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Digital Media Literacy. Tech & Learning University. A Day in the Life of Web 2.0. 10/15/2006 By: David Warlick The latest powerful online tools can be harnessed to transform and expand the learning experience.

A Day in the Life of Web 2.0

An 8th grade science teacher, Ms. S, retrieves her MP3 player from the computer-connected cradle where it's spent the night scanning the 17 podcasts she subscribes to. Having detected three new programs, the computer downloaded the files and copied them to the handheld. En route to work, Ms. As with all the teachers at her middle school, Ms. The teachers' blogs are all syndicated using RSS — Rich Site Summary, or the more informal and descriptive, Really Simple Syndication. The Monday reports in particular enable them to benefit by sharing strategies and materials with colleagues who teach the same subject or those in other departments.

Meanwhile, social studies teacher Ms. Ms. A few doors down the hall, veteran English teacher Mr. Mr. Earlier in the day, Student A had left Mr. Mr. At about the same time Mrs. Podcast Podcast Directories Education Podcast Blog. Technology Integration Sessions. Spotlight on Professional Development. The Education Week Spotlight on Professional Development is a collection of articles hand-picked by our editors for their insights on: Turning teachers into coaches to improve collaboration and achievement Preparing educators for the challenges of the common-core standardsTraining out-of-school staff in defined core competencies, similar to professional teachingBuilding professional certifications for education technologyTips from teachers on creating meaningful professional development experiences You get the ten articles below and a resource guide in a downloadable PDF.

Spotlight on Professional Development

The Literacy Collaborative's coaching-based program offers lessons on reading instruction and professional development design. February 29, 2012 - Teacher PD Sourcebook Some districts have prepared their teachers on the new instructional approaches for the common core; others have done little. April 23, 2012 - Education Week April 3, 2012 - Education Week January 24, 2012 - Education Week. The 33 Digital Skills Every 21st Century Teacher should Have. By EdTech Team Updated on march 2, 2015 : The original list that was created in 2011 comprised 33 skills , after reviewing it we decided to do some merging and finally ended up with the 20 skills below.

The 33 Digital Skills Every 21st Century Teacher should Have

The 21st century teacher should be able to : Manual.

Conference Resources

Teachers Guide to The 21st Century Learning Model : Connected Learning. How Parents Normalized Teen Password Sharing. In 2005, I started asking teenagers about their password habits.

How Parents Normalized Teen Password Sharing

My original set of questions focused on teens' attitudes about giving their password to their parents, but I quickly became enamored with teens' stories of sharing passwords with friends and significant others. So I was ecstatic when Pew Internet & American Life Project decided to survey teens about their password sharing habits. Pew found that one third of online 12-17 year olds share their password with a friend or significant other and that almost half of those 14-17 do.

I love when data gets reinforced. Last week, Matt Richtel at the New York Times did a fantastic job of covering one aspect of why teens share passwords: as a show of affection. Michelle Moloney~King: Teaching teachers Twitter and Scratch. New Teacher Academy: How to Work with Parents. Welcome to week four of Edutopia's New Teacher Academy blog series!

New Teacher Academy: How to Work with Parents

I'm excited to be here with you sharing my passion to support and mentor new teachers. I hope that you will come back for the next and last post in the series as we continue to look at five key topics designed to provide resources for new teachers in five key areas. To collaborate in more detail on these and other topics, I invite you to join my weekly New Teacher chat on Twitter, and also to visit my blog Teaching with Soul.

Please view this video as I share a few words on our focus for this week. Ten Ideas for Teaching Teachers Technology. I had never been to an "unconference" before, but when I heard the organizer of SocialEdCon Unconference introduce the event, I knew I was in for something new: "Write your ideas that you want to discuss on the top of the poster board.

Ten Ideas for Teaching Teachers Technology

Each of you can look at all of the ideas and put check marks beside the ones that interest you, and then that will drive the topics that we discuss today. " A Teacher's Guide to Generation X Parents. How to work with well-meaning but demanding moms and dads.

A Teacher's Guide to Generation X Parents

Credit: Jessica Hische Not long ago, administrators at a small private school in New York City were reorganizing two mixed-grade elementary classrooms. Looking at the third grade, they determined that one girl was particularly well suited to switch from one class to the other: She was adaptable and genial and loved working with teachers and friends. The administrators called the girl's mother, assuming she would be flattered. Wrong. The mother, in tears, needed to have a conference -- now.

Free 110 Page Guide to Publishing With iBooks Author. 6 powerful strategies for paradigm-shifting teacher PD. Height=”224″ />As educators and leaders, we need to re-think every aspect of our professional practice to consider ‘could we be doing this better?’

6 powerful strategies for paradigm-shifting teacher PD

Here is a brain-dump of the 6 most powerful strategies that I have used or in which I have participated. 1. Pinterest Resources for Educators. There is a lot of interest in pinterest from educators this summer.

Pinterest Resources for Educators

I pulled together a collection of all my pinterest resources to help you get started. This is my blog post on how to get started with Pinterest, including tips to easily score an invite (It isn't that hard.) This is a great thing to do over the summer. ERic has moved to pinterest and has a set of pinboards that any Administrator will learn from. Lots of free resources for teachers. Facebook in Education by Lisa Nielsen on Prezi. Why @scoopit and @twylah? By @akhiluk from #toolschat. PAGE Professional Association of Georgia Educators. PAGE provides Georgia educators quality professional learning.

PAGE Professional Association of Georgia Educators

The Lovett School. Mercer's Tift College of Education programs Mercer University’s Tift College of Education provides a variety of Professional Education Programs that are approved by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. From bachelor’s programs for those launching a teaching career to the Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction or Educational Leadership, Mercer offers a comprehensive selection of programs for experienced educators and future educational administrators. For those with a master’s degree interested in leadership opportunities, Mercer offers Educational Leadership programs at all campuses and centers, or the new online/classroom Master of Science in Organizational Leadership offered by the College of Continuing and Professional Studies.

Undergraduate programs are offered in Macon and in the Academic Centers. Graduate programs are offered on the campuses in Macon, Atlanta, and Henry County. New Teacher Help Georgia Council on Economic Education.

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“Building Experts” - Reshaping Professional Development. The Vision We honor teachers as professionals. DigiFoot12 - home. - PLNs. PLN Starter Kit. So You Say You Don't Have the Time - PD for Busy People.