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La pose de limites en dix approches pratiques. Article de Catherine Dumonteil Kremer publié dans le numéro 3 de PEPS Voici quelques techniques de survie à l’usage des parents qui veulent sortir de la répression éducative.

La pose de limites en dix approches pratiques

Ce sont des pistes possibles, à vous de les faire évoluer, d’en trouver de nouvelles. C’est aussi une sorte de protocole qui a beaucoup simplifié ma vie de famille. 1. Votre enfant est toujours en accord avec vousOui je sais, c’est difficile à croire. Potty training in three days (18 months & up ) Your Modern Family. Une plate-forme Internet met en lumière l’histoire inconnue de la Bulgarie - Histoire.

Le passé n’est pas tissé que des faits historiques officiels, mais aussi du vécu personnel de chacun de nous par rapport aux événements.

Une plate-forme Internet met en lumière l’histoire inconnue de la Bulgarie - Histoire

En tout cas, c’est ce que veut montrer le projet “Mon histoire bulgare”. Why Dads Are Better Bedtime Story Readers. Score one for the dads.

Why Dads Are Better Bedtime Story Readers

Turns out, children whose fathers read them bedtime stories develop more-improved language skills than those whose mothers bring their books to life, according to a newly released study. “Reading is seen as a female activity, and kids seem to be more tuned in when their dad reads to them. It’s special,” former Harvard University researcher Elisabeth Duursma — who conducted the study on paternal and maternal book reading working with 430 families — told the Telegraph in September. The fathers’ impact, she added of the research published in the journal Fathering, “is huge, particularly if dads start reading to kids under the age of 2.”

STORY: The Science Behind How Bedtime Stories Help Kids The big dad difference, Duursma (currently working at the University of Wollongong in Australia) noted, comes down to delivery. HUMAN (2015) What is it that makes us human?

HUMAN (2015)

Is it that we love, that we fight? You Won't Remember, But I Will  How to Put a Toddler to Bed in 100 Easy Steps  1.

How to Put a Toddler to Bed in 100 Easy Steps 

Announce that it's time to go to bed. 2. Wait for your toddler to stop crying. 3. How Babies Understand Video Chat. Long before most babies toddle or talk, they begin to make sophisticated inferences about the world around them.

How Babies Understand Video Chat

By as young as 3 months old, newborns can form expectations based on physical principles like gravity, speed, and momentum. Scientists at several universities told me they now have evidence, to the likely delight of far-flung grandparents everywhere, that infants can also tell the difference between, say, a broadcast of Mister Rogers and a video call with their actual grandfather. The ability to discern between video broadcast and video-based chat from infancy, which researchers have only recently confirmed, could have a profound effect on our understanding of how the human brain develops—and specifically, how technologies can play a role in shaping abstract concepts early on. This is meaningful for a few reasons, not least of which is cultural. I'm Holding On  My 2-year-old requires that I spend about half his nap lying with him.

I'm Holding On 

Well, not requires it, but that's how it's always been. And if I don't come to him, he will take a shorter nap and probably be cranky. So when he stirs, I come. I check Facebook, maybe try to write something (thank God for the Notes app on my phone), close my eyes for a bit. Zen and the art of bedtime: How we turned to meditation to stop the children's evening tantrums - Features - Health & Families. My seven-year-old – then five – took to them like a duck to water.

Zen and the art of bedtime: How we turned to meditation to stop the children's evening tantrums - Features - Health & Families

5 постъпки, с които обиждаме своите деца. Златните принципи на Мария Монтесори за възпитанието на детето. Homo naledi, une ancienne espèce inconnue du genre humain découverte en Afrique du sud. Гласът на майката влияе върху характера на бебето / 04.09.2015 • от moetodete.bg1300 прегледа0 коментара.

Гласът на майката влияе върху характера на бебето /

Моето дете / One word you should never say when disciplining your child. Are We Prepared For The Next Big Mediterranean Tsunami? Nearly a century has passed since Europe’s last major tsunami, a 13m wave caused by an earthquake off the coast of Sicily that was responsible for around 2,000 deaths.

Are We Prepared For The Next Big Mediterranean Tsunami?

Sometimes tsunamis in the Mediterranean can be even more destructive – a large volcanic eruption on the island of Thera (Santorini) around 3500 years ago generated a wave that decimated an entire civilisation, the Minoans, and may have led to the legend of Atlantis. Millions more people live along the Mediterranean coastline these days, of course, and the volcanoes and earthquakes haven’t gone anywhere. Indeed a new study in the journal Ocean Science suggests even a moderate earthquake in the eastern Mediterranean could set off a tsunami with the potential to affect a large proportion of the 130m people who live on its coastline. The devastating tsunamis that hit Indonesia and surrounding countries in 2004 and Japan in 2011 were a wakeup call. Моето дете / Comment construire la confiance en soi et l’estime de soi. Nous avons toutes déjà entendu dire qu’un sourire est contagieux.

Mais avez-vous déjà réfléchi à l’impact que vous avez lorsque vous ne souriez pas ? Si vous dites chaque jour à votre fille qu’elle est belle et que, dans le même temps, elle vous entend constamment critiquer votre propre corps, il est très probable qu’elle soit tentée de se juger de la même façon. Ceci peut l’amener à avoir peu confiance en elle ainsi qu’une mauvaise estime de soi et à nourrir des inquiétudes sur sa propre apparence. Nous sommes nos pires critiques En ce qui concerne la beauté, les femmes restent leur pire critique. Не е ли време да започнем да се държим с децата нормално, по човешки? - "Децата. How to raise a grounded, creative child. Babies' ability to detect complex rules in language outshines that of adults, research suggests. New research examining auditory mechanisms of language learning in babies has revealed that infants as young as three months of age are able to automatically detect and learn complex dependencies between syllables in spoken language.

By contrast, adults only recognized the same dependencies when asked to actively search for them. The study by scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig also highlights the important role of basic pitch discrimination abilities for early language development. The speed and apparent ease with which young infants learn the basics of a language regularly astound parents and scientists alike.

Of course, adults are usually assumed to have the edge in sophisticated language learning. Провалът на либералното възпитание - А когато остареем и грохнем, те ни захвърлят в старчески домове. This Is Why Your Baby Doesn't Sleep Through The Night - BuzzFeed News. Cry It Out - 6 Educated Professionals Who Advise Against It. If you’re a parent, you’ve likely heard about the cry it out method to get your baby to sleep. Well meaning family or friends may suggest letting your baby cry himself to sleep, so he can “learn to be independent”. Or perhaps they may suggest cry it out because they say, “it works”. However, parenting techniques like cry it out, which originated in 1913 (and potentially earlier), aren’t always best. And when we know better, we do better.

What some people believe ‘works’ on babies, actually goes beyond their own understanding of the infant brain. 20 Teachers to Follow on Pinterest - Education to the Core. Esther Perel: Rethinking infidelity ... a talk for anyone who has ever loved. Моето дете / Моето дете / Моето дете / How to Talk to Little Girls. Моето дете / Photographer Arranges Everyday Objects In Color Gradients That Will Soothe Your Soul. How to help English learners read more quickly. Why is the ability to read for gist important for many learners of English and how can they develop this skill? Eleni Pappa, a British Council teacher in Greece, provides the answers.

What is reading for gist? Gist is the overall meaning, the core idea, of a spoken or written discourse. When taking a quick look at a written text to establish its genre and the main message its writer means to get across, we're reading for gist. The 50 Best Books for Toddlers - A Mothership Down. The 50 Best Books for Toddlers list is complete! And man, this was a cool list to compile. So many of these books I had forgotten about, or am just now discovering.

Who knew there were so many amazing kids books?! Based on my research I’ll definitely be expanding our own library, which I’m very excited about. The final list is a mix of classics, bestsellers, and lesser known but highly regarded books appropriate for toddlers. And now, onto the books… 1. Как да обичаш мъжете – 10 златни правила. Прощъпулник! Прохождане на бебето! Прощъпулник! Прохождане на бебето! Кодът на глаголицата крие смисълът на съществуването. No Screen-time Until - Майка към омъжената си дъщеря: "Никога не забравяй приятелките си" - Raising a Moral Child. The scientific evidence against spanking, timeouts, and sleep training. Децата билингви : Първите седем. I Haven't Made Any Trash In 2 Years. Here's What My Life Is Like. 11 Things Every Parent Must do to Earn Their Kids' Respect - Silva Method Life.

Epic Formula for Raising Confident Kids - Silva Method Life. Към родителите с малки деца: Нека да съм този, който го казва високо и ясно. L'orchestre d'harmonie de Nice / Musique classique et contemporaine. Заветът на Хорхе Луис Борхес: За любовта, брака и времето - Empower One Girl And She'll Change The World - What The Flicka? (Не)съвършената майка - 17 Websites That Will Make You Smarter. 5 Habits of People With Remarkable Willpower. 35 Clever Parenting Ideas Every Parent Needs To Know. The 2nd One Is So Creative! 5 начина да спрете да крещите на детето - Наръчник за родители - Първите седем.


20 Common Grammar Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Makes. 10 заповеди за родители. 20 Common Grammar Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Makes.