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Tips & Helpful Google Docs for Awesome Collaboration from Shannon McClintock Miller. This is a photograph taken the end of July at the November Learning BLC Conference in Boston.

Tips & Helpful Google Docs for Awesome Collaboration from Shannon McClintock Miller

BLC is one of the best weeks of the summer for me and has been for the last four years. I have enjoyed listening and learning, as well as presenting and sharing with others. You look at this picture and see an amazing sea of educators who are there at the Boston Park Plaza to make a difference. We come together to teach, to learn, to share, to create, to connect, and..... to collaborate. This year people from 30 different countries came together for the week to do just that. This week my school community will come back together for another school year to also do just that.

Last Friday was the first day back to school for the teachers at Van Meter. Around 6:30am on the first day, the collaboration started. I started to get the first texts, tweets, and emails of the new school year from teachers....even one parent. And one more thing.....It really wasn't my first interaction of the year. Collaborator. Download (1) Create Your Own Graph: A Math Collaboration in 5 Steps.

Recently, a second-grade teacher and I had the opportunity to work together on a project in math.

Create Your Own Graph: A Math Collaboration in 5 Steps

Her class was finishing a unit on graphing and I recommended the book The Great Graph Contest by Loreen Leedy. The book sparked discussion in her classroom and the students wanted to create their own graphs based on questions of their choice. Here are the 5 steps that were used to complete this project: Step 1: Set Up The classroom teacher and I had to figure out the logistics of the project before introducing it to students. Being Heard and Seen Through Related Arts Student Portfolio Blogs This Year. Yesterday the teachers at Van Meter went back to school for our teacher professional development workdays.

Being Heard and Seen Through Related Arts Student Portfolio Blogs This Year

It was fun seeing everyone.....every year I get so excited for that first day back! Part of my day was spent with my PLC or Personal Learning Community. I am part of the Related Arts PLC which includes my wonderful friends Bobbi Daggett and Shelley Broderick, who teach the elementary art classes, and Marsha Fries, who is the elementary music teacher. Last year we worked on bringing our subjects and classrooms together through collaborative projects throughout the year. At the end of last year, the girls and I, along with our friend and elementary PE teacher, Bart Jones, decided to create and pilot student portfolios with our 4th and 5th graders. The 4th and 5th graders will also be piloting our first 1:1 iPad initiative at Van Meter this year so we thought the timing was perfect.

The first step was just to discuss our goals for the portfolios. Hurricanes. Let's Collaborate! Adding More Opportunities For Collaboration With Your Librarians! Since before school even started this year, Jessica and I have been collaborating with the teachers at Van Meter.

Let's Collaborate! Adding More Opportunities For Collaboration With Your Librarians!

We are a K-12 school district in one building, so we see all of teachers and students every day. This gives us lots of opportunities for collaboration. In fact, before school started we had a special meeting and visited lots of classrooms to share what we, as their teacher librarians at Van Meter, can do for them. You can read all about this here. Now, as we go into our fifth week of school, Jessica and I wanted to give our teachers even more opportunities and ways to tell us they need our help and would like to collaborate. On Monday, we will be sharing this new Google Doc called Let's Collaborate.

As we shared, we love finding time to come and collaborate. We will be sharing times for before and after school, and can also join you during the day for your planning times and grade level or content meetings. SharedFoundations Collaborate 2017. AASL Position Statement Instructional Role. ELA DL TOFU LetTheLibrarianDoIt. Twitter. Future Ready Librarian Support Student Centered Learning. Teacher Librarians and Classroom Teachers: Collaborative Partners. How School Librarian Can Support Your Standards 1. Community/Teacher Collaboration Archives. Students Learn More When Teachers and Librarians Collaborate. By Rachel Grover When I taught middle school English, one of my favorite topics to teach was historical fiction.

Students Learn More When Teachers and Librarians Collaborate

I have always had a fascination with history, and anytime I could incorporate what my students were learning in their history class into what we were studying in English class, I considered it a win. During my first year teaching seventh grade English, our study of historical fiction came at the same time as my students were learning about World War II in history. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to approach it at the time, but I was thinking about it as I entered an English department meeting. Getting started with my school librarian The first person to speak at our meeting was our school librarian, who introduced us to one of the school-subscribed databases.

After the meeting, I approached my librarian about my ideas. During the assignment, students were excited and motivated, and I was so grateful for the librarian’s teaching! Library support across the content areas. Teacher librarian infographic final.