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iTunes U Course Creation Workshop - Download Free Content from Erie 1 Boards of Cooperative Educational Services. What’s Next for the iWizards? Hot off of our successful iPad iCreate Workshop for seventh and eighth graders, the iWizards are now turning their attention to several other activities over the next couple of months.

What’s Next for the iWizards?

Jan-Feb iWizards Tips & Tricks iTunes U and Schoology Courses The iWizards are currently working on a project of collecting iPad “tips & tricks” about to share with the Mercy community through a Schoology course. We have tentatively decided it will have the following features *lessons that last 1-2 minutes *GIF badges as “rewards” *Possibly some kind of raffle for those who “complete” the course.

Gabriella Meyers, our Apple DE recently visited and suggested we create an iTunes U course with iWizard tips and tricks. Feb. 15 Winter Open House Demonstration For the past three years the iWizards have provided iPad demonstrations for prospective students. Feb 27 Assist at Tech Talk Mrs. March 20 MACUL Presentation Mrs. March 26 iWizard Workshop. What Should Teacher Walkthroughs Measure? Note: This is cross posted at Smart Blog on Education.

What Should Teacher Walkthroughs Measure?

Teacher walkthroughs are formative data collection opportunities for teachers and leaders to learn about general trends in a school. They are NOT designed to evaluate or judge the performance of a single teacher. Two Apps Go Mainstream at Mercy. Becoming a Digital School Administrator - Download Free Content from Mercy High School. Edcamps. ISTE UNPLUGGED - HOME.

Edcamp - home. FrontPage. Attending?


What to expect at a BarCamp Organizing? BarCamp has now quite an impressive historical record. There is a shared feeling that this should not be lost and 2 pages can be used to keep track of all the unconferences that happened in the past years: BarCampPastEvents serves as a temporary parking to re-order the list of worldwide events. It makes us all sad, but pointers to external pages from the front page will most likely be deleted without notice. Note: This list right here is the ‘definitive list’ of upcoming barcamps. What’s Next for the iWizards? Ms. Petty Genius Hour Proposal - Google Dokument. Katherine von Jan: Pursue Passion: Demand Google 20% Time at School. Ever wonder why students struggle with picking a major in college? When was the last time students were asked what they'd like to study in school and given the time to pursue their own interests?

Ask a kid what they want for their birthday, and they'll tell you 10 things. Ask them what they want to learn? They don't know, because they've never been asked. The Research Behind Choice and Inquiry-Based Education. Since experimenting with “20% Time” in my class a few years ago, I’ve been fascinated by the research and history of this practice in education and the business world.

The Research Behind Choice and Inquiry-Based Education

This has led me down a long road to finally writing Inquiry & Innovation in the Classroom (published by Routledge) on inquiry-driven education and choice-based learning experiences. During that time I’ve had hundreds of conversations with fellow teachers practicing choice-based and inquiry-driven learning in some way shape or form (Genius Hour, Passion Projects, Choose2Matter etc). Lately, through the book-writing process I’ve had some more in-depth interviews about inquiry-based education, and I’ve spent a great deal of time researching the beginnings and reasons behind 20% time’s effectiveness.

Today I want to shed some light on the research behind choice, and more broadly, inquiry-driven education. I’m breaking the post down into four sections. The Connection Between Choice, Inquiry, and Student Engagement/Achievement. Genius Hour Introduction of Expected Presentation Outcomes Lesson Plan - Documenti Google. Genius Hour Presentation Rubric - Google Docs. Genius Hour Project Rubric. Professional Development. Inquiry and Innovation in the Classroom: Using 20% Time, Genius Hour, and PBL to Drive Student Success by A.J. Juliani.

Makerspace in the Classroom - Make: During my eight-plus years of teaching students in a makerspace-style environment, I have witnessed first-hand a surge of interest in problem-based curriculum from both our youth and their parents due to its ability to engage students and to help them retain the knowledge.

Makerspace in the Classroom - Make:

This is why the marriage between the classroom and the makerspace is so potent. It fills the gap between classroom theory and the physical world. Historically, sparse classroom budgets have been the root cause for a lack of modern equipment in the classroom. This made sense, of course, when an entry-level 3D printer could cost more then $20,000. Now, a derivative of the technology can be purchased with the proceeds of a single bake sale, or even through parent donation. The beauty of the makerspace is its ability to not only inspire students, but to accelerate their knowledge intake through exciting and imaginative curricular application.

ISTE 2015. ISTE 2015 will feature an amazing array of professional learning and collaborative networking opportunities.

ISTE 2015

Attendees can choose from more than 1,000 sessions in a variety of formats. See our program guide for tips on how to navigate the program and session formats. Use the program search to find sessions that interest you and add them to your Favorites. Makerspace on Pinterest. ISTE UNPLUGGED - HOME. Untitled. Build, play and learn using mobile devices.


Join ISTE's Mobile Learning Network in a makerspace where you can discover coding, app creation, mobile games, robotics, Minecraft and more. Recommended by ISTE’s Mobile Learning Network Purpose & objective Join ISTE's Mobile Learning Network Playground for interactive building, playing and mobile learning. Outline Attend presentations and interactive demonstrations on STEM and Maker Education, Minecraft, Robotics, 3D Printing, science apps, mobile games, building virtual environments using mobile devices, and coding. Block Party at the Mobile Makerspace.

Resources. A cardboard arcade made by a 9-year-old boy.  Makedo. CX Blaster Water Balloon Launcher - 200 Yard: Toys & Games. STEM - Lower School Technology. Educate to Innovate and the National Video Game Challenge are all White House STEM initiatives The acronym STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

STEM - Lower School Technology

This program was started by Judith A. Ramaley, the former director of the National Science Foundation’s education and human-resources division. Untitled. Mobile Learning Playground 2015 - ISTE Mobile Learning Network. Join us for interactive fun in Philly!

Mobile Learning Playground 2015 - ISTE Mobile Learning Network

Engage-Learn-Play! Interactive Presentations and Table Topics Presentation Station 1 Making Your Smart Devices Smarter: Gadgets Robbie K. ISTE 2015. We'll engage in a variety of hands-on, STEM-related activities, such as student-driven robotics activities (including a experience with KATE the Robot), electrical circuitry and classroom makerspaces.

ISTE 2015

Purpose & objective Purpose: The purpose of this session is to introduce teachers to the concept of the creative classroom in terms of STEM related standards. BeeBot Mat Grids. Maker Education Activities - Home. Cubelets Robot Construction for Kids. Sphero on Vimeo. Sphero is a completely new type of game system. It’s the world’s first robotic ball that you control with a tilt, touch, or swing from your smartphone or tablet. You can drive Sphero, play tabletop and multiplayer games, use Sphero as a handheld controller for on-screen gameplay, learn basic programming, and even play augmented reality games. Educational Virtual Worlds. STAR Summer Camp iPad Apps 2013 on Pinterest. Project Based Learning. Is It Project-Based Learning, Maker Education or Just Projects? Zak Malamed of StuVoice.Org mentioned in a student voice panel that when given projects by teachers to complete, it was often just another “thing” to get done, just like a paper or worksheet.

I have seen lessons shared by teachers that they called Project-Based Learning, Inquiry Learning, or Maker Education, but upon close examination they appear to be another form of direct instruction with a hands-on activity thrown into the mix. These activities had no connections and very limited relevancy to the real lives of students. Students using scissors, markers, drawings, or a Web 2.0 tool does not make a PBL or Maker Education curricular unit. Makerspace in the Classroom - Make: Untitled. Maker Education Activities - Home. STAR Summer Camp iPad Apps 2013 on Pinterest. Project Based Learning. Is It Project-Based Learning, Maker Education or Just Projects?