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Lipedema/lipoedema - A Fat Disorder Often Appearing as Obesity. Lipedema Project – Simplified, Cure & Treatment for Obesity. Best Treatment for Lipedema & Obesity & Fat Metabo. Zika outbreak: What you need to know. Image copyright AP The World Health Organization has declared the Zika virus a global public health emergency. The infection has been linked to thousands of babies being born with underdeveloped brains. Some areas have declared a state of emergency, doctors have described it as "a pandemic in progress" and some are even advising women in affected countries to delay getting pregnant. But there is much we do not know. What are the symptoms of Zika? Deaths are rare and only one-in-five people infected is thought to develop symptoms. These include: mild feverconjunctivitis (red, sore eyes)headachejoint paina rash A rare nervous system disorder, Guillain-Barré syndrome, that can cause temporary paralysis has been linked to the infection.

There is no vaccine or drug treatment so patients are advised to rest and drink plenty of fluids. But the biggest concern is the impact it could have on babies developing in the womb and the surge in microcephaly. What is microcephaly? Is it safe to try for a baby? About Lipedema – Arms, Causes of Prevent Obesity, Symptoms. Lipedema (lipoedema in Europe, and lipodem in Germany) is a little known and generally under-recognized fat disorder that affects approximately 11% of women worldwide. Typically there is disproportionate fat distribution, a smaller upper body and a larger lower body with thick, column-like legs. Without treatment, lipedema progresses with hormonal disturbance, (puberty, pregnancy, perimenopause) and affected areas grow larger and heavier, often accompanied with increasing pain and bruising.

As the fat increases, the fat cells block the vessels of the lymphatic system preventing the lymphatic fluid from processing through the body. A build up of lymphatic fluid creates a blockage that prevents the proper drainage of lymph fluid. This condition is called lymphedema. Lipedema, also called “painful fat syndrome,” predominantly affects women, though a few rare cases are seen in men.

What Does Lipedema Look Like? Lipedema shows up primarily as disproportionately large, column-like legs. Surge of Zika Virus Has Brazilians Re-examining Strict Abortion Laws. Photo RECIFE, Brazil — The surging medical reports of babies being born with unusually small heads during the Zika epidemic in Brazil are igniting a fierce debate over the country’s laws, which make the procedure illegal under most circumstances.

Legal scholars in Brasília, the capital, are preparing a case to go before Brazil’s highest court, saying pregnant women should be permitted to have abortions when their fetuses are found to have abnormally small heads, a condition known as that Brazilian researchers say is linked to the virus. A judge in central has taken the rare step of publicly proclaiming that he will allow women to have legal abortions in cases of microcephaly, preparing the way for a fight over the issue in parts of the country’s labyrinthine legal system. Continue reading the main story Video The scientific link between Zika and infant brain damage has not yet been proved.

“They come to my office and ask, ‘Is there a chance for my baby to have microcephaly?’ Virtual reality's promise, risk loom large for health researchers. Play Video Play Fullscreen Virtual reality storms into 2016 with big pros and potential cons Researchers are eagerly exploring how VR can help with everything from treating phobias to overcoming addiction, but others caution that there's still much unknown about how the brain reacts to prolonged exposure to the new medium.

USA TODAY SAN FRANCISCO – The increasingly vivid virtual world has the power to help veterans overcome post-traumatic stress syndrome and heroin users kick their habits. That’s the upshot of conversations with a variety of researchers working in VR-focused university labs around the country, where excitement mingles with concerns over the complex clinical effects of what may be the next big global tech phenomenon. “The question seems to be, if VR is so real it can be used for treatment, then can it also create experiences that are traumatic?” “We try to address the trauma and activate a memory, and it’s hard medicine for a hard problem,” says Rizzo. What you eat can help when you have the fat disorder lipedema? Best Treatment for Lipedema & Obesity & Fat Metabolism Disorder. Scientists get 'gene editing' go-ahead. Image copyright SPL UK scientists have been given the go-ahead by the fertility regulator to genetically modify human embryos.

The research will take place at the Francis Crick Institute in London and aims to provide a deeper understanding of the earliest moments of human life. The experiments will take place in the first seven days after fertilisation and could explain what goes wrong in miscarriage. It will be illegal for the scientists to implant the embryos into a woman. Gene editing is the manipulation of our DNA - the blueprint of life. In a world-first last year, scientists in China announced that they had carried out gene editing in human embryos to correct a gene that causes a blood disorder. The field is attracting controversy, with some saying that altering the DNA of an embryo is a step too far and opens the door to designer babies. "The reason why it is so important is because miscarriages and infertility are extremely common, but they're not very well understood.

" Feds to study health benefits of screening and linking to social services. Druid Heights was once one of Baltimore's most vibrant African-American neighborhoods. Violence and poverty have turned it into one of the city's least healthy. Residents and community activists look at what's wrong and what can be done to fix it. Video by Ryan Connelly Holmes for USA TODAY BALTIMORE — The Obama administration is working to build evidence supporting increased federal and state spending on anti-violence, social service and other programs to improve life in poor neighborhoods and limit the growth in health care costs. The move comes despite more limited reports done by outside groups and is designed to create a paper trail that makes the need for and efficacy of the programs for Medicare and Medicaid recipients indisputable by showing the cost savings.

The agency will then study whether this access improves health and lowers costs. CMS' challenge, she says, "comes down to politics. " Multiple studies have shown that social services improve health, including: Coffee may protect against liver cirrhosis. The researchers say the link between coffee and lower risk of liver cirrhosis is larger than that between many medications and the diseases they prevent. The systematic review and meta-analysis is published in the journal Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics. The researchers - from the University of Southampton in the UK - pooled and analyzed data from nine long-term studies covering nearly half a million men and women from six countries.

They found that increasing coffee consumption may substantially reduce the risk of liver cirrhosis. The analysis shows a dose-response relationship between coffee consumption and liver cirrhosis - with more cups per day linked to lower risk. Two extra cups of coffee per day were linked to a 44% lower risk of developing liver cirrhosis and a nearly 50% lower risk of death to the disease. Liver cirrhosis can be fatal because it raises the risk of liver failure and cancer. Lead and corresponding author Dr. "Coffee appeared to protect against cirrhosis. Aetna earnings jump on growth in Medicare, Medicaid health plans. U.S. health insurance giant Aetna (AET) beat Wall Street forecasts Monday as the company reported higher fourth-quarter profits and reaffirmed plans to complete its acquisition of smaller rival Humana this year.

The Hartford, Conn. -based company credited the results in part to growth in membership and premiums as Aetna boosted its government business that sells Medicare and Medicaid health plans to U.S. consumers. However, Aetna tempered investor expectations with a lower than expected forecast for 2016 earnings. The company said net income for the Oct. -Dec. quarter rose 38% to $320.8 million, or 91 cents a share.

Operating earnings per share were $1.37, topping the $1.22 consensus forecast of financial analysts surveyed by S&P Capital IQ. Shares of Aetna closed up 1.5% at $103.37 in Monday trading. The company is working with the Department of Justice and state regulators for its planned $37 billion acquisition of Louisville, Ky. What you eat can help when you have the fat disorder lipedema? Top Users This Month Profile Info Username: diseasetheycallfat Joined: 2 days ago Last Login: Yesterday Videos Watched: 7 Videos Uploaded: 1 diseasetheycallfat's Videos Watched: 289 times Profile Viewed: 17 times Name: Disease They Call FAT Age: 22 Gender: male Country: United States Current City: New York Job: Director & Producer Company: The Disease They Call FAT About Me: The Disease They Call FAT, is that story.

Produced by Lipedema Simplified Productions in partnership with the Friedman Center for Lymphedema Research & Treatment. View More. Best Treatment for Lipedema & Obesity & Fat Metabolism Disorder. Yemen: Health Facilities Under Attack, Severely Limiting Access to Care. BARCELONA/NEW YORK, JANUARY 25, 2016 — The conflict in Yemen is being waged with total disregard for the rules of war, the international medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) declared today, following the latest attack on one of its health facilities. MSF’s medical activities in Yemen have been bombed four times in less than three months, with two hospitals, a clinic and an ambulance coming under fire.

The organization is seeking guarantees from the warring parties that medical activities will be protected according to international humanitarian law. “The way war is being waged in Yemen shows that the warring parties do not recognize or respect the protected status of hospitals and medical facilities,” said Raquel Ayora, MSF director of operations.

“It is causing enormous suffering for people trapped in conflict zones. Public places are being bombed and shelled on a massive scale. Video: Targeted Attacks on Medical Facilities in Yemen. Bernie Sanders, 74, is in 'very good health', doctor says. The 74-year-old Bernie Sanders is in "very good health," his doctor said in a letter issued by Sanders' campaign Thursday. The letter comes days before Iowa's caucuses and in the wake of a plan by one of Hillary Clinton's allies to call for the Vermont senator's health records to be released. Sanders, who would be 75 by Election Day, would be the oldest person ever elected president. "You are in overall very good health and active in your professional work, and recreational lifestyle without limitation," writes Brian P.

Monahan, stated as Sanders' doctor of 26 years in the letter. The letter is dated January 20, days after reports that the founder of a pro-Hillary Clinton PAC, David Brock, had planned to publicly call for Sanders' records ahead of the Iowa caucuses. Sanders is neck-and-neck with Clinton in Iowa. The letter released Thursday details that Sanders' last physical took place Nov. 18, 2015, and the results of the examination were normal. Clinton released her records last July. Federal officials unsure how much will be recouped from failed health co-ops. WASHINGTON – Federal officials still don't how much they will recoup of the $1.2 billion they spent on loans and startup costs for a dozen health care cooperatives that later failed, a top regulator said Thursday. “We are working closely with the Department of Justice,’’ Andy Slavitt, acting administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, told the Senate Finance Committee. “We have taken the first step calling the loans.

" Slavitt's agency has jurisdiction over the health care co-ops (for consumer operated and oriented health plans), created under the 2010 Affordable Care Act. Federal regulators are looking at making claims on money still owed to the failed co-ops and can recover additional money through audits. Health Republic of New York, with an enrollment of about 200,000, was the largest co-op to go under. It ceased operations at the end of November.

New York state officials scrambled to cover the co-op's patients for December, before a new enrollment year began. Medical Licensing Laws Stand in the Way of Affordable Health Care. The provision of health care in the United States remains an ongoing policy challenge. The latest estimate from the U.S. Census is that 33 million Americans lack health insurance coverage. In addition, the cost of health care continues to rise at a faster rate than inflation, according to the consumer price index. Taking a serious look at occupational licensing laws may be a necessary step toward slowing down rising health care costs. Occupational licensing laws are ubiquitous in the health care labor market. Whether these laws are necessary, or whether they can do more harm than good in some cases, is a legitimate question, especially when considering how difficult these laws can be to remove.

[READ: Obama Is Right, Fighting Drug Addiction Is a Bipartisan Issue] An important facet of occupational licensing laws deals with scope of practice, which specify the tasks that professionals are allowed to perform. [READ: Drug Pricing Dishonesty Carries Its Own Costs] What you eat can help when you have the fat disorder lipedema? Live Your Best Life with Lipedema Webinar Series. World Health Organisation declares Zika virus public health emergency. The World Health Organisation has declared that the clusters of brain-damaged babies born in Brazil – linked to but not proven to be caused by the Zika virus – constitute a public health emergency of international concern. The declaration, made by the WHO director Margaret Chan, will trigger funding for research to try to establish whether the Zika virus, spread by mosquitoes, is responsible for the large numbers of babies born with abnormally small heads in Brazil.

It will also put resources behind a massive effort to prevent pregnant women becoming infected and, through mosquito control, stop the virus spreading. Chan called the birth of thousands of babies with microcephaly “an extraordinary event and a public health threat to other parts of the world”. She was speaking following a meeting of the WHO’s international health regulations emergency committee, summoned to advise the director general on whether to make the declaration, which calls in international resources and expertise.

Aetna earnings jump on growth in Medicare, Medicaid health plans. Live Your Best Life with Lipedema Webinar Series. Take Comfort in One-Hour Winter Vegetable Soup. Photo I still have the cheap food mill I bought from a vendor at a market on the Boulevard Raspail when I lived in Paris decades ago. The knob has come loose from the handle, but it still does the job. I pull it out every time I make this soup. I use the food mill instead of a blender — immersion or regular — because I love the texture of the soup when it’s put through the mill’s coarse blade, resulting in a flavorful, colorful mixture that you can almost chew on. That said, don’t feel you can’t make this winter vegetable soup if you don’t have a food mill.

The soup itself, made with supermarket vegetables, is deceptively simple. Remove the bouquet garni and put the soup through the coarse blade of a food mill or blend. The key to success is in the seasoning (be generous with salt and pepper) and in that small amount of crème fraîche that brings all the elements together and gives the flavor of the soup a delicate lift. FAMU considers campus smoking ban. How to Manage Lipedema through Liposuction. Bernie Sanders, 74, is in 'very good health' Federal, Local Health Officials Address Spread Of Zika Virus. Lipedema Products - The Disease They Call FAT DVD. Lipedema Products - The Disease They Call FAT DVD. Depression risks increase for young dads. The Disease They Call FAT is Providers Lipedema Treatment. Big Zika Virus Outbreak Unlikely In The U.S., Officials Say. Treatment for Lipedema - The Disease They Call FAT. New advice for weight loss: Get on the scale every day.

Non-Profit Reminds of Preventive Services Included in Health Coverage | WXXI News. Best Lipedema Treatment Diet in New York. Deloitte Corporate Finance LLC Advised The Medicus Firm LLC in its Sale... -- CHARLOTTE, N.C., Jan. 20, 2016. Lipedema Liposuction - The Disease They Call FAT. KT Tape Named Official Kinesiology Tape Licensee Of Team USA. Concerns over Zika virus outbreak growing in U.S. Best Solutions & Treatment for Obesity in New York. Supreme Court refuses to hear another Obamacare case. Bernie Sanders’ Health Care Plan Proves That U.S. Single-Payer is an Expensive Fantasy.

Lipedema Diagnosis - The Disease They Call FAT. How water crisis in Flint, Mich., became federal state of emergency. All forms of omega-3s support health in different ways, flax advocate says.