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Валентина Лисица. Донбассу с любовью! Valentina Lisitsa. Donbass with love! (ENG subs) Separatists beg Russia for more guns. Putin’s Warlords Slip Out of Control. KIEV — In waging a clandestine war in eastern Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has made a bargain with the devil.

Putin’s Warlords Slip Out of Control

Ukraine: Gangster State. Washington allies with the world's most despotic regimes.

Ukraine: Gangster State

Ukraine is one of the worst. Sinkholes attack Ukraine. История Украины за 2 минуты. 18+ Я ошибался / I was wrong. Crimeans Keep Saying No to Ukraine. A central piece of the West’s false narrative on the Ukraine crisis has been that Russian President Vladimir Putin “invaded” Crimea and then staged a “sham” referendum purporting to show 96 percent support for leaving Ukraine and rejoining Russia.

Crimeans Keep Saying No to Ukraine

More recently, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland claimed that Putin has subjected Crimea to a “reign of terror.” Both elements have been part of the “group think” that dominates U.S. political and media circles, but this propagandistic storyline simply isn’t true, especially the part about the Crimeans being subjugated by Russia. Consistently, over the past year, polls conducted by major Western firms have revealed that the people of Crimea by overwhelming numbers prefer being part of Russia over Ukraine, an embarrassing reality that Forbes business magazine has now acknowledged. Parts Of Ukraine With Ethnic Russians. One Year After Russia Annexed Crimea, Locals Prefer Moscow To Kiev.

Mapping 360 Years Of A Divided Ukraine. We know Ukraine is divided...

Mapping 360 Years Of A Divided Ukraine

But how did it get that way? How did the Russians get into Ukraine, you might ask? Well, here is a handy guide: Eastern Ukraine was added to Russian Empire in 1654-1667 with western border defined by River Dniper. Ukraine: Divided and Bitter by Tim Judah. “Are they waiting for us?”

Ukraine: Divided and Bitter by Tim Judah

Asked Olga Ischenko, the mayor of Pervomaysk, a rebel-held town on the frontlines of the conflict in eastern Ukraine. She was asking me because I had just been in Popasnaya, a government-held town five miles away. She wanted to know if its people were yearning to be liberated by the rebels. What has happened to these neighboring towns shows just how divided and bitter the region has become since fighting began almost exactly a year ago. Before the war Pervomaysk’s population was nearly 39,000, while Popasnaya’s was 22,000; the former is a mining town, the latter mostly industrial and agricultural. Out of Kiev’s Hands. The Russian-occupied Donbass enclave in eastern Ukraine is on the verge of economic and social collapse.

Out of Kiev’s Hands

That grave fact casts the Russo-Ukrainian war in a different light. Normally, wars are fought over prize territory: winners gain it, losers lose it. In this case, the implosion of the Donbass means that whoever controls the enclave is, in fact, the loser. In this case, the implosion of the Donbass means that whoever controls the enclave is, in fact, the loser. As the man who owns the enclave and is likely to do so for the foreseeable future, Vladimir Putin is thus the loser. 'There was heroism and cruelty on both sides': the truth behind one of Ukraine's deadliest days. The emergency calls became increasingly desperate.

'There was heroism and cruelty on both sides': the truth behind one of Ukraine's deadliest days

“When are you coming? It’s already burning and there are people inside,” a woman told the fire brigade dispatcher. Minutes later, callers started describing how people were jumping from the upper floors. “Have you lost your minds?” One man asked, his voice breaking. Dear Ukraine: Please Don’t Shoot Yourself in the Foot. Despite the unceasing flare-ups of separatist violence in the Donbass, Ukraine’s new government has managed to take some steps to move the country forward: it has passed legislation to combat corruption, secured funding to stabilize the economy, and reined in its oligarchs.

Dear Ukraine: Please Don’t Shoot Yourself in the Foot

But the country’s national parliament, the Supreme Rada, has just taken a much more dangerous step. Lawmakers recently passed a controversial law that honors dozens of nationalist organizations — including far-left socialists, monarchists, and neo-fascists — as “fighters for Ukrainian statehood.” The law states that those who “publicly exhibit a disrespectful attitude” toward these groups, or “deny the legitimacy” of Ukraine’s twentieth century struggle for independence, will be prosecuted (currently no punishment is specified). The OUN was founded in 1929 as a revolutionary, nationalist organization, designed to throw off Soviet rule and create an independent Ukraine.

Folder: Nazi Highjack of Euromaidan

BREAKING: Resque squads can't fight fire dangerously close to Chernobyl nuclear plant, Yatsenyuk to call emergency meeting. Ukrainian Internal Affairs Minister Arsen Avakov gave an update on critical fire situation around Chernobyl nuclear plant.

BREAKING: Resque squads can't fight fire dangerously close to Chernobyl nuclear plant, Yatsenyuk to call emergency meeting

«The situation with forest fore around Chernobyl nuclear plant had gotten worse. The fire is approaching woodland towards Chernobyl objects. Treetop flames and strong wind created real danger of the fore spreading to an area within 20 km around the power plant. There are about 400 hectares of forest in te fire stricken area. PM is holding an emergency committee meeting. BREAKING: Fire is approaching power plant and nuclear waste repository (VIDEO) 18+ Я ошибался / I was wrong. Walled off: In non-rebel eastern Ukraine, frustrations with Kiev mount. Kharkiv, Ukraine — It's been nicknamed the "Great Wall of Ukraine.

Walled off: In non-rebel eastern Ukraine, frustrations with Kiev mount

" Its planned combination of barbed-wire fences, watchtowers, berms, and tank traps along Ukraine's 1,300-mile border with Russia look like something you'd find on one of Israel's borders with its hostile neighbors. If it's ever completed, the wall will seal a frontier that, until last year, had always been wide open. Inaugurating construction here last fall, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk indicated that much more than just a physical barrier was intended. "This will be the eastern border of Europe," he said. All Not Quiet on the Eastern Front—-Even Polish General Rebukes Ukrainian Ultra-Nationalism. Judging from Western media, one might think nothing much is happening in Ukraine.

Facts are wildly different as we will discuss momentarily. Rush to Judgment As a prelude to current events, please recall the hype when Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was gunned down in March. Western media rushed to judgment. Anti-American Protests in Ukraine. Massacres of Poles in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia. The killings were directly linked with the policies of the Bandera faction of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and its military arm, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, whose goal specified at the Second Conference of the Stepan Bandera faction of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN-B) during 17–23 February 1943 (or March 1943) was to purge all non-Ukrainians from the future Ukrainian state. Not limiting their activities to the purging of Polish civilians, the UPA also wanted to erase all traces of the Polish presence in the area.[9] Historians such as Timothy Snyder[10] and Jeffrey Burds[11] see the massacres as initiating a conflict which turned into a multisided civil war in occupied German territories, with Poles responding to the Ukrainian attacks.

Rzeź humańska. After all their whining and lies, US finally admits it has no idea if Russian troops are in Ukraine. “It is really hard to get precise information about Russian troop numbers specifically, but we know there is a substantial Russian presence,” Marie Harf said on Thursday. In other words…$650 billion in defence spending and satellite surveillance, that can spot a pimple on your ass from space, is unable to clearly show these mysterious “Russian troops” in Ukraine, the US has been whining about since they overthrew the democratically elected President. We have heard 1,000 troops, 3,000 troops, and as many as 19,000 troops, but the real number is actually this…0. Yes zero troops, just like zero WMDs. Same game, same neo-cons, same bullshit. Oh, and lets not forget the very real and present US troops currently in Ukraine for “training” exercises. Graham Phillips: Ten reasons Ukraine is dead. Hard as it is to say, sad as it is for those of us who liked Ukraine, as I liked Ukraine – over 2 years living there pre-war, it was a country I was very fond of – but post-Euromaidan, Ukraine is dead.

Here’s why – 1. If there’s no law, it’s not a country, it’s a failed state – the recent wave of killings of anyone perceived to be ‘anti-regime’ in Ukraine, accompanied by not only resounding failure to investigate, but actually official endorsement of those responsible – the fact that the police in Ukraine defer to terrorist group Pravy Sektor. Just the start of a long list. Igor Plotnitskiy: Gas price in Lugansk Republic to be four times lower than in Ukraine.

Finance Minister Jaresko may succeed Yatsenyuk as Ukraine PM — experts. The falling approval rating of Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and his People’s Front party, the absence of real reforms create conditions for reshuffling the Cabinet. One of the candidates for the position of Prime Minister may be incumbent Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko, says the analytical bulletin of the International Center for Policy Studies "Inside Ukraine. " Russia’s drug control: Ukraine turns into major drug transit country. Russia delivers humanitarian aid to Donetsk, Luhansk. Kiev doesn’t pay pensions to Donbas residents — Donetsk Pension Fund. Russia’s security chief: Kiev cannot impose democracy by artillery shellings. Freedom and democracy in Ukraine cannot be imposed by artillery shellings and ethnic cleansing, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev told reporters on Wednesday. Patrushev commented on a statement by President Petro Poroshenko that "the war in Donbas is not only a war for Ukraine’s independence but a struggle for freedom and democracy in Europe and the whole world.

" "Freedom and democracy are not ensured by shootings against peaceful citizens of Ukraine’s south-east who want to speak the Russian language," Patrushev stressed. Six possibilities for the Donbas by year’s end. Артём Гришанов - Добро с ракетами / Good rockets / War in Ukraine (English subtitles) Депутат Европарламента заявил о снайперах из Польши на Майдане. Кандидат в президенты Польши заявил, что расстрел митингующих был провокацией ради благосклонности США.

Korwin-Mikke: snajperzy z Majdanu byli szkoleni w Polsce. Kenigtiger: Отчод о действиях батальона диванных войск "Илья Муромец" за первую декаду сентября. Мне, честное слово, жаль расстраивать некоторое количество замечательных людей, уже успевших меня похоронить по случаю десятидневного энторнет-молчания, и все же. Kenigtiger: Дежурный кошмар страшного лейтенанта. Long Live Ruthenia. The Economist.

Time for a 'Lousy' Peace in Ukraine.

3 Reply − Randal 12 hours ago Unusually sensible words from a US partisan. Fortunately there's little doubt the US bipartisan foreign policy idiocracy is way too stupid and too much the victim of its own side's self-congratulatory propaganda to ever follow such sensible advice. Fortunately, that is, for any kind of global justice and future balance, which requires that the US/EU attempt to use Ukraine to kick Russia while it is down and to make further progress towards the desired regime change in Moscow must fail, and be seen to have failed. Tragically unfortunate for the Ukrainians caught in the unfolding disasters, but it's always innocents who are the victims of these kinds of geopolitical power games. So Ukraine will keep on glugging past the political, economic and national u-bend, as the oligarchs and the nationalist thugs and the west-struck liberals squabble over the pickings. And Europe and Russia will also bear the primary costs of a wholly unnecessary confrontation fomented by Washington and by irresponsible EU apparatchiks. The latter two groups hope to reap the gains, but apart from a few US oligarchs who have profited by directly feeding off the still stirring corpse of Ukraine, any gains are likely to be outweighed by greater costs down the line, when the US faces its next confrontation with a real potential rival and finds Russia is firmly in the pro-Chinese camp as a result of US policy. 1 Reply – andreylukashov

«КиберБеркут» опубликовал имена западных военных инструкторов на Украине. «КиберБеркут» обнародовал имена иностранных военных инструкторов, которые, как сообщается на сайте активистов, будут готовить провокации в Новороссии. Олесь Бузина убит. Конечно за такие стихи убивают. 14.09.2014. Столкновения в Донецке 13 марта 2014 года. В случае поражения на Украине США ударят по Европе. Сводки от ополчения Новороссии. U.S. to Start Training Nazi Troops in Ukraine, on April 20th, Hitler’s Birthday. Д. Стешин: Обе стороны практически закончили подготовку к боевым действиям. Ukraine-and-Russia-E-IR. Europe's Nightmare: Ukraine's Massive Meltdown. «Ваш муж добровольно пошел под обстрел» Zarusskiy.Org - В Одессе создана «Народная Рада Бессарабии» для защиты интересов национальных общин. Рада поборется за децентрализацию Украины? - 07.04.15 08:30:43. Экс-президент Крыма: Украина должна отдать России Донбасс в аренду как плату за незаконное владение полуостровом.

Полная версия фильма «Крым. Путь на Родину». (ВИДЕО) Запад отбросил Украину на 300 лет назад, уничтожив промышленность, — польские СМИ. AP. Роль России в Украине меняется - теперь акцент делается на обучении мятежников. Между Пасхой и Днем Победы. Крах экономики остатков Украины: инструкция по выживанию для малого бизнеса. Разминирование освобожденных от оккупантов территорий Донбасса продолжается (ВИДЕО) Врач, спасавшая изнасилованных бойцами «Азова» женщин, умерла от инсульта. Меркель и Путин ведут тайные переговоры о судьбе Украины (подробности) 290 десантников США высадятся 20 апреля в Украине. Щоденник україножера - Еврооблом для украинских креаклов. Соцопрос: в Харькове и Одессе те же настроения, что и на Донбассе. Убыток банков Украины за февраль превысил показатель за весь прошлый год.

Обзор группировки ВС России в Крыму. Приднестровье отвечает Порошенко. Devol's Zeitschrift - Закарпатье не Украина. Крым. Путь на Родину. Документальный фильм Андрея Кондрашова. Упреждающий ход Москвы. За конфликтом Порошенко и Коломойского стоят США. «Правый сектор» отказался подчиняться приказам ВСУ о выходе из АТО и укрепляет свои позиции. Экстремисты «Правого сектора» отказываются выполнять приказ покинуть Мариуполь - последние новости за сегодня от Шахтеры решили бастовать во Львове и Киеве. Беспонтовый парень Виктор Янукович RIP. Коротко о важном. Ходаковский об обстановке на 14 июля 2014 года. Коротко о важном. Ее дурь нужно было наказать. Способы борьбы с танками, оснащенными динамической защитой - Мои статьи - Антилохотрон - Антилохотрон - Видеочек. В гостях у Беса: репортаж из мятежной Горловки. Катастрофа Донбасса. Карта разрушений на востоке Украины.

Самолеты, бомбившие Донецк, летели с базы НАТО - Змей горыныч. Анализ "теневого ЦРУ": сценарии возможной оккупации Украины.