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Diet Angel Enterprise (2162568-K) (“the Enterprise”) was founded in 2012, subsequent to a 2-year exploration and study of raw food diet, a revolutionary lifestyle based on consumption of whole foods, specifically raw, organic plant-based diet.

5 Absolutely Fantastic Desserts Recipes Made With Cacao Butter. The cacao butter looks like blonde oil when melted at low temperature, and hardens into cream-colored solids when cooled to room temperature.

5 Absolutely Fantastic Desserts Recipes Made With Cacao Butter

Cacao butter is the reason your chocolate bar tastes so smooth, and chocolate chips in cookies are hard to touch but melt in your mouth. Ingredients For Dark Chocolate ● 6 ounces dark chocolate, sliced ● ½ cup refined coconut oil, melted ● ½ Cup Cacao Powder ● 3 – 4 tablespoons maple syrup, to taste For White Chocolate ● 4 oz. (132 g) Edible raw cacao butter, sliced ● 2 tablespoons (48 grams) coconut oil ● 1 tbsp (16 g) smooth natural cashew butter ● ⅓ cup maple syrup ● ⅓ Spoon Kosher Salt ● ¼ teaspoon pure vanilla extract, or ⅓ spoon vanilla bean powder ● ⅓ spoon mint extract Method ● Line a small baking sheet or baking pan with parchment paper. ● In the Microwave Safe Bowl, melt the dark chocolate in 30-second increments, stirring between each, until smooth and melted. . ● While dark chocolate sets, make white chocolate. . ● Store in the fridge or freezer.

Filling. Why Cacao Is The Ultimate Superfood? Theobroma cacao is the cacao tree’s full name that also means “food of the gods.”

Why Cacao Is The Ultimate Superfood?

Its soft white flesh is rich in countless seeds that are the size and shape of a flat bean. When these seeds are fermented and roasted, the so-called cacao powder is obtained – in addition to cacao butter – which determines the taste of numerous food specialties worldwide. Healthy And Nutritious Cacao is primarily the primary source of magnesium in nature, with magnesium being considered one of the least abundant elements in the current diet. It is also the source of an extensive range of other minerals and vitamins.

Cacao has a stimulating and relaxing effect on the human body. Organic Food Malaysia: 7 Ways To Use Gluten-Free Cacao Powder In Your Diet. Cacao powder is not the same as a cocoa powder which is often found on supermarket shelves, although both comes from the same plant source.

Organic Food Malaysia: 7 Ways To Use Gluten-Free Cacao Powder In Your Diet

Cacao is the raw, pure form of chocolate. Why You Should Add Organic Vegan Products In Your Diet? If you are a fitness freak, want to have a better body, and also want a glow on the skin, then you should follow the Vegan Diet.

Why You Should Add Organic Vegan Products In Your Diet?

Nowadays, the Vegan Diet is considered to be the best, and also the dietician enumerates several benefits of it. A vegan diet or plant-based food such as cereals, pulses, fruits, vegetables, salads, etc. is considered much beneficial for health. It not only protects you from infections but also helps in losing weight.

7 Insanely Delicious (and Healthy) Cacao Dessert Recipes

Organic Food Malaysia: Coconut Palm Sugar For Diabetes: Is It Safe To Eat? Diabetic patients are recommended not to eat sweets in any way they want.

Organic Food Malaysia: Coconut Palm Sugar For Diabetes: Is It Safe To Eat?

In such a situation, they have to find other sweet options such as sugar-free things, brown sugar, jaggery, etc. You may also use sugar made from coconut palm. Its biggest feature is that it is unprocessed and is the most natural alternative to sugar. At the same time, it is beneficial not only for the patients of diabetes but also for the human body in many ways. So, let's know about coconut palm sugar for diabetes whether it is safe to eat or not!

Cocoa Butter & Cacao Butter. Are Both The Same Thing? Despite their similarity in spelling, cocoa and cacao are two very different ingredients.

Cocoa Butter & Cacao Butter. Are Both The Same Thing?

Do you know? All of the chocolate products you eat are derived from cacao seeds in one way or another, which are derived from the cacao plant— an evergreen tree that grows in West Africa and South America. Seeds of cacao grow in large pods on the trunks of these trees. Cocoa. Organic Coconut Sugar— A Healthy Sugar Alternative or Just A Lie? The harmful effects of excess sugar are becoming increasingly apparent.

Organic Coconut Sugar— A Healthy Sugar Alternative or Just A Lie?

As a result, people are turning to organic choices. One sweetener that has become very popular over the years is coconut sugar. 7 Surprising Heart Benefits of Cacao Food Products. Cacao powder and other cacao food products are being consistently and widely researched in the present times.

7 Surprising Heart Benefits of Cacao Food Products

Various studies have shown that the food products that are rich in cacao can provide us with some very surprising and exciting cardiovascular benefits. Cacao beans are a rich source of flavonoids which are some very wonderful naturally occurring antioxidants. These antioxidants or flavonoids are what essentially make cacao food products very beneficial to our hearts.

5 Ways to Get the Healthy, Chocolaty Goodness of Cacao into Your Diet – organiccacaomalaysia. As the world is waking up to the goodness and benefits provided by cacao, knowing your way around this plant is not only helpful but also necessary.

5 Ways to Get the Healthy, Chocolaty Goodness of Cacao into Your Diet – organiccacaomalaysia

Cacao has been proven to be an even richer source of antioxidants than the famed blueberries. It is rich in many important nutrients like magnesium, calcium and iron. Cacao also acts like a necessary electrolyte which can be very beneficial for human muscles and mood. Cacao is nowadays often referred to as a “super-food” owing to the diverse and concentrated Phytochemicals found in it. Cacao also has certain compounds that are able to influence various neurotransmitters such as serotonin.

A native Central and South American tree, Cacao is known to have been used as a medicine, currency and in various religious rituals by Native Americans thousands of years ago. How Organic Cacao Products Can Help In COVID-19 Times? Indelibly COVID-19 has almost changed every aspect of our lives and has also influenced social settings in Malaysia and has redefined living traditions.

How Organic Cacao Products Can Help In COVID-19 Times?

Organic cacao products have a new and increased relevance with the health of consumers in this COVID-19 scenario with their central focus on boosting immune systems and making their bodies prepared to fight with any potential infection with the virus. With long-term health consciousness and mindful eating becoming more crucial for every individual, organic food is one of the top choices by so many people in Malaysian cities. Moreover, in this COVID-19 scenario, increasing awareness for the food’s role in daily lives and its impact on health has compelled to re-design the most important component of your lives which is food. Is Cacao And Cocoa The Same Thing? Have you ever wondered whether Cacao and Cocoa are identical or entirely two different ingredients?

Well, they are entirely different from each other. Find out more below. Cacao – The unprocessed and raw form of the fruit In simplest of all the definitions, Cacao is raw while Cocoa is a processed form of the fruit of Theobroma Cacao Tree. This plant is known to produce large fruits with a pod-like structure filled with nearly 20 to 60 beans. 7 Incredible Food Items That Keep your Heart Healthy. “With a healthy heart, the beat goes on!” – very well said! Isn’t it? When you have a healthy heart, you’ll be happy and when you’ll be happy you’ll be able to enjoy every little thing in this beautiful world.

Apparently, as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention death rate due to heart diseases have been observed to be dropped over recent years. Sounds like a piece of good news? 5 Benefits of Adding Cacao Powder to your Meal Platter on Behance. 5 Benefits of Adding Cacao Powder to your Meal Platter No matter if you are using it in your smoothies, shakes, or dessert recipes, cacao powder adds on a lot more flavors and texture to your daily meals. Now, besides carrying the heavenly taste and texture, this magic ingredient also comes loaded with a lot of health benefits. While the ingredient was first been discovered in the South American region 5000 years backs, it is now been cherished by millions of people in the form of cacao smoothies and cacao desserts.

Energize your day with these 5 Maca Drinks! on Behance. 1.Hot Chocolate Maca-Cacao - This super-easy drink is full of nutritional value with the power of maca and cacao. Ingredients Required: a.2 Cups ofalmond milk/coconut milk b.3 Tablespoons of cacao powder c.2 Tablespoons of honey d.1 Tablespoon of organic maca powder e.2 Teaspoons of vanilla extract Preparation: Take a saucepan & pour the milk in it and then, put it on heat. 2. How Cacao Butter Helps You Regain Beauty? Do you have a secret beauty tips diary maintained by your grandmother? Many might keep it with them hidden as a treasure and never utter a word about the same.

However, don’t get envious of those who possess such diary. We at Diet Angel put forward one superfood that can do wonders for your skin and you can even share it with the others too. Let’s welcome amidst us the beauty-luscious cacao butter. Superfood, cacao butter promises you endless positivity in your life & you’ll be amazed when we list out a goldmine of opportunities to regain beauty. Cacao butter is a plant-based fat possessed in cacao beans after a series of cleaning, roasting, liquidating & finally the liquid gets pressed to separate the fat. A Good CACAO SUPERFOOD is a saviour in many forms. Home-Made Mouthwatering Cacao Chocolate Recipes. Things You Should Know About Cacao Chocolate & Products on Behance. Get 15 Off on Ordering Organic Maca and Cacao Superfood Online, Kuala lampur. 100% Pure Organic Coconut Nectar Sugar Malaysia. How to Find the Best Dairy-Free Chocolate ingredients, Kuala lampur. The Best Maca Superfood Recipes You Need to Try.

Plentiful health benefits of maca powder have made the superfood secure a favorite place in health stores and supermarkets. From stamina boosting properties to cancer-preventing attributes, maca does wonders to our health. Some people call maca the superman of the plants due to its magical benefits. Maca is originally found in the pungent root of a vegetable that looks like a turnip. People can use maca superfood powder to make a hot drink, cold beverages, and many other delicious dishes. If you are a health freak, you must consider maca superfood for a healthy life. 1. Ingredients: Dairy-Free Eating: Choose Dairy Free Chocolate for These Reasons. Why Should You Have Maca Superfood? 5 Convincing Reasons for Including Cacao in Your Diet. You might have heard that saying “The First Wealth is Health”. There are plentiful foods that have miraculous effects on your physical and psychological health and cacao is one among them.

Various health nutritionists have recognized the worth of this superfood. In this blog-post, we will explain its nutritional profile plus how to make the best cacao chocolate recipes. Let’s get started. Diet Angel. Why Buy Cacao Superfood FOR SALE from Kuala Lumpur @ Classifieds > Malaysia > #24983 Why Buy Cacao Superfood FOR SALE from Kuala Lumpur ,free,malaysian,classified ad,classified ads. 3 Diabetic-Friendly Chocolate Recipes You Should Try at Home. We know how badly a diabetic patient craves for a dessert.

If you are a diabetic, you might be familiar with that pain for sure. How to Use Maca Superfood Powder in Your Daily Food? Wholesale Organic Food Supplier Malaysia. Surprising Health Benefits of Maca Superfood Powder. Easy-To-Bake Dairy-Free Chocolate Cake Recipe. What do you do when you are stressed at home or happy for an achievement? Well, you just go to your fridge, open the door, and pick up the chocolate pastry or chocolate cake kept inside. Right? Besides, chocolate is the finest way to satisfy your craving for a deliciously sweet baked product. Though we have so many options of cakes available, we all feel fascinated by chocolate cake and fall in love with it at first sight. A chocolate cake tastes truly great and that makes us obsessed about it. Find Cacao Dessert Recipes Diet Angel FOR SALE from Kuala Lumpur @ Classifieds > Malaysia > #24639 Find Cacao Dessert Recipes Diet Angel FOR SALE from Kuala Lumpur ,free,malaysian,classified ad,classified ads.

Category: 4 Easy Cacao Chocolate Recipes to Try at Home. Eating tasty carbohydrates in moderation is a decision that you would not regret. This lets you meet your body’s nutrition needs, maintain a healthy weight, and satisfy the sweet craving of desserts after a delicious dinner. Adpost. Women's Health: What Are The Best Benefits of Maca? People have consumed maca for centuries and considered it a great natural remedy for various health conditions. Maca is the best example of true superfoods that do exist in the present and improve overall health. There is a range of the benefits of maca for women, including: Behance. Organic Vegan Products - The Future of Healthy Lifestyle. Where to Find Best Cacao Dessert Recipes, Kuala lampur. Dark Chocolate: A Healthier Dessert for Diabetics on Behance.

Organic Raw Black Maca Powder, 200g – Diet Angel. Cacao – The Secret of a Healthy Heart, Kuala lampur. Cacao as a Superfood for Healthy Brain and Heart. Get The Best Range of Organic Foods Here!, Kuala lampur. Reasons: Why Consumers Should Buy Organic Food Items? The Best Place to Buy Organic Raw Cacao Powder FOR SALE from Kuala Lumpur @ Classifieds > Malaysia > #22042 The Best Place to Buy Organic Raw Cacao Powder FOR SALE from Kuala Lumpur ,free,malaysian,classified ad,classified ads. Lip-Smacking Cacao Dessert Recipes for Everyday Meal. Organic Raw Cacao Powder, 1kg – Diet Angel. Different Cacao Powder Smoothies to Try At Homes. Reasons You Should Start Taking Maca Powder from Today. The Best Place to Buy High Quality Organic Foods FOR SALE from Kuala Lumpur @ Classifieds > Malaysia > #21571 The Best Place to Buy High Quality Organic Foods FOR SALE from Kuala Lumpur ,free,malaysian,classified ad,classified ads.

Keep Your Heart Healthy With Great Organic Vegan Products OFFERED from Kuala Lumpur @ Classifieds > Malaysia > #63117 Keep Your Heart Healthy With Great Organic Vegan Products OFFERED from Kuala Lumpur ,free,malaysian,classified ad,classified a. 5 Amazing Health Benefits of Cacao + One Cacao Recipe by dietangel. Why You Should Eat Organic Food? 7 Bountiful Health Benefits of Organic Cacao by dietangel. Now People With Diabetes Can Enjoy Sweets OFFERED from Kuala Lumpur @ Classifieds > Malaysia > #62839 Now People With Diabetes Can Enjoy Sweets OFFERED from Kuala Lumpur ,free,malaysian,classified ad,classified ads. Everything You Need To Know About Weight Loss and Gluten-Free Diet.

Follow Gluten-Free Diet If You Have Hypothyroidism by dietangel. How Can Having Cacao Chocolate Be Helpful For Hypertension? Best Natural Sweeteners That You Can Use in Cooking and Baking. 3 Easiest Ways To Add Cacao To Your Healthy Diet by dietangel. Adpost. Homemade Cacao Chocolate Recipes - 3 Cacao Chocolate Recipes to Make Your Breakfast Super Healthy. Organic Food Products for Making Gluten-Free Dishes, Kulamlampur. Home made cacao chocolate recipe - Diet Angel. Understanding Organic Food Certifications in Malaysia by dietangel. Truly Healthy Natural Sweeteners for Diabetics. Try These Easy and Healthy Cacao Chocolate Recipes. Why Is Cacao a Superfood? Best Cacao Chocolate and Cacao Dessert Recipes. Healthiest & Best Natural Sweetener for Diabetics, Coconut Sugar. Vegan, Gluten-Free & Low Glycemic Index Organic Foods, Kulamlampur. 3 Cacao Superfood Recipes That Are Healthy For Heart & Brain.

Diet Angel, Bandar Menjalara, Kuala Lumpur (2019) Why Should You Consider Having Cacao Rich Food After Workout by dietangel. Natural Sweeteners and Sugar Alternatives for Diabetics. Buy Truly Healthy Organic Cacao Products from Diet Angel. Raw Food Dessert Recipes in Malaysia. Diet Angel’s Natural Sweetener are an Excellent Sugar Substitute, Kulamlampur. Organic Vegan Product Malaysia: Organic Vegan food Product for Diet in Malaysia. Organic Vegan Product Malaysia: Dark Chocolates – A Bliss in the Life of Those Who have Health Issues. Organic Vegan Product Malaysia: Best Organic Vegan Products For Preventing Osteoporosis.

Organic Vegan Product Malaysia: Adopt These Natural and Organic Lifestyle to Prevent Osteoporosis. Organic Cold Processed Dark Chocolates for Diet Malaysia. Prevent Heart Diseases by Following Heart Healthy Diet. Organic Coconut Palm Nectar – The Possible Sweetener For Diabetics Patient. Organic Vegan Thanksgiving Menu For Family. Diet Angel's Healthy Desserts – Easy Recipes for All Occasions, Kulamlampur. Want to Get Flawless Skin? Add Cacao Superfood to Your Diet. Everyday Gluten Free Malaysian Dishes Made Out of Cacao Powder. Gluten-Free and Guilt-Free Healthy Raw Cacao Dessert Recipes. Time to Change Your Eating Habits: Follow This Organic Food Diet Plan. Organic Coconut Products – Healthy Natural Sweeteners for Optimal Health. The Superfood for Regulating Hormone Balance. 5 Types of Sugar - Which Is Healthier?

3 Organic Foods that can make your Morning Oatmeal Super Healthy. Why Choose Organic Food - Does It Really Keep You Fit? Why Organic Food is Considered a Sustainable Option?