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The Protégé Ontology Editor and Knowledge Acquisition System

The Protégé Ontology Editor and Knowledge Acquisition System Protégé is a free, open source ontology editor and knowledge-base framework. The Protégé platform supports modeling ontologies via a web client or a desktop client. Protégé ontologies can be developed in a variety of formats including OWL, RDF(S), and XML Schema. Protégé is based on Java, is extensible, and provides a plug-and-play environment that makes it a flexible base for rapid prototyping and application development.
Triple store Persist your data using TDB, a native high performance triple store. TDB supports the full range of Jena APIs. Fuseki Expose your triples as a SPARQL end-point accessible over HTTP.

Jena Semantic Web Framework

Jena Semantic Web Framework
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News IsaViz and Java 1.6 (2007-10-21) IsaViz 2.x is not compatible with Java 1.6 or later. It is recommended to download IsaViz 3.0 which does work with any version of Java. IsaViz Overview

IsaViz Overview