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Top Examples Of Popular Apps Built With Kotlin. “Over 50% of professional Android developers now use Kotlin, it’s been one of the most-loved languages two years running on Stack Overflow, and one of the fastest-growing on GitHub in the number of contributors.”

Top Examples Of Popular Apps Built With Kotlin

“Today we’re announcing another big step: Android development will become increasingly Kotlin-first. Many new Jetpack APIs and features will be offered first in Kotlin. If you’re starting a new project, you should write it in Kotlin; code is written in Kotlin often mean much less code for you–less code to type, test, and maintain.” Google announced this in its Google I/O 2019. In 2017, Google made Kotlin the official language of Android. In this blog, we will be covering top companies using Kotlin App Development in their programming environments.

A DevOps Approach To Legacy System Modernization. Eric Minick, Program Director, IBM Hybrid Cloud DevOps, talked about app modernization in one of IBM Cloud’s video.

A DevOps Approach To Legacy System Modernization

Have a look: In this video, he talked about three transformations that are happening along the way in Infrastructure, Architecture, and Delivery. Let’s fast forward to today. According to APPDYNAMICS, a part of Cisco, 81% technologists said in a report that COVID-19 has created the biggest technology pressure for their organizations.Digital customer experience is now the priority, 88% of technologists reported in a survey by AppDynamics.

Many organizations experienced the urgency to move online or to modernize systems to offer the best experience. In this article, we will be talking about Legacy Application Modernization and how DevOps helps companies implement and initialize modernization processes. Top 10 Python Web Development Frameworks. The website is a representation of an idea, and an asset to a company.

Top 10 Python Web Development Frameworks

And building it requires a framework that matches its size and complexities. It is important to know each and every framework and its set of advantages it brings along. Also, choosing the right fit for your project could be a tough task. Concierge App Development - A Revolution For The Hospitality And Travel Industries. Mobile apps have become an integral part of our lives after food, shelter and clothing.

Concierge App Development - A Revolution For The Hospitality And Travel Industries

And an amazing fact is, even these essential items are also now availed through handy devices. This is how technology has evolved fascinatingly. According to recent market studies, consumers spend more on mobile applications due to its diverse role in saving time and making human life easier. The graph below shows an estimated spend of $ 23 Bn across all platforms. Android 11 Beta, Overview, Key Feautures and all that you need to know. The effects of Covid-19!

Android 11 Beta, Overview, Key Feautures and all that you need to know

Google cancelled its annual developer conference – the much-awaited Google I/O 2020. Instead, they live streamed the launch of yet another Android version – the Android 11 Beta on June 3, 2020. Top JavaScript Frameworks For Mobile App Development. “JavaScript is the only language that I am aware of that people feel they don’t need to learn before they start using it.” – Douglas Crockford Robust mobile applications have made our lives easier and much more comfortable than before.

Top JavaScript Frameworks For Mobile App Development

Every now and then, we are using mobile apps to perform some important functions of our day-to-day life. Mobile app development has been the key focussed technology trending nowadays, with a sole aim to provide the best of hybrid / cross platform compatibility, user experience, security, swiftness, and quick response. One extremely popular technology that has been the backbone of many frameworks, in the arena of mobile app development is JavaScript. JavaScript needs no introduction! “JavaScript is the duct tape of the Internet” – Charlie Campbell.

A Complete Guide To Full-Stack Development. Over the last few years, full-stack development has become one of the most talked-about topics.

A Complete Guide To Full-Stack Development

It refers to the ability to develop end-to-end solutions from architecting user requirements to designing and building digital solutions. That’s the simplest definition we have known since full-stack comes into the web world. Digital Transformation: Primary Accelerator Of Businesses Post COVID-19. There is so much happening!

Digital Transformation: Primary Accelerator Of Businesses Post COVID-19

The whole world is getting affected under the pandemic. DevOps Amidst Corona: Increased CI/CD In Remote Environment. Remote work is the new normal.

DevOps Amidst Corona: Increased CI/CD In Remote Environment

COVID-19 has caused a never-before crisis since the WHO declared coronavirus a global pandemic. Remote work, social distancing, and self-isolations became part of our lives. While the IT industry managed to keep digital businesses running amid this pandemic, teams are accepting and adjusting to this new normal. Ability to adapt to change and flexibility are of vital importance in times like this where borders are closed and businesses are forced to shut their operations. Almost all IT companies, regardless of their services and size, adopted WFH and navigating through the COVID-19 phase. Top 20 Popular Telemedicine Apps, Offering Best Of Healthcare. “Telemedicine is the natural evolution of healthcare” – Andrew Watson Bridging the gap between medicinal facilities and remotely distant citizens is what the modern-day technology – Telemedicine focusses on.

Top 20 Popular Telemedicine Apps, Offering Best Of Healthcare

Making a complete healthcare solution available to remote areas is a tough task, eased by Telemedicine. How Healthcare Mobility Is Enhancing Patient Care? In the era of COVID-19, everyone has understood the importance of healthcare software solutions and the worth to invest in it. The pandemic has grabbed the entire world in its fist.

From the superpower to under-developed nations, everyone is struggling very hard to come out of it. There is a horde of patients getting infected and admitted to the hospitals. And that causes worrisome situations for the entire medical fraternity. The sudden increase in the rate of positive patients caused a shortage in ventilators, ECGs, and other medical equipment. Telemedicine: What Is It, Pros And Cons, Examples. We are almost relying on digital for communicating, collaborating, and conducting major business functions in this coronavirus pandemic. In every field, the ability to adapt virtual considered as ‘essential’ rather than any ‘backup’ plan.

From eLearning to eHealth and from virtual offices to online events, technology has helped everyone to achieve better accessibility, speed, and efficiency. Technology is proven indispensable for the majority of the fields including healthcare. There are more advanced, accessible, and accurate solutions that help health professionals, governments, hospitals, researchers, and doctors to study, diagnose, and access better resources and services.

How Remote Teams Became A Necessity For The Digital Ecosystem? We all are witnessing a never-before crisis that has severely affected all the countries and continents. The COVID-19 virus has put the world on ‘pause’ mode and caused radical changes in everything including every sector and every life. Businesses and industries are forced to change their working models to remain operative in this coronavirus outbreak. Along with travel and transportation restrictions, governments implemented social distancing to minimize the virus spread. Flutter Vs. React Native: Detailed Comparison, Similarities And Superiority. A few days ago, Google launched Google Hummingbird, Google’s new application development platform and released a stable version of Flutter, Google’s open-source mobile app development SDK.

Here Are Quick Highlights Of Flutter: Flutter is Google’s open-source SDK for creating superior-quality apps for Android and iOS using single codebase. On December 4th, Google hosted Flutter Live event to celebrate Google’s new mobile SDK, Flutter and its first stable version. They also announced Google Hummingbird project that allows developers to build an app once and then run it everywhere. 2.6 million apps in Google’s Play Store. Almost 2 million apps in Apple’s App Store as of the third quarter of 2018. Migrating From ASP .NET To .NET Core: Everything You Need To Know. Microsoft is continuously investing in its technology stack, enabling developers to build secure and enhanced software products that empower businesses to meet ever-changing customers’ needs. Microsoft’s flagship cloud services and business intelligence products are showing no decline in the number of users, while development platforms like .Net keep growing at pace with modern features and enhancements. .Net framework was launched in 2001 and even after 19 years, it is the first choice of developers to build scalable, secure, and powerful business applications.

ASP .Net Core, a widely popular open-source web framework is a complete rewrite of ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web API with advanced features. Many versions of .Net framework are becoming obsolete and Microsoft will no longer support those in the upcoming time. With this, migration to an upgraded platform seems necessary to leverage modern features in your app. Python vs Java. Python vs Java Comparison - Who Is The Better Of The Best In 2020? DevOps Consulting Companies Globally. Logistics ERP System – An Integrated Blend of Processes, Packed into One. How Is Jakarta EE, the Cloud-Friendly Java, Revolutionizing the Future?

Almost since the last two decades, Java has been reigning at the top of programming languages, world over. Thinning the Lines Between DevOps and Full Stack Development. Leverage the Potential of Pentaho Self Service BI Tool to Enhance Your Business. Manufacturing Mobility Solutions Act as A Catalyst to Empower Business. The latest jargon today, a wave that has been generated by Manufacturing Mobility Solutions never ceases to amaze. Being one of the most happening domains around, the effect of manufacturing IT solutions has been stupendous, and the effect can be seen from the amount of business growth that it brings along. Why is AngularJS Development Services a Preferred Choice for Enterprise Web Applications? In the busy world of web development, one of the popular names, gaining popularity over the years, is AngularJS. AngularJS development services have proven their mettle by offering optimum contribution to the developer community.

Custom Software V/s Off-the-Shelf Software – A Debatable Choice. Tableau Services – Data Has A New Meaning. “Data is what you need to do analytics. NodeJS Application Development – The Enterprise Has a Bright Future. Enterprises today are in need for scalable, robust, flexible software applications that offer optimum productivity and profitability. Unleash the Power of IT Solutions in Retail Industry – Business at Its Best. Custom ERP Software Solution Boosts Productivity & Profitability for Manufacturing Industry. Custom ERP Software Solutions. Apple WWDC 2018 – Here’s What Was Announced.

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