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7 Best Platforms to Hire Elixir Developers in 2020 – Digitalogy. If you have been planning about your own startup for a while but can’t quite put a finger on how or where to source the right talent for it, stop for a minute and go through this article.

7 Best Platforms to Hire Elixir Developers in 2020 – Digitalogy

Here we will uncover some of the top places to hire Elixir developers, which will not only help you find skilled developers but also help you save some money while putting you in direct contact with the developers for a clearer one-to-one interaction. In the following sections, we will shed some more light on Elixir, along with the best available platforms to hire Elixir development agency or freelance Elixir developers.

Top Python Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers in 2020 – Digitalogy. If you want to make a career in web or software development you need to have a strong understanding of the TRIO – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Top Python Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers in 2020 – Digitalogy

On the other hand, if you are determined to stand out from a big pool of applicants you need to learn additional programming languages, but the problem is that there are a plethora of programming languages in the market, then it becomes cumbersome to choose the one which will give high ROI (Return On Investment). This is where Python comes into play. Top 25 Node.JS Interview Questions and Answers in 2020 – Digitalogy. Of late everyone’s been talking about Node.Js and aspires to learn it because the trends of web development seem to be heading its way.

Top 25 Node.JS Interview Questions and Answers in 2020 – Digitalogy

The infrastructure of sites like LinkedIn, eBay, and PayPal is based on Node.Js. It allows you to mold your application according to your requirements. No doubt it’s becoming widely accepted these days! Are you planning to go for an interview on Node.Js and anxious about the questions that might arise during the interview! Don’t you worry a bit; we have specially designed the topmost Node.js interview questions and answers to get you accustomed to the variety of questions that you may witness during your respective interviews. In this section, you will encounter a long list of Node.js questions and answers. 10 Best Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Everyday Life – Digitalogy. AI has been growing for the past few decades, and it is actively enabling people and businesses alike to achieve the unthinkable.

10 Best Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Everyday Life – Digitalogy

By giving machines the power to think and evaluate has been one of the most challenging steps forward in the computing world. The 12 Best and Free Online Machine Learning Courses[2020] – Digitalogy. After going through numerous free online courses, we have curated some of the best free courses on machine learning for you to fuel your curiosity and give you a head start in this domain.

The 12 Best and Free Online Machine Learning Courses[2020] – Digitalogy

These courses can be undertaken by participants of all skill levels from beginners to experts and can be completed at their own pace to master machine learning. 1. Machine Learning — Coursera Duration: Approx. 54 hoursRating: 4.9 out of 5Provider: Andrew Ng, StanfordCost: Free to audit, $79 for certificateLevel — BeginnersCourse Link — Created by Andrew Ng, a globally-known Stanford professor and co-founder of Coursera, this course is one of the most successful & best free machine learning courses online.

The 10 Best Usability Testing Tools for Great User Experience – Digitalogy. Photo by David Travis on Unsplash “Usability is not only about ease of use but also about bringing something meaningful, having an objective in common with the user.” — Marcus Österberg Usability(not confuse with user experience) is a critical aspect of any user experience, and it essentially defines how easily the users can get things done using the product.

The 10 Best Usability Testing Tools for Great User Experience – Digitalogy

A good design that cannot guarantee a usable product eventually fails to assure a great user experience. Corporations spend large amounts of time in designing their products and come up with countless creative designs. The most fitting design is often given the go-ahead without sufficient usability testing as businesses continue to overlook the potential of usability aspects of their product. Now, with the introduction of some of the best usability testing tools, usability is getting much-needed attention, leading to some of the most memorable user experiences and happy customers. What Does Good Website Usability Mean?

8 Creative and Affordable Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses – Digitalogy. Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash Making and implementing marketing ideas for small businesses is not a piece of cake.

8 Creative and Affordable Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses – Digitalogy

Best Ways to Speed ​​Up WordPress Website in 2020 – Digitalogy. In this era of technology, all businesses have become competitive.

Best Ways to Speed ​​Up WordPress Website in 2020 – Digitalogy

And, to win above each other, they are pulling out new ways to stay ahead from each other. Despite all the strategies or tactics, establishing an online presence is a must. Hence, to make it happen, owning a website is imperative. Never forget, websites play a crucial role in online business. It is the only medium via which you can grab potential customers and improve sales. Always remember that the visitors these days are more hungry for quality. Hence, give your valuable time to make your business website delightful to the visitors. Generally, the website design includes different elements like videos, content, images, graphics, etc.

There are multiple applications and platforms which help create a good website. How to Keep Employees Motivated During the COVID-19 – Digitalogy. Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels The fear of the unknown is never a pleasant feeling for anyone, and many of us are, in fact, facing such unknowns with the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to Keep Employees Motivated During the COVID-19 – Digitalogy

Most of us during this period have felt exhausted, dismayed and apprehensive, given that only a few months ago we were living life as usual. As a manager or a business owner, you must recognize that it’s your job to think about how to keep employees motivated, and this means you must be able to offer support for the anxieties and worries that your employees may be experiencing at the moment.

Those feeling this way will be far less motivated and prepared to get stuck in, so in this blog, we’re going to explore how business owners and managers can lead from the front to keep employees motivated in these exceptional circumstances. The Science. 6 Reasons Why Should You Choose R for Data Science? – Digitalogy. The accelerated increase in the innovations in Artificial Intelligence has led to several new domains such as Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Advanced Analytics, and several others.

6 Reasons Why Should You Choose R for Data Science? – Digitalogy

Each of these branches of Artificial Intelligence relies solely on gathered data for analysis and generating usable information. Increased amounts of data led to the introduction of reliable tools for data processing, management, and visualization, and with it came newer job opportunities. 10 Important Points to Consider While Website Redesigning – Digitalogy. Photo by KOBU Agency on Unsplash Your business website is what makes your business flow. It includes lead generation, email marketing, social media, sales strategies, brand awareness, etc.

We can see a rapid change in web technology for a long time. This makes several businesses to act accordingly to stay ahead in the race. Without that, you cannot get enough leads, and cannot secure the conversations, etc. If you ask us; then there is the only thing that currently is thriving and can assuredly give you fruitful results. The 12 Best Free Wireframe Tools for UX Designers in 2020 – Digitalogy. Image Credit: Pixabay In this competitive scenario, UX designers must gain themselves with ample skills. With some of the best free wireframe tools, UX designers can efficiently work for either a website or an application which may boost its performance to an optimum level. Through Wireframe prototype tools, UX designers can deal with many complex projects with ease. The best part about wireframe tools is that they make the design tasks easier along with its functionality. So, you might be wondering what precisely the wireframe tools are and how do they put an impact on any website or an application?

What are the Wireframe Tools? Wireframing is the foundational tool for any new website or an application project which somewhat resembles its visual representation. With the best free wireframe tools, designers can develop a bunch of designing experience while fixing several user-experience areas. Why We Need Wireframe Tools? Wireframing tools are the best ways to test a website and apps. 10 Artificial Intelligence Technologies Trends that Can Take Your Business to New Heights – Digitalogy.

AI is everywhere and it is already impacting our lives. 10 UI Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2020 – Digitalogy. “A user interface should be so simple that a beginner in an emergency can understand it within ten seconds.” — Ted Nelson With some of the revolutionary ideas, the user interface is providing eye-catching designing trends for the upcoming designers. UI design trends of 2020 are the hotspot for both designers as well as clients since there are lots of possibilities for futuristic UI ideas.

With the vividness in the quality of the delivery, the client’s need, and the advancement in the technological aspects, UI designing is boasting its innovations in this current year. UI trends of 2020 in collaboration with previous trending UI design will add a realistic approach to all the upcoming UI/UX projects. 10 Benefits of Open Source Technology for Enterprises – Digitalogy. As Linux grows to be the operating platform of choice for most enterprises, an increasing number of businesses are adopting the open-source technology standards when it comes to the software running their business.

There are several benefits of open-source technology that proprietary software often lacks, making them a viable solution for businesses. Picking the right software for running your business should always be taken carefully, considering the offerings available in the market while weighing-in its short and long term benefits on your company. Open-source software is often the go-to choice of businesses if they’re not particularly looking for a specific feature as they are easier to customize. The Emerging Recruiting Trends That'll Rule in 2020 – Digitalogy. Modern technologies have touched almost every aspect of our personal and professional lives, easing the process and often improving it.

Recruiting trends is one process that has seen a radical amount of changes throughout the years with the use of mobile-friendly online portals and AI, leading to smoother and smarter recruitments. Top Robotics Companies in World to Watch Out for in 2020 – Digitalogy. Whenever a year ends, the tech industry and technology geeks get a marvelous chance to talk about the past 12 months. The world is evolving at a faster pace where different robotic companies have achieved much more over the past years. Plenty of companies have achieved a new feat where their range of robots has already started working in different sectors. Before we begin, what were the basic reasons to choose these companies? Artificial Intelligence in Banking  -  Opportunities and Risks – Digitalogy.

Data Protection Mistakes to Avoid for Startups – Digitalogy. Video Testimonials: An Effective Tool for Establishing Your Business – Digitalogy. 10 Great Sites for Best UI Design Patterns in 2020 – Digitalogy. A stunning UI design pattern is quintessential to everything, be it a website, an app or any other product. A thoughtfully planned design not only feels obvious but also allows for effortless interaction with the user interface, adding to the user experience. How to Choose The Best Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business Growth – Digitalogy. A Complete Guide on Agile Development Methodology – Digitalogy.

The Agile development methodology is the ability to respond and adapt to changes in an ever-evolving environment. Being agile allows you to overcome obstacles with proper planning and analyzing the current scenario. The Importance of Information Security for Your Business – Digitalogy. Best Python IDEs and Code Editors You Must Use in 2020. Choosing the right tools for a job is critical. Flutter App Development Company – Digitalogy. Data Breaches - What You Need to Know About this Threat – Digitalogy. 12 Best Slack Alternatives for Team Communication and Collaboration – Digitalogy. Angular SEO - How to Make Your Angular Site Indexable – Digitalogy.