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New EU support for reform efforts in Armenia. Published 12:00 December 16, 2015 Updated 12:25 December 16, 2015 Author: European Commission.

New EU support for reform efforts in Armenia

The following press release was issued by the European Commission on . We Gov!,EU plan for democratic development of Med area. - TUNIS - Boosting the role of organizations in civil society in processes of political reform, the exchange of good practices inside civil society organizations for institutional experiences to allow real progress in democratic development is the objective of Enpi's project ''We Gov!

We Gov!,EU plan for democratic development of Med area

, Empowering MENA CSOs participation in policy making''. The project recently ledin Tunis to the first pilot committee with the participation of several partners: Gvs, Ya Basta from Italy, Accun from Tunisia, Human Appeal International and Ma'an from Palestine, Amman Centre for Human Right Studies in Jordan and Fal (for the freedom of opinion and creativity) from Libya. The project, coordinated by Bologna-based NGO Gvc with European Union funding, involves four countries: Jordan, Palestine, Tunisia and Libya.

The Eurozone crisis and foreign debt. The euro crisis started as a classic ‘sudden stop’ to cross-border capital inflows.

The Eurozone crisis and foreign debt

As boom turned into bust, governments lost their tax base and had to assume private debt, thus creating a public debt crisis. The highly leveraged banking system of the Eurozone, tightly linked to national governments, provided a multiplier, which made the crisis systemic. From balance of payments to public debt crisis The Eurozone crisis is considered in official circles essentially as a sovereign debt crisis. This is partially due to the fact that the crisis started with the sovereign debt problems of Greece at the turn of 2009/10 (and Greece remains the only unresolved issue in 2015).

Zim receives $100m boost from EU. Zimbabwe and the European Union has signed five financial agreements amounting to €89 million ($97,9 million) under a fund by the European bloc to support the country’s efforts in implementing crucial political and economic reforms.

Zim receives $100m boost from EU

Under the European Development Fund (EDF) 2014-2020 National Indicative Programme (NIP), €234 million has been set aside to assist Zimbabwe. The financial agreement, signed yesterday, will see resources channelled towards health, agriculture and institution building. The health sector is the biggest recipient with €55 million as support to Health Transition Fund 2015 and the Health Development Fund (2016-2020), administered by Unicef. In February, Zimbabwe and the European Union signed the 11th Development Fund National Indicative Plan, which offered a total support of €234 million ($259,74 million).

Europe Targets World’s Major Uranium Producer Niger. Refugee crisis exposes massive flaws in EU governance - A solution to Europe s refugee crisis also requires an active foreign policy on the part of the EU.

Refugee crisis exposes massive flaws in EU governance -

A refugee girl moves under barbed wire as she crosses from Serbia to Hungary [AP] About the Author C J Polychroniou. Australian Options - SYRIZA and the post-democratic scenario. 2000: Ausland: Die Brüsseler Republik - DER SPIEGEL 52/1999. Im 21.

2000: Ausland: Die Brüsseler Republik - DER SPIEGEL 52/1999

Jahrhundert wächst der europäische Bundesstaat heran. Er wird ein Multikulti-Staatsvolk von wenigstens 440 Millionen Menschen umfassen. Jean-Claude Juncker ist ein pfiffiger Kopf. "Wir beschließen etwas, stellen das dann in den Raum und warten einige Zeit ab, was passiert", verrät der Premier des kleinen Luxemburg über die Tricks, zu denen er die Staats- und Regierungschefs der EU in der Europapolitik ermuntert. "Wenn es dann kein großes Geschrei gibt und keine Aufstände, weil die meisten gar nicht begreifen, was da beschlossen wurde, dann machen wir weiter - Schritt für Schritt, bis es kein Zurück mehr gibt.

" So wurde bei der Einführung des Euro verfahren, als tatsächlich kaum jemand die Tragweite der ersten Beschlüsse 1991 zur Wirtschafts- und Währungsunion wahrnehmen mochte. Is the EU losing the Western Balkans? What local experts think. No business as usual in the Western Balkans The Western Balkans remain Europe’s unfinished business, not only for the continuing stalemate in Bosnia or tensions in Macedonia and Northern Kosovo, but also because broader geopolitical developments shaping the EU’s neighbourhood are materialising in this region too - and in ways that could be detrimental to European interests.

Is the EU losing the Western Balkans? What local experts think

Tensions and perception of a stalemate in the Balkans are enhanced by "the five year freeze", while emerging forms of rule are at odds with the EU’s founding tenets and the integration narrative. Germany gets only 3.3% of its energy consumption from wind and solar. Ignore the headlines « Carbon Counter. Germany gets only 3.3% of its energy consumption from wind and solar.

Germany gets only 3.3% of its energy consumption from wind and solar. Ignore the headlines « Carbon Counter

Ignore the headlines Posted on Updated on “Give a man a reputation as an early riser and he can sleep til noon” – Mark Twain. There is apparently no greater leader on climate change than Germany. US economist denies being part of 'criminal gang' over secret Plan B for Greece. “If questions come my way I'll be happy to answer them” said Mr Galbraith.

US economist denies being part of 'criminal gang' over secret Plan B for Greece

“We will see what happens, but I would be surprised if there is anything more than a fact finding mission [from Greek authorities] at this stage.” Africa should avoid copying Europe’s failing experiment. THE European Union (EU) is generally presented as the most advanced case of regional integration in the world.

Africa should avoid copying Europe’s failing experiment

It has progressed from a system of sectoral co-operation in energy governance among six states in the early 1950s to a multifaceted body of 28 members, with unprecedented powers in areas such as economic and social development, monetary governance, legal affairs and foreign policy. Its approach to integration has been driven by bureaucratic and economic elites, mostly through technical co-operation among key national departments. There is little doubt that such a top-down approach was a key strength during the takeoff phase of integration, as technocrats managed to forge co-operative mechanisms despite the volatility of politics and the fierce ideological battles of the time. Citizens’ involvement came late, with the first parliamentary elections only in 1979. Germany's trade surplus is a problem.

In a few weeks, the International Monetary Fund and other international groups, such as the G20, will meet in Washington. When I attended such international meetings as Fed chairman, delegates discussed at length the issue of “global imbalances”—the fact that some countries had large trade surpluses (exports much greater than imports) and others (the United States in particular) had large trade deficits. (My recent post discusses the implications of global imbalances from a savings and investment perspective.) China, which kept its exchange rate undervalued to promote exports, came in for particular criticism for its large and persistent trade surpluses. However, in recent years China has been working to reduce its dependence on exports and its trade surplus has declined accordingly. The distinction of having the largest trade surplus, both in absolute terms and relative to GDP, is shifting to Germany. Why is Germany’s trade surplus so large?

10. Author(s): Sandra Cohen ( Athens University of Economics and Business Athens Greece ) María-Dolores Guillamón ( University of Murcia Murcia Spain ) EUROPA Hitler profeta dell' Unione. How Greece went from victory to economy-destroying defeat. Pope gushes about Paraguayan women during Mass in Caacupe A woman holds up an Argentine flag before Pope Francis arrives for Mass at the Shrine of the Virgin of Caacupe in Paraguay. (Natacha Pisarenko/AP) By Peter Prengaman and Nicole Winfield July 10 at 9:12 PM CAACUPE, Paraguay — Pope Francis lauded the strength and religious fervor of Paraguayan women on Saturday while visiting the country’s most important pilgrimage site, where thousands of his fellow Argentines joined with hundreds of thousands of local faithful to welcome Latin America’s first pope.

RSCAS_FSBF_2015_01_EB.pdf. What Are the Geostrategic Implications of a Grexit? On June 14, when F-15E fighter jets bombed Mokhtar Belmokhtar, an al Qaeda commander in North Africa, the United States expanded the war on terrorism with its first explicit counterterrorism airstrike in Libya. What began with limited airstrikes in Afghanistan on Oct. 7, 2001, to topple the Taliban has expanded to seven other countries — Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, the Philippines, Somalia, Libya, and Syria — with sustained military or counterterrorism operations against terrorist groups and militant armies, most with no connection to 9/11 or any apparent intention or capability to directly attack the United States. But while its alleged enemies have evolved, America’s strategy has not. Washington officials conflate local militancy with direct threats to the homeland, refuse to identify the enemy or the prioritization of adversaries, proclaim implausible strategic objectives, and stubbornly demonstrate no meaningful learning or adjustments over the past 13 years.

Alex Wong/Getty Images. Austrians launch petition to quit EU. Austria, spunta la petizione per uscire dall'Unione Europea. German Vice-Chancellor Says Tsipras Is Threat To "European Order" - And He Is Right » Social Europe. Armenia expect the dialogue for visa liberalization with EU to be launched as soon as possible: FM. Grecia: Bce garantisce la liquidità alle banche, ma il governo potrebbe chiuderle. ROMA - La Banca Centrale europea, smentendo le indiscrezioni circolate in mattinata, ha deciso di mantenere al livello attuale i fondi di emergenza Ela alle banche della Grecia, mentre il consiglio direttivo "seguirà attentamente la situazione" e resterà pronto a rivedere la propria posizione "in qualunque momento".

"Continuiamo a lavorare in stretta collaborazione con la Banca di Grecia - ha detto alla fine Mario Draghi - e approviamo con vigore l'impegno dei paesi membri ad assumere le iniziative necessarie a gestire le fragilità delle economie dell'area euro". Europe is destroying Greece’s economy for no reason at all. By David A. Fahrenthold, Kevin Sullivan and Niraj Chokshi June 27 at 1:25 AM When Friday began, there were 14 states where same-sex couples still could not legally marry.

Five Presidents' Report sets out plan for strengthening Europe's Economic and Monetary Union as of 1 July 2015. Today, the five Presidents – European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, together with the President of the Euro Summit, Donald Tusk, the President of the Eurogroup, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the President of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, and the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz – have revealed ambitious plans on how to deepen the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) as of 1 July 2015 and how to complete it by latest 2025.

To turn their vision for the future of EMU into reality, they put forward concrete measures to be implemented during three Stages: while some of the actions need to be frontloaded already in the coming years, such as introducing a European Deposit Insurance Scheme, others go further as regards sharing of sovereignty among the Member States that have the euro as their currency, such as creating a future euro area treasury. President Juncker said: "The euro is a currency shared by 19 EU Member States and more than 330 million citizens. BBC Radio 4 - Today, 20/06/2015, 'I do not believe that it would be the end of a credible euro.’ Crisi Grecia, Atene: "Giornalisti agli ordini della troika per fare propaganda pro-Ue" Crisi Grecia, Atene: "Giornalisti agli ordini della troika per fare propaganda pro-Ue" European Parliament Surrenders to Washington on Russia Policy. Mapping out the future of the internet. Euractiv. Looking back to move forward: The MDGs and the road to post-2015 - LLinE.

It is important that Armenia continue commitment to strengthening cooperation with EU – EPP. How migrant crisis could lead to the break-up of the EU. Il premio Nobel Pissarides: l'Europa affronterà uno squallido futuro. EU proposes fining Spain for fudged deficit figures. The rise of the untransparent 'Eurogroup' The Governance of Educational Welfare Markets: A Comparative Analysis of the European Social Fund in Five Countries - Informal Governance In The European Union. The New Dawn Liberia - Liberia seeks EU Visas issuance.

Europe and Eurasia: Forum on Latvian Presidency and EU Policy Towards Central Asia - EIN News. India, EU ‘not far from a deal on free trade’ » Captain Euro and Putin Discuss SanctionsCaptain Euro. Untitled. Theorising the European Neighbourhood Policy: College of Europe to host international conference. The Eurozone crisis and the transformation of EU governance: internal and external implications. Understanding The European Union's Facade Democracy. Exploring ‘Exploratory Governance': the Hertie Governance Report 2015 – Britain & Europe. EU investment can 'create a new economic dynamic' Susana Borras. 07036330701694865# KUNA : EU Commissioner calls for closer ties with Gulf countries - Politics - 10/04/2015.  Economia e Politica. PM+: Montenegro's future place in Europe. EU has 'neo-colonial attitude' to fundamental rights. EU development policy will prioritise human dignity over 'economic indicators' Double digit unemployment predicted even if eurozone recovers.

Chronic eurozone unemployment, the harmony of the spheres and Ukraine’s call for more financial help. EUROPEAN MEDIA GOVERNANCE : EUROPEAN NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS’ ASSOCIATION (ENPA) The-European-Journal-February-2001.pdf. European elections 10-13 june. Europe's superhero! Brand EU Centre Home. Brand EU. Gold Mercury International. Nicolas De Santis. “Europa tiene adversarios que prefieren que la UE se desmantele” Marketing the EU brand: where Europe has fallen short.