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This I Believe Lifelong Learning Curriculum. "How to Shift a Downward Spiral" by Cheryl Richardson. By Cheryl Richardson We all have those days when life hands us one frustration after another, as though we’ve been possessed by some kind of negative force that brings mayhem to even the simplest tasks. I’m sure you know what I mean. You’re running late for a meeting when your child’s school calls to say your little boy is sick. You grab your paperwork on the way out the door, trip and drop the files all over the parking lot, curse yourself and rush to the car (and of course, you can’t seem to get the key in the ignition fast enough). Finally, on your way to pick up your son, you get stopped for speeding and realize that you left your wallet back at the office.

Sometimes the tailspin begins with something small like an upsetting phone call or an e-mail that pushes your buttons. Fortunately there are things you can do to change your mental direction. 1. Do something to shift your energy. 2. One of the quickest ways to change your mental state is to move your body. 3. 4. Why I Quit Affirmations + What Works Better. When the Law of Attraction got popular, I became an affirmation junkie. After all, if I just constantly thought about, talked about and visualized all of my greatest desires, I would manifest them and make my dreams a reality. Right? That's what I thought for years. I used affirmations for money, relationships and my life purpose.

Sure, hearing and believing those affirmations felt good, really good, for a couple of seconds while standing in the mirror. Affirmations may work for some people, and more power to them. Here are my three reasons for quitting affirmations, and what I now do instead to tap into the power of manifestation. 1. My affirmations were just a distraction from the dissatisfaction I was feeling in my life. I thought the affirmations would make my dissatisfaction go away, but the darker feelings just kept growing underneath layers of "positive thinking. " 2. Growing up, I often felt like I had to be someone other than who I was to be good enough. 3. What I Do Instead: 7 Habits Successful People Embrace With Open Arms. Success doesn’t happen overnight.

It’s the product of years, and sometimes a lifetime, of habits that accumulate and drive a person toward his or her goals. Though “successful” can have multiple definitions, we can agree upon a generally accepted one—a person is successful when he or she leads others to success, meets his or her personal and professional goals, creates something useful and innovative, and makes a lot of money while making a lot of people happy at the same time. Most of us would be happy with any one of those elements of success. To get to that level, you have to learn from the habits of the people who came before you. Take, for instance, these seven common habits, which have come to define some of the most successful people in the world. 1.

You can invest in a car, invest in a stock, or even invest in tonight’s entertainment. Reading the news regularly and attending free online classes is often more than enough to develop your mind and perspective. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 5 Epiphanies I Had After Finding My Soul Mate. When I decided to move to Kauai as a single woman, my friends asked how I planned to meet someone on such a small island. My answer was always the same: "I've lived in big cities all my life and never met anyone there. Plus, I'm sure if there's someone I'm meant to meet, we'll find each other. " Little did I know that five months after moving to the place I'd dreamed about living for a decade and a half, I would indeed find him, my Great Love, my soul mate. Somehow, I ended up in one of the most remote, scarcely inhabited places in the world and found the man who is now my husband and the father of our child (who was born just a few weeks ago!).

After meeting him, I realized how much work work it took to allow myself to open to the opportunity of finding my soul mate. Taking the risk to move to such a remote place brought me to the edge of what I knew about myself. From the day we met, both of us knew. 1. 2. From there, I was able to foster a new sense of acceptance. 3. 4. 5. How "Legally Blonde" Got Me into Notre Dame. 23 Times Elle Woods Empowered You As A Woman. Nicole’s Classes. Ask Happy Bitch… » Get Keryl’s Book. Ask Happy Bitch… » Get Keryl’s Book. Positively present. Carol Anne McGuire. The Path to Purpose | Live Happy Magazine. “I never thought I would be this person,” marvels 38-year-old Jessica Tunon. Two decades ago, the Floridian worked full time to pay her way through college and afterward leapt into a high-stress career in finance in Palm Beach.

As the years passed, Jessica’s admirable drive and focus left little room for reflection, but she couldn’t ignore the signs that she needed to make some changes in her life. She gained weight and suffered chronic back pain. The two-plus hours she spent in her car every day battling commuter traffic didn’t help. Walking tall In 2001, she had back surgery for a herniated disk. On May 12, 2008, Jessica let her Honda’s lease lapse, and she has been car-free ever since. Read More: 33 Ideas for Finding Purpose in Life Forming a community The transformation didn’t stop there.

“Purpose” comes up a lot these days, but it’s far more than the latest buzzword. Mapping the path to purpose What floats your boat For such an important word, purpose can be hard to pin down. Be patient. Habits Downloads | Gretchen Rubin. At @IGBoston show, tiny images that became big. A dragonfly. A stairwell. Saturated skylines galore. Square photos hung from tiny white clothespins as a few hundred people filtered through a pop-up gallery Friday night.

These were Instagram photos, traditionally confined to a tiny phone screen, blown up and displayed in an industrial basement space at General Assembly as part of an event hosted by @IGBoston, a membership-based Instagram group that shares photos by Greater Boston shutterbugs. Continue reading below The group’s founder Brian McWilliams, 56, of the Back Bay, said members are well-acquainted with one another’s work virtually, but this was a chance for fellow “photo geeks” to meet in person. McWilliams, who posts photos of his walk to work through the Back Bay and Beacon Hill every morning and evening, said he founded the group in November 2013 as an alternative to more touristy Instagram groups. With three other moderators, McWilliams highlights exceptional photos by @IGBoston members daily. Chart Porn.