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Rube goldberg machine. Leslie's Artgallery : Digital Art - Voronoi Fractal. Cloud9science @ Wiki - Sesame interrupteur à lames. Digital archive for vision science - Visiome Platform. Index. Over the years several mechanical drives have been proposed for various reasons, most importantly to reduce sidewise forces onto pistons or sliding parts with the objective to reduce friction and wear and satisfying constraints imposed by the thermodynamics of Stirling engines.


Literally, hundreds of different kinematic mechanisms have been invented over the past centruries, a nice collection of these can be found at Cornell University's Model collection. Follow the link to "Models" and click on any of the 3 collections offered to get a nice menu for all documented models. Look for Straight-line Mechanism ( in particular model S35, Peaucellier ) if you are interested in the conversion from straight-line to rotary motion and back.

To first order, two properties of a drive mechanism influence the performance of Stirling engines, the volume amplitude ratio and the phase lag between expansion and compression space. Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena. Digital archive for vision science - Visiome Platform. Cube.

What is the Cube?


The cube is a mathematical body formed by six equal squares. Other names are cubus or hexahedron. In the 1980's Rubik's cube was so popular that it was simply called "the cube". Catégorie:Animation.

Homopolar roller

Fournisseur. Joue vid. "Sécurité enfant" science croissance Wow!expériences scientifiques de navigation. Expériences de cours. いろいろな光をみよう!|「科学に強い子」を育てる ワオ!科学実験ナビ. 透明シートを使って色々な光を観察します。

いろいろな光をみよう!|「科学に強い子」を育てる ワオ!科学実験ナビ

わっか取りペン落としをしてみよう!|「科学に強い子」を育てる ワオ!科学実験ナビ. 影の色を調べよう!|「科学に強い子」を育てる ワオ!科学実験ナビ. "Sécurité enfant" science croissance Wow!expériences scientifiques de navigation. ブラックウォールを体験しよう!|「科学に強い子」を育てる ワオ!科学実験ナビ. ブラックウォールを体験しよう!|「科学に強い子」を育てる ワオ!科学実験ナビ. - gyroscopes, educational toys and gadgets. Historical Physics Teaching Apparatus.

Instruments for Natural Philosophy Thomas B.

Historical Physics Teaching Apparatus

Greenslade, Jr.Professor Emeritus of PhysicsKenyon College, Gambier, Ohio 43022GREENSLADE@KENYON.EDU In February 1975, Deborah Jean Warner, a Curator of Physical Science at the National Museum of American History, called me to ask if Kenyon had any historical physics teaching apparatus. I looked around my office, and reeled off the names of four or five good pieces of apparatus that I was using in my lectures. The next month I was at the Smithsonian, exploring the collection and photographing some of it in black and white and in color. Physics apparatus often goes by various names.

MOVE FORM" It's a transformer!! Chris Sangwin's Home Page. Cloud9science @ Wiki - compas solaire. Cloud9science @ Wiki - Boîte de 100 yen shop "light" Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena. Gestalt in Isoluminance. Lilac Chaser. Cube Soma. Mise à jour de la page : 23 avril 2008.

Cube Soma

Le Cube Soma, ou Soma Cube est un casse tête inventé par Piet Hein (1905-1996) et consiste en 7 pièces devant être assemblés pour former un cube. Top 10 Bizarre Accidents. Weird Stuff Strange accidents occur all over the world, every day. We see these accidents on the news and all over the internet, but some of the strangest accidents that have ever happened can be found in history books. Here are just a few of those strange accidents in history. This list has a little overlap with our bizarre disasters, but the entries are all appropriate for this list and give more details, so they are included.

Anaglyphes à Lyon Fourvière - Avril 2008 - David ROMEUF. Anaglyphe.


Images Scientific Instruments - Science Projects, Electronic Kits, Robotic Kits and Accessories, Microcontroller Compilers and Programmers, Parts. Weird Stuff, magnets, Remote, Keychain & More Weird Stuffs on Sale - DealExtreme. (株)ハナヤマ. MARQUETERIES. Japan Kendama Association Official Home Page. Daruma korogashi. : le blog du kendama. Build a magnetic ring launcher. This very simple toy keeps amazing me with new tricks.

Build a magnetic ring launcher

My friend Jef Raskin first described it to me, and we have both been having fun with variations ever since. Science Toys.

Couleur ombre

Plasma Globe page! "like lightning in a bottle" Table Of Contents: The Plasma Globe, or Inert Gas Discharge Tube, as Nikola Tesla (it's inventor) first called it, is perhaps one of the most beautiful manifestations of plasma.

Plasma Globe page!

Also known as "Plasma Spheres", "Lightning Globes", "Thunder Domes", and others, these glass spheres with dancing streams of plasma inside them have been looked at, and admired, by people all over the world, in sci-fi movies, science museums, and even some shops. Skori Weblapja. Résultats Google Recherche d'images correspondant à. Stanhope (optical bijou) Stanhope ball. The viewing lens cylinder is located at the smaller diameter opening. Volume 04. Dropper Popper at Educational Innovations. Dropper Poppers are more than just half of a rubber ball. Made only in Australia, this incredible device seemingly defies the laws of physics by bouncing higher than where you dropped it from! Unlike some similar products, this one requires a small amount of 'activation energy' to work.

The Giant Mirage® 3-D Instant Hologram maker, three-dimensional real image, holograms, parabolic mirror, Floating Globes - SimerLab. Television Stones - Ulexite at Educational Innovations. Smashing! Steel Sphere Demo Kit at Educational Innovations. When two 1-pound, 2-inch diameter, chrome steel spheres are smashed together, enough heat is generated at the point of contact to burn a hole in a piece of ordinary paper!

Smashing! Steel Sphere Demo Kit at Educational Innovations

This amazing demonstration graphically illustrates the conversion of mechanical energy into heat energy. Although there are no flames, a charred hole appears along with the odor of burnt paper. The kit contains two steel spheres and instructions. Glass. Born in the village of Igelshieb, in the Rennsteig area of the Dukedom of Saxony-Meiningen, Geissler is a well known figure in the history of scientific instruments since the descendants of his inventions - the Geissler tube and the mercury vacuum pump are still in use today.


Igelshieb is a suburb of Neuhaus am Rennweg in the state of Thuringia, Germany. The house of birth of Geissler is still there and contains a nice collection of Geissler tubes and those of other plasma heroes. This is organized by the Förderverein Heimatmuseum Geissler - Haus e.V. with its president Rolf Schöler in Neuhaus, available at . Geissler's father Georg was an innovative glass-blower and maker of instruments such as barometers and thermometers. Innovative science stuff, activities & incursions. How round is your circle? Mirage® 3-D Instant Hologram maker, three-dimensional real image, holograms, parabolic mirror, Woodpecker Potential Energy Demo Kit at Educational Innovations. South Pointing Things. Calcite Crystal - Iceland Spar at Educational Innovations. Singing Rod at Educational Innovations. One Nanosecond: Speed of Light Bar at Educational Innovations.

Level 3 Puzzle Page. Magic Sand Wand by Fascinations Unique Toys & Gifts. Tiling by Similar Triangles. The tiles of a tiling are called its Elements.

Tiling by Similar Triangles

The Order is the number of elements in the tiling. A tiling is Perfect if its elements are all of different sizes. Otherwise the tiling is Imperfect. Rattandeep Enterprise - Tin Toys. Floating Globes - SimerLab. Floating Yen Coins at Educational Innovations. A great surface tension demonstration, these real Japanese 1 Yen coins are made from aluminum and can be made to float on the surface of a cup of water. Simply use a paper clip to gently lower the coin into the water and it will float on the surface. Adding a drop of liquid dish washing soap destroys the surface tension and causes the coin to sink. Includes suggested activities. Read more on our Blog! 2 teeth gear set paradoxical and standard. Magnetic Field Viewer Film at Educational Innovations. Ice Melting Blocks, Thermal Energy Experiments at Educational Innovations. The Physics of LEVITRON.

How does the Levitron work? Now that you have acquired your LEVITRON® and have (Presumably mastered the art of spinning the top and placing it in its position of stable levitation, you are perhaps beginning to feel the full sense of wonderment that the LEVITRON® excites in many people. We receive numerous queries from LEVITRON owners asking for an explanation of how the LEVITRON works. Many express puzzlement that it works at all, often citing a theorem due to Earnshaw (1,2) as proof that it should not work. Interest in the LEVITRON has always run high among scientists. Mekonikuv blog. Solution to the "Missing Square Problem"

Solution of the Missing Square ProblemJason D.


TRADITIONAL TOYS. Récepteur à cristal. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Chris Sangwin's Home Page.