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Journal of a Cosmic Anthropologist. The following essay was originally serialised on The State from May 20, 2013. genesis and forking timelines It’s the early 90s.

Journal of a Cosmic Anthropologist

In the form of an Australian teenager finishing high school, with a head full of Heinlein, I tried to join the Army. That future never eventuated—in this timeline, anyway. I entered university still full of […] (META) SYNC LOG: CARGO CULTS OF THE FUTURE. Meta Intro: On Sync Logs Themselves First a word or two about sync logs (and a reminder of what Sync is short for) Synchronicity is a concept first explained by psychiatrist Carl Jung, which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship, yet seem to be meaningfully related.


We commence our wandering then with Gordon’s post Super-Asymmetry: It is the chaos magician’s prerogative to crawl over the literal and metaphoric garbage heaps of western civilisation to salvage parts for her own spaceship, her own gnostic escape pod. YOU TELL ME: SCIENTIST CLAIMS TO HAVE FOUND SPECIAL LENSES THAT ALLOW YOU TO SEE "INVISIBLE ENTITIES" Now, this one I'm so extremely skeptical of, that you may be wondering why I'm blogging about it at all.


Patience, we'll get there in a few moments. But, like yesterday's blog, this requires a bit of context and background, since so many of you sent along this article, and a few of you even referenced the film that forms my "contextual background commentary. " This film is the 1988 John Carpenter film, They Live, which has become something of an underground cult classic, and, like many of Carpenter's films, the bizarre plot is explored rather creatively. Robert Greene, the First Bohemian. Known for his debauched lifestyle, his flirtations with criminality, and the sheer volume of his output, the Elizabethan writer Robert Greene was a fascinating figure.

Robert Greene, the First Bohemian

Ed Simon explores the literary merits and bohemian traits of the man who penned the earliest known (and far from flattering) reference to Shakespeare as a playwright. The only known image of the dramatist, poet, pamphleteer, and initially unrepentant libertine Robert Greene is a woodcut from John Dickenson’s Greene in Conceipt, printed in 1598, five years after its subject had died an early death at the age of thirty-four. Dickenson’s book pretends to be a posthumous publication of the still infamous raconteur, bawd, and wit; the frontispiece depicts Greene as bundled up in his death shroud, a cloth top-not twisted off at the peak of his head.

He sits in an ornate chair, hunched over a book in which he is scribbling desperately. Wounded Warrior Project Spends Lavishly on Itself, Insiders Say. Photo JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — In 2014, after 10 years of rapid growth, the Wounded Warrior Project flew its roughly 500 employees to Colorado Springs for an “all hands” meeting at the five-star Broadmoor hotel.

Wounded Warrior Project Spends Lavishly on Itself, Insiders Say

They were celebrating their biggest year yet: $225 million raised and a work force that had nearly doubled. Welcome To America — Now Spy On Your Friends. What Kind of Person Majors in Business? They say it doesn't matter what you major in during college.

What Kind of Person Majors in Business?

It might matter, however, if you want your personality to match your chosen field—lest you end up the lone nod-greeter in a marketing class full of exploding fistbumps. According to a new meta-analysis, there are significant personality differences between students in different academic majors. For the review paper, Anna Vedel, a psychologist from Aarhus University in Denmark, analyzed 12 studies examining the correlation between personality traits and college majors. Eleven of them found significant differences between majors.

The review examined the so-called “Big Five” traits: neuroticism, extraversion, openness to experience, agreeableness, and conscientiousness. Buckminster Fuller: Why You Should NOT Earn A Living! By Gregg Prescott, M.S.

Buckminster Fuller: Why You Should NOT Earn A Living!

Editor, The following is a quote from Buckminster Fuller as quoted from the March 30, 1970 issue of the New York Magazine: We must do away with the absolutely specious notion that everybody has to earn a living. Iran: Matthew Trevithick on Evin Prison and Release. Why So Many Rich Kids Come to Enjoy the Taste of Healthier Foods. Daniel found that parents with higher incomes framed the conversation about food waste in very different terms.

Why So Many Rich Kids Come to Enjoy the Taste of Healthier Foods

Similar to less wealthy parents, they didn’t like the idea of throwing food out, but they tended to be bothered only by the principle of it, not focusing on the loss of money. One well-off mother who kept packing grapes in her son’s lunchbox only to find them uneaten day after day, told Daniel, “I do feel bad about the waste, but I feel worse about my son not eating well.” Of the parents that Daniel interviewed, those with higher incomes were more likely to say they can afford to waste food, and that rejected food wouldn’t go uneaten. Monks & Magic: Buddhism and the Supernatural in Thailand. In August 2008 Bun Rany, the wife of the Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, led Buddhist monks and so...

Monks & Magic: Buddhism and the Supernatural in Thailand

In August 2008 Bun Rany, the wife of the Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, led Buddhist monks and soldiers to the site of the historic Hindu temple Preah Vihear to call upon their ancestors to protect the temple. The site of this temple is located on disputed land, perched atop a cliff on Cambodian soil but with the most accessible entrance to the site located on the Thai side of the border. This 11th century temple is located on the border between the two countries, but the borderline itself has never been clearly demarcated because the area is littered with landmines left over from decades of war.

Ownership of the temple was originally awarded to Cambodia, but dispute between the two countries flared up when Preah Vihear was granted United Nations World Heritage status. Both countries have a long history of engagement in spiritualist and animistic magical practices. Oxytocin Bliss: The Super Intelligence Coded in Your Hormones. 26th January 2016 By Indra Contributing Writer for Wake Up World We seek bliss continually, constantly craving and desiring, because we – with our coming into existence on this gorgeous blue planet – inherit a programming of our minds that leads us to believe that we have to leave our natural, universal connection, and plug into the man-made systems in order to achieve bliss.

Oxytocin Bliss: The Super Intelligence Coded in Your Hormones

I’ll give you a few examples: Ever heard of somebody chasing higher levels of success, the one true love, more money, a perfect body, or a bigger house in the pursuit of happiness, only to discover that the sense of relief and joy they were seeking did not set in? Homeopathy – or where I lose some readers. There were two prompts for this post: a few headlines of articles regarding the possibility of homeopathy being banned or made illegal in the United Kingdom and a relatively recent Facebook friend add of a homeopath who saved my sanity some years back.

What Your Spirit Does When You Aren’t Sleeping. Clairvoyance, Divination and the Great Work. Clairvoyance is the art and science of being aware of facts, objects or situations by psychic means ... Clairvoyance is the art and science of being aware of facts, objects or situations by psychic means when they are not available to ‘ordinary’ awareness. The word is generally used to cover all such psychic awareness; but strictly speaking, clairvoyance means experiencing such awareness in the form of visual images, clairsentience means experiencing it in the form of bodily sensations, and clairaudience means experiencing it in the form of heard sounds. Take the example of what is known as ‘crisis apparition’ – when a person undergoing a sudden emotional trauma (such as death or a violent accident) manifests in another place to someone who is emotionally in tune with him or her. (There have been many confirmed cases of this in wartime, when a woman has ‘seen’ a husband or son at the moment when he is killed in action.)

What’s Really Going on with Oil? If there is any single price of any commodity that determines the growth or slowdown of our economy, it is the price of crude oil. Too many things don’t calculate today in regard to the dramatic fall in the world oil price. In June 2014 major oil traded at $103 a barrel. With some experience following the geopolitics of oil and oil markets, I smell a big skunk. 6 Frequencies Used by Ancient Cultures to Heal and Connect to the Divine. By Time Wheel Can sound affect you on more than an emotional level?

Sure it can. Sound has a who... by Time Wheel Can sound affect you on more than an emotional level? Parapsychology Journalism: The People, The Theory, The Science, The Skeptics. Solve et Coagula. Kreafy's Library. Quareia. The methods, information and techniques in the course enable the magician to engage any form of magic and work with it appropriately with the full knowledge of how that magic works, why it works and what is behind it. O.T.O. U.S.A. Library. Internet Sacred Text Archive Home. Occult Arts a Big Success in NYC — Eris Magazine. The World As We Know It Has Changed & There Is No Going Back To What We Were. By Michael Forrester Just over four years ago, we passed a portal to the unknown. Debt Dodgers: Meet the Americans Who Moved to Europe and Went AWOL on Their Student Loans.

All photos by the author. The “Other Side” Is Not Dumb. The “Other Side” Is Not Dumb There’s a fun game I like to play in a group of trusted friends called “Controversial Opinion.” The rules are simple: Don’t talk about what was shared during Controversial Opinion afterward and you aren’t allowed to “argue” — only to ask questions about why that person feels that way. UFOs and Alien Abductions: What Is the Truth? The first modern sighting of a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) occurred two days before my sixteenth birthday, on June 24, 1947. Meeting in the Dream World: Oneironauticum. At five in the morning, the alarm clock quietly chimed.

Expand Your Mind Through Dreaming. Daily Message ~ Thursday January 21, 2016. Daily Message ~ Friday January 22, 2016. Dear Ones, when you are wishing to manifest something, it is important that the essence of what you want creates a good feeling for you, in order for you to be fully accepting of it. Let us give you an example. If you are having difficulty with money, ask yourself how you really feel about money. Perhaps you feel the energy of money is cold and impersonal. It will be very hard for you to draw to you anything that you feel resistance to. Feel deeper into what it is you wish to create. On the Borderlands between Philosophy and Esotericism: An Interview with Gary Lachman — Jean Gebser Society. G.L. All the debt in the world could be instantly abolished. Audio Player Saul Audio Blog for TuesdayJanaury 19th. Charmed, I'm Sure. Disentangling "will" Circle Thrice: Magical Eating in a Mundane World. Folk Magick as Insurrection – GODS & RADICALS.

TIDBIT: MON(STER)SANTO BOUGH BLACKWATER, THE WORLD'S LARGEST MERCENARY GROUP - Tidbits. Sacred Harmony of Geometry: What Sacred Geometry Really Is. Science: Behind the Magic. Gnosis Magazine. Red Luth - Alphabets.