Collaborative writing

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collaborative writing tools for academics. collaborative writing tools for academics. Research collaboration now involves significant online communication. But sending files back and forth between collaborators creates redundancy of effort, causes unnecessary delays and, many times, leaves people frustrated with the whole idea of collaboration. Luckily, there are many web-based collaborative writing tools aimed at the general public or specifically at academic writers to help. Christof Schöch looks at the different tools out there and presents some helpful tips on finding the right tool for the job. The image of the solitary genius formulating deep thoughts in the closed confines of his dimly-lit study has never been very appropriate for research, neither in the sciences nor, most likely, in the humanities.
In short, collaborative writing has completely changed the way we work and even the way we think. As we wrote in a previous post, “Collaborative writing is a kind of apex learning activity.” The two of us, Sean and Jesse, have known each other for almost 13 years. We’ve worked closely, inhabited physical space together, and have jointly built new virtual spaces. We didn’t really know each other, though, until we started living inside each other’s sentences, paragraphs, and even semi-colons. Tools for Collaborative Writing Tools for Collaborative Writing
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