movies, is surely a delight to see and to create. Space Shooter Game v0.01. CmiVFX – Houdini 3Delight Interoperability. CmiVFX – Houdini 3Delight Interoperability This video will show you all of the in and out points of this system, all while demonstrating the creative power that it can harness in each and every artist that uses it.

cmiVFX – Houdini 3Delight Interoperability

In our projects you will learn how to achieve several crucial scenarios to the Visual Effects Pipeline so that you can be up and running full speed at the end of this video. CmiVFX – Houdini Hip Tricks Volume 1 & 2. CmiVFX – Houdini Hip Tricks Volume 1 & 2 | .m4v | project files | 724Mb cmiVFX launches its latest training for the SideFX Houdini premiere digital visual effects animation software package.

cmiVFX – Houdini Hip Tricks Volume 1 & 2

Why build one kick ass VFX video when two is twice as nice! We have never been more fired up to release a training video in the history of this company. Everything you wanted to know, delivered fast and furious through our ground breaking, ever evolving web based delivery player system. In these two videos, you’ll learn how to make production ready user friendly tools that will captivate your audience time and time again. CMIVFX Houdini Hip Tips Volume 3. CmiVFX launches its latest training for the SideFX Houdini premiere digital visual effects animation software package. If two were not enough, we come back with the highly anticipated third, killer sibling, for the series!

Following the amazing success of the first two titles from cmiVFX Hip Tricks, we bring another blockbuster release for you to master! NVIDIA GDC 2012: Tech Demo Walkthrough (Cam) Unlimited Detail Real-Time Rendering Technology: Preview 2011. Modo 601: Motion graphics fun. Modo 601: Deformation Primer. Modo 601 retopology overview part 1. Cineversity. Thea Render. The new integrated plugin for 3dsMax has just arrived and licensed users can grab the plugin as a free update!

Bundle with Motiva Colimo and create infinite variations from a single render. Perform luminance and illuminance analysis and generate reports out-of-the-box. Thea Render offers a variety of high quality Model and Material Libraries. Lighting simulation is as accurate as never before with full spectral resolution and support for ior and scattering data.

All lighting options are here, such as image-based lighting, physical sun-sky, area and point lights along with IES support. Thea Render delivers the highest quality for your images with a unique physically-based material system. It comes with a complete standalone studio with advanced editors and cool features like instancing brush and interactive render. Thea Render is the most versatile render solution featuring multiple state-of-the-art biased and unbiased engines. GPU GLSL Experiments in Touch Designer. How to make the the Discovery Channel Rebrand Cube Transition Effect with Cinema 4D – Part 1. Mograph. Cinema 4D And After Effects Training, Tutorials, and Plugins for Motion Graphic Designers.

Congratulations to Michael Rinnan for winning the Five Second Project for March. His entry had a great concept and was outfitted with excellent lighting, atmosphere, camera movements and sound design. We wanted to know a little bit more about Michael’s entry, so we asked him a few questions regarding his workflow and the process for creating his winning piece. Peter Quint's videos. Julian Johnson's Modo Scripts. Modo shader Part 1. PACK Kit Bottle Design Grass by William Vaughan for NewTek ( Part 1) Turning page by William Vaughan for NewTek (Part 1) Creating Weld Joints in LightWave 3D. Introduction to Nodes by NewTek (Part 2) Anisotropic Shaders by William Vaughan for NewTek. Glass Node by William Vaughan for NewTek (Part 1) Ambient Occlusion Tutorial in NewTek's LightWave 3D.

Disciplines - CG-Masters. LightWave 10 Lighting Instruments. LightWave 10 Texturing Volume 2. LightWave 10 Texturing Volume 1. Displacements & MDD's Can Be Friends. Modo. LightWave 3D.