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yav - Javascript form validation tool Yav is a SIMPLE, POWERFUL and CUSTOMIZABLE javascript-based form validation tool. (yav is a javascript form validator) Below is a list of most important features: Many different validation rules onblur notification of errors Advanced pre-condition and post-condition rules Extendible and flexible: user can create his own validation rules onfocus auto-help Notification of errors classic and advanced, yet customizable Ajax support Cross-browser compatibility Only 17kb without external dependencies yav - Javascript form validation tool
Label Placement in Forms

Label Placement in Forms

By Matteo Penzo Published: July 12, 2006 “We were able to subject Luke’s theories to usability testing and enrich them through the power of numeric data.” In using eyetracking to evaluate the usability of search forms for my previous article for UXmatters, “Evaluating the Usability of Search Forms Using Eyetracking: A Practical Approach,” we discovered much interesting data. I’ll provide an in-depth analysis of that data here. Please note that our ad-hoc test setup didn’t resemble real-world conditions.
It can be time consuming to make web forms both pretty and accessible. In particular, laying out forms where the form label and input are horizontally adjacent, as in the image below, can be a real problem. We used to use tables, which worked well in this scenario—but forms don’t constitute tabular data, so it’s a semantic faux pas Issue № 218 Prettier Accessible Forms Prettier Accessible Forms