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California Camping Least Known Destinations - ETG. It wasn’t called the Golden State for nothing. For an outdoor lover, California camping is a dream come true. This state has some of the most magnificent national parks in the USA, beach camping sites and lovely weather. It does not matter the type of camping that you choose, for there is something for everyone. This diversity of options is something that most other states lack. If you are up for RV camping, beach camping California, tent camping, cabin camping and much more, even high alpine camping. Some camping destinations are very popular There are very popular camping destinations in California, you know, the parks where everyone heads to when they can have the time. So as you pack your camping tent this year, you may want to try the lesser known grounds where you can have all the solitude that you need, and get time to explore the diverse flora and fauna without distractions.

Before you go, try this camping guide for California. Crystal Cove Park for California camping Yosemite Creek. Coleman Family Tents Reviews - ETG. Coleman is one of the most renowned names in the manufacture of outdoor gear and their family tents do not disappoint. This is a good thing too. Family camping fast in America, Europe and Asia has become the norm as many parents engage their children in outdoorsy activities. Things to be wary about when buying family tents The size of the family Living in the tent can be such a killjoy, that is, if you go with the manufacturer ratings.

So be smart, be very smart. The answer that you get is the total number the tent can house comfortably. You need elbow room to turn and move around when asleep. But when you have kids, a family tent may actually fit the number of people it is rated for, considering that kids are smaller. As the need for bigger tents grows, so do many people go online to read tents reviews. And marvelous too, with many incredible features as you will see in the video below: Privacy in the family tents Many of their tents intended for family camping come with dividers.

Alas! Tips for An Unplanned Beach Camping Vacation - ETG. The sizzling warm sand massages your office-tired bones … you feel the sand sifting through your toes, and you love it! This is heaven! That is beach camping for you, so lovely, so enjoyable. Were it not for your fear of vermin, creepers and crawlers, you would burrow in the warm sand and spend the whole night there. The sound of the ocean waves rolling on the shore is like music to your ears. Like any other kind of camping vacation, making camp on the beach needs thorough preparation. Here are a few things to make your beach vacation many times more enjoyable: Bring the right camping tent That is right. A family tent would be a good idea. Buy a three-season tent. Pop up tent? Carry insect repellent spray or net Animals, insects and pests love the beach, so be sure of sharing the sun and sand with some unwelcome guests. Camp in the designated places only Do not be a maverick. Keep your stuff safe You want to keep your car and home keys safe.

Keep your smartphone in a clear sandwich bag. Smartphone Safety When Camping or Hiking - ETG. Time comes for rubber to hit the road for that camping getaway and one thing that you will want to bring a long is your cellphone. But have you thought about your smartphone safety? A mobile phone like Samsung Galaxy 8 has become a revolutionary piece of equipment that we cannot leave behind, even when going to extreme outdoor sojourns. Bring your smartphone Ok, so you have entertained the notion of going a few days without your electronics, to have some you-time, have you?

There are other benefits of bringing your phone on your beach camping and other outdoor adventures. Your phone also packs a lot of entertainment to keep you jovial when busy or resting. What you should be seeking to know is how to keep your cellphone protected. Here are a few ways to get your phone through the elements in one piece: Know the risks If you do not know the risks, you cannot counter them.

Many people worry about moisture, but there are more dangers out there. Buy a hard-shell/leather case for accidents. Best Camping Toilets - The Ultimate Buying Guide and Reviews - Easy Travel Gear. Choosing the best camping toilets can be hard for the first time. You see, many people do not even know these ones exist, least alone knowing how to choose the best one. That you are going camping does not mean that you should sacrifice on all the comforts that you get at home. When going camping, hiking or trekking, many people worry about where they will relieve themselves when nature comes calling.

Ok, you can always take a shovel, dig a hole, and leave your waste there, buried deep in the ground. However, that is not a very gentlemanly way of taking a pee-pee and a dump. Camping toilets come in three types Bag toilets – These are disposable double bags that are attached to the toilet seat. These bags have a chemical/powder that is going to solidify the waste. Compact/container toilets – These are also called self-contained toilets because they have a tank for the waste and water for flushing after use. It is waterless. Dangers of not having a toilet when camping 5.3-Gallon Camco 4154.

Hammock Camping Beats Tent Camping Anytime - Easy Travel Gear. Hammock camping is fun! Real fun. And there are so many things to write home about a hammock. The little weight makes it a great option for a backpacker or an overnight hiker. In my opinion, in a quest for tent vs. hammock for camping, the jolly swinger (you know what I mean) carries the day. So is the camping tent being edged out of the equation by the hammock? Well, this is a matter of whom you talk to. Some people swear by a tent, yet others swear against it. Whenever a hammock is mentioned, the image of a jolly, carefree buccaneer swinging between two palm trees with a bottle of rum comes to mind.

But as you will see here, in many instances, camping with a hammock is the better choice for a light backpacker. Just do it If you never try hammock camping, how will you ever know how sweet it is? For practice, and to get a feel of things, start hammocking in your backyard. Benefits of backpacking, camping or hiking hammock It is light! It packs into a small size. It is so darn comfortable! 12 Top Outdoor Hammocks Reviews - Easy Travel Gear. When you choose to relax outdoors, do so in style, in the best, most stylish way possible.

And I can tell you free that no other outdoor gear is as hassle-free to use as a hammock. With so many cheap top outdoor hammocks in the market, why haven’t you gotten yourself one already? You can use it to relax in your backyard too. Why hammock? The comfortable and lulling sway of the hammock will have you asleep in no time at all. Easy to set up and pull down, this is no doubt the easiest way to spice up your Yosemite camping trip or beach vacation. Just hang it between two trees, grab your favorite drink and book, and you are good to go. If you are short of time and you would still love to know what outdoor hammock meets your need, I have prepared a table for you. Here are my reviews of the best cheap hammocks you can buy: Winner Camping Hammock Check Price on Amazon Camping is double the fun when you bring your partner along. The parachute hammock measures 118 inches by 78 inches.

Conclusion. Outdoor Fun Activities for Beginners - Easy Travel Gear. Captain jack sparrow. How To Choose The Best Kids Hiking Backpacks and Reviews - Easy Travel Gear. So my two little brats (they will probably sue me in future for calling them that but hey, I am the father, so that makes me the boss, right?) Said they would like to go hiking with me. Little did I know that sooner than later, I would be headed to the stores to look for the best kids hiking backpacks. About the best hiking and camping backpacks for kids And I indulged them. You see, my children have this bad habit of taking me on serious guilt trips. “So you do not love us anymore”, they will say. And so I ended up bringing them along, for the slowest hike of my life. That is what prompted me to go hunting for the best backpacks for children. And I was pleasantly surprised! “Why mine is diffwent?” Well, if this is what they call girl power, well, I would rather it was manpower all over.

If you are in the same predicament as I, well, I have made the work easier for you. Vickie can identify a white tailed kite, a raven, spotted towhee and a few other birds. Kids’ backpack features. Best Camping Toilets - The Ultimate Buying Guide and Reviews - Easy Travel Gear. The Best Backpacks with Wheels - Easy Travel Gear. Chic meets function. That is what comes to mind when I think of backpacks with wheels. You can have the best of mobility as well as the functionality of a backpack. But only if you know how to choose a good wheelie pack. But it is just a matter of ordering one online! The Good, the Bad and the Ugly If you are like me, you want a pack that can last a looooong time. So you go to a luggage store, and you look around. Listen. But first things first, do you really need a backpack on wheels? Do you really need backpacks with wheels?

If you are reading this, I believe you do really need a backpack that is wheeled. Here are a few crucial questions to ask before you write that check: Are you going to be on paved streets and roads for most of the time you will be traveling? Benefits of wheeled backpacks There are many benefits of rolling backpacks. Here are a few of them: It is great if you have a bad back Chronic back pain need not prevent you from traveling. Travel in style – be fly! Choice of carriage. Hiking With Asthma – How To Survive An Attack On The Trail - Easy Travel Gear. Here is what it means to have asthma Hiking with asthma is possible. But first things first. What does it mean to have asthma?

It means that the lungs are overly sensitive to changes in altitude, air pollution (read that as smoke and dust mostly), hot or cold air, allergens and even air that is too dry. With that in mind, you can now be able to find out whether it is indeed safe for you to go hiking when you have asthma, or not. Today, more than 17 million people in the USA know they have asthma. On the internet, there is a lot of information for how to run faster with asthma. The norm is to breathe through the nose, which has hair, mucus and membranes that filter the air of dust, allergens and other debris. Sometimes, you may know that you have asthma and therefore you will be duly prepared for the hike with an inhaler, the right clothing, camping stove and so on.

Most important tips for hiking with asthma Pack your asthma inhaler. Check with your doctor. Know your body well. Conclusion. How To Choose The Best Kids Hiking Backpacks and Reviews - Easy Travel Gear. Find The Best Travel Diaper Bag for Mom and Baby - Easy Travel Gear. Hello mom. Welcome. Congratulations for having that angel, that bouncing bundle of joy.

However, you have a problem, right… a little problem about finding the best travel diaper bag for a mom. Worry no more, because here, I will help you find just the right one. Mom and baby have a right to sight-see too It is not fair that you should not go out for a sight-see just because you have a baby. Whether you are traveling long distance or short distance, you will need a good travel bag because your baby will require you to carry a lot of stuff with you. Things to look for in the travel diaper bag Many people, already pressed to the corner by the hefty baby raising costs ask why they cannot just pack everything in a regular bag and go. Here is a snapshot of the most important things that a travel bag for diapers should have: The size of your diaper bag – This is the chief consideration, and the cost too.

Some women prefer to keep their bags small and effective while others prefer them big. Best Hiking Shoes Buying Guide - Easy Travel Gear. Rise and shine! The hiking season is here with you. Well, actually, now that you think about it, every time is hiking season. In California for example, in the Shasta and Trinity region, you can find awesome trails where you can hike even in winter. Every trail lover knows one thing though, and that is that the success of their hike does not depend on the backpack as much as it depends on the hiking shoes. Yes, that pair can determine how much distance you will cover every day, or whether you will have to make camp after only two miles of limping like a lame duck. Do not be like Brad Many people have had their hikes cut short by wearing the wrong type of hiking shoes. And they started getting hotter, and itchier and then … pain. But you do not have to be like Brad. From the onset, choosing the best hiking shoes looks ever so easy, well, until you get to the market and then the wide array of trekking shoes hits you.

Start with the best brands for the best hiking shoes Fitting The sole. Travel Backpack - Tips for Choosing the Best One - Easy Travel Gear. In a market that teems with many travel backpack types for women and children, choosing the right one can be a bit daunting. However, this backpacking guide will bring you the appropriate tips for buying a good pack. Backpacking is not just about adventure, but it is about freedom. Freedom to see the world, to enjoy yourself, to mingle with many people from different backgrounds, experience new cultures, enlarge the scope through which you see the world and above all things, have something to tell your grandchildren one day. People attempting backpacking for beginners should know one important thing – that enjoying your travel experience depends mainly on one thing, and that is your backpack. Does that mean that you have to break the bank to buy the best backpack for men?

Whether you are going for a backpacking experience in your own country or to an international destination, you need the best backpack for traveling. Choosing the best travel back pack – Things to consider 1. 2. 3. 4. Best Backpacking Stoves For Camping and Overnight Hiking - Easy Travel Gear. If there is something that every American loves, it is a good “home” cooked meal even when he/she is camping and that has now become easier with the best backpacking stoves.

If you are going car camping there is no reason why you should not bring a cooking stove with you, and make delicious hot meals for everyone. Even when you are going backpacking, there are smaller stoves that you can take with you in your backpack. Whatever kind of outdoor vacation you are taking, you know that a good meal gives you the energy, and the motivation to go on. The camp stove that you buy will depend on many things. Here are factors to consider in brief: The type of stove – Mostly, you can figure this means whether the stove is powered by gas, liquid fuel, alcohol or wood. Fuel type for the best backpacking stoves This is the biggest determinant of the kind of stove you are going to buy. A) Liquid fuel – This stove is built to be connected to a refillable container. Coleman Bottle Top Stove Jetboil MiniMo. Backpacking versus Thru-hiking @ Backpacking Light.

ULTRALIGHT BACKPACKING GEAR LIST. Backpacking Light 101. A Lightweight Primer to Backcountry Travel for the Uninitiated By Ryan Jordan Ryan Jordan is the co-founder and Publisher of Backpacking Light. He original wrote this article as a celebration of the evolution of lightweight backpacking as part of GoLite's 5th Anniversary catalog. Ultralight backpacking, contrary to proclamations by Those That Carry Heavy Packs, is not practiced by that crazy fringe segment of wilderness society that derives their calories from obscure edible roots and their shelter from two twigs and a waterproof handkerchief.

Well, at least, it’s not practiced only by that crazy fringe. Rather, it’s a way of backcountry travel that has permeated virtually every outdoor sport: day hiking, trail running, horse packing, packrafting, backcountry hunting and fishing, mountaineering, mountain biking, and adventure racing. The Ultralight Ethic no longer stands in the shadow of conventional backcountry theology that proclaims “more is better”. 1.

Don’t have a digital scale yet? GEAR CHECKLIST. A Bushcraft Camping Outfit - Equipment for Living in the Woods | Paul Kirtley's Blog. Hiking Lady's How To Videos | Hiking Lady. Backpacking Checklist. Adventure Alan's Ultralight Backpacking: Backpacking Food - StumbleUpon. Tips for High Protein Backpacking Meals. Heirloom Seeds | Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co. Hiking Trails, Mountain Bike Trails & Trail Maps.

Hiking Trails, Parks & Backpacking. Black Diamond 18 mm Nylon Daisy Chain - Free Shipping on Black Diamond orders over. Travel Backpack - Tips for Choosing the Best One - Easy Travel Gear. Best Backpack for Women 2017 – 5 Top Packs To Buy - Easy Travel Gear. Camping at Best Hiking Shoes Buying Guide - Easy Travel Gear. Summer Hiking Shoes - Ahnu Women's Sugarpine Air Mesh Review - Easy Travel Gear. 8 Tips for How To Pack A Backpack For Beginners - Easy Travel Gear. Best Hiking Trails In Big Bear Lake - Easy Travel Gear. Best Portable Water Filter for Hiking Buying Guide - Easy Travel Gear. Best Sleeping Bag 2017 – Simple Buying Guide - Easy Travel Gear. 8 Tips for How To Pack A Backpack For Beginners - Easy Travel Gear. Important Tips for Hiking in Africa - Mt. Kilimanjaro - Easy Travel Gear. Best Winter Sleeping Bags Buying Guide and Reviews - Easy Travel Gear.

Cuddle On The Trails With The Best Double Sleeping Bag 2017 - Easy Travel Gear. Camping Cot Buying Guide for Outdoor Adventurers - Easy Travel Gear. Outdoor Fun Ideas for Beginners - Easy Travel Gear.