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Art Tools of Jorge Royan. By some stroke of luck, I got to see some of Jorge Royan's sketches on facebook and knew I had to interview him for the Art Tools and Gears series.

Art Tools of Jorge Royan

He's an architect, photographer and sketcher from Argentina. Man of many talents. His sketches have a strong architectural rendering style with the form mixed with details and nice composition. Concept SKETCH. IIT design studio fabricates pavilion of carbon fiber panels via.

concept SKETCH

Tutoriales - StumbleUpon. Drawing ARCHITECTURE. Urban Sketchers. Architectural Watercolors by Sunga Park. Harrods, London Sunga Park works in South Korea as a mural wallpaper designer.

Architectural Watercolors by Sunga Park

Her architectural watercolors selection features buildings from cities around the world, including London, Paris, Busan, Venice, and Oxford. The buildings are painted in a fade out manner that gives them a floating essence and leaves imagination to fill in the rest. Drawing ARCHITECTURE. Trees. Croquis maestros. En las primeras horas del nuevo año, recibimos por mail estos magníficos croquis, esbozados por un estudiante en el transcurso de sus viajes de estudios.

croquis maestros

Nicolás Verdejo, estudiante de arquitectura de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, en Chile, nos ha dejado junto a sus trazos un breve texto que decidimos los continúe acompañando. Agradecemos la valiosa colaboración y aplaudimos que la habilidad con el lápiz y la pasión por la profesión esten complementándose con tan buenos frutos. La sombra del asno: Dibujando un callejón de Hong Kong. Sketching a Hong Kong's alley. Un callejón de Hong Kong, tan típicos de aquí, llenos de tuberías, aires acondicionados, con todo el sabor de las películas de Bruce Lee.

La sombra del asno: Dibujando un callejón de Hong Kong. Sketching a Hong Kong's alley

Acuarela y rotulador de tinta. ¿Quieres una copia de alta calidad, incluso enmarcada? The typical Hong Kong's back alley, with his pippes, conditioned air machines, looks and remind me the Bruce Lee films. Koi Sakura watercolour and indian ink marker. Want a high quality copy? Fotos con las fase del proceso Process. All the Buildings in New York. All The Buildings In New York is a personal project of James Gulliver Hancock.

All the Buildings in New York

An illustrator from Australia now based between Sydney, and New York. This project stems from an interest in obsession and recording of places. New York holds a special place in everyone’s heart, romanticized from Seasame Street and old movies like Rear Window and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This blog records an attempt to make the city personal by passing a pen over every structure, hopefully making up for the time not spent in New York. KOI® Water Brush - Sakura Of America ... Power To Express. I like to travel light, so Koi Water Brushes are just right for me.

KOI® Water Brush - Sakura Of America ... Power To Express

View More Write TestimonialPatti Mangan Beautiful water colour techniques can be achieved by simply drawing circles with the bristles of the Koi Water Brushes. Simple and easy, what more could we ask for! Write TestimonialElaine Flanagan. Urban Sketchers. A janela de Alberti. Mother Nature At Work. ©2011 Carolyn A.

Mother Nature At Work

Pappas, 10-9-11 (Covered Bridge). Pen and ink in large handbook sketchbook.Although I didn't have much to talk about after Hurricane Irene, I did get out to Greenfield, MA the next week and take some photos of the damage there. I was a bit rushed, however, and didn't get a chance to sketch anything until this past weekend. The whole area looks pretty much the same as it did then, although they did have earth moving equipment bringing in rocks to try to repair the riverbank.

It's too bad that they are going to have to tear down the covered bridge. The next day I went a few miles upriver and made another sketch. Dibujo. Como si el porvenir y aun el presente carecieran de entidad, Lima y los limeños vivimos saturados de pasado.


Este nos ha sido impuesto por quienes creyeron desentrañar el enigma de nuestro ser, acerca del cual, para fijarnos un destino, preguntamos perplejos desde siempre. Se ha decidido así que nuestra ciudad está impregnada de una como extraviada nostalgia, y esto es cierto más en lo que atañe al descamino del sentimiento que al sentimiento mismo. Sebastián Salazar Bondy, Lima la horrible (1964) Dibujos con tinta china hechos en Praga. ©DoraCan (Para ampliar haz click sobre la imágen) The Sketchbook Project: Limited Edition. If you have any other questions, please visit our dedicated support website at support.sketchbookproject.comWhat is The Sketchbook Project?

The Sketchbook Project: Limited Edition

The Sketchbook Project is a crowd-sourced library of over 30,000 sketchbooks (and counting) submitted by people of all ages and backgrounds from more than 135 countries. Anyone can add their voice to the collection by signing up to fill a Sketchbook Project book of their own to submit. The entire project is on view to the public as a permanent collection at Brooklyn Art Library, our storefront exhibition space in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. What if I don’t sketch? We use ‘sketchbook’ as loose term for experimentation in creativity.

What is Digitizing? Select digitizing, and your completed book will be professionally photographed and uploaded for you to The Sketchbook Project’s online Digital Library. What are themes? What do you mean by tour? Every year we take to the road with all of the new Sketchbook Project submissions. Congrats!