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Veille informationnelle. A Printable Guide to Social Media [#Infographic] How leaders kill meaning at work - McKinsey Quarterly - Governance - Leadership. As a senior executive, you may think you know what Job Number 1 is: developing a killer strategy.

How leaders kill meaning at work - McKinsey Quarterly - Governance - Leadership

In fact, this is only Job 1a. You have a second, equally important task. Call it Job 1b: enabling the ongoing engagement and everyday progress of the people in the trenches of your organization who strive to execute that strategy. A multiyear research project whose results we described in our recent book, The Progress Principle, found that of all the events that can deeply engage people in their jobs, the single most important is making progress in meaningful work. The executive's guide to better listening - McKinsey Quarterly - Organization - Talent. A senior executive of a large consumer goods company had spotted a bold partnership opportunity in an important developing market and wanted to pull the trigger quickly to stay ahead of competitors.

The executive's guide to better listening - McKinsey Quarterly - Organization - Talent

In meetings on the topic with the leadership team, the CEO noted that this trusted colleague was animated, adamant, and very persuasive about the move’s game-changing potential for the company. The facts behind the deal were solid. The CEO also observed something troubling, however: his colleague wasn’t listening. During conversations about the pros and cons of the deal and its strategic rationale, for example, the senior executive wasn’t open to avenues of conversation that challenged the move or entertained other possibilities.

What’s more, the tenor of these conversations appeared to make some colleagues uncomfortable. The situation facing the CEO will be familiar to many senior executives. The Right Role for Top Teams. Think of the top teams you’ve known that have had the greatest impact.

The Right Role for Top Teams

Did their value come from the meetings they conducted and the decisions they made together? Or from something else? In most companies, the phrase top team is a misnomer. Five Millennial Myths. If you believe the conventional wisdom, everyone under the age of 30 is needy and narcissistic.

Five Millennial Myths

They want the corner office and a company car, but they aren’t truly committed to their organization. They don’t take kindly to criticism, but can be easily won over with the next hot gadget. Such stereotypes of millennials abound, and some may have a degree of truth. But as this massive cohort enters the workforce in increasing numbers, can companies afford to put their trust in these types of characterizations? I’ve seen many corporate leaders and human resources departments twist themselves in knots trying to accommodate what media and marketers have told them are the preferences of this new generation of employees. For the past 12 years, I have studied the so-called generation gap through empirical research, and have found that stereotypes of millennials in the workplace are inconsistent at best and destructive at worst.

Travailler en Suisse - le blog de David Talerman. Your 2013 job-search guide. Now that the holidays are over, the nonstop party hopping has ended and the New Year’s ball has dropped, it’s time to get serious about your job search.

Your 2013 job-search guide

Yet the thought of job searching can be overwhelming — where do you start? How do you avoid missing any steps? Techniques recherche emploi.

Jobs en Suisse

10 Killer Interview Tactics You Ought to Know. Job interviews can be a mystery.

10 Killer Interview Tactics You Ought to Know

But you can find success if you follow the right job interview strategies. The following 10 tips are the best job interview strategies to follow if you want to ace your next interview. 1. Study the company One of the best job interview strategies that most candidates ignore is to study the current events of the company. 2. As a candidate, you should be very familiar with your resume. Si vous changiez de job? Les 30 meilleurs employeurs romands. Quelles sont les entreprises qui offrent de bons salaires, une salle de sport, des formations poussées ou une crèche sur place? Bilan a mené son enquête pour la 4e année. Une enquête de Serge Guertchakoff, le 11 avril 2012 Procter & Gamble reste, cette année encore, le champion toutes catégories des meilleurs employeurs romands. Mais les autres lauréats de notre 4e enquête (soutenue à nouveau par le portail ALPHA.CH) sur les pratiques en ressources humaines ne sont plus les mêmes.

D’autres champions, parmi lesquels la Banque Cantonale de Fribourg ou encore Holcim, ont émergé, suite à la création de deux catégories supplémentaires d’entreprises: «Banques & Assurances», et «Immobilier & Construction». Des prestations similaires par secteur Venons-en aux principales constatations. Plus de responsabilité sociale. Management Secrets: Core Beliefs of Great Bosses. A few years back, I interviewed some of the most successful CEOs in the world in order to discover their management secrets.

Management Secrets: Core Beliefs of Great Bosses

I learned that the "best of the best" tend to share the following eight core beliefs. 1. Business is an ecosystem, not a battlefield. Average bosses see business as a conflict between companies, departments and groups. They build huge armies of "troops" to order about, demonize competitors as "enemies," and treat customers as "territory" to be conquered. Extraordinary bosses see business as a symbiosis where the most diverse firm is most likely to survive and thrive.