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Integrate iPads Into Bloom's Digital Taxonomy With This 'Padagogy Wheel' You’re going to want to turn on your printer and fire up a PDF viewer. This is just that good. It’s called the Padagogy Wheel and it offers a fantastically useful perspecitve on how to figure out which iPad apps work with Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy. Created by Allan Carrington , this thing is a monster and deserves some focused attention.

Integrate iPads Into Bloom's Digital Taxonomy With This 'Padagogy Wheel'

Finally it is coming, and coming fast! Yes, Coursera is now taking up the teacher education as it expands its MOOCs ”Coursera moves beyond universities and into K-12 with 12 new institutions and 28 free courses for teachers“ The massive open online course (MOOC) provider is expanding beyond university courses by offering 28 teaching courses for free, with more to come.Coursera says it wants to create a hub of teacher professional development courses aimed at providing teachers, parents, and anyone else who teaches with “the tools and skills to help build stronger education systems.” In true MOOC spirit, all the courses are available online to anyone interested. As anticipated, this is the strategy adopted by the MOOC providers to expand and diversify their reach to all areas of education, ranging from k-12 to tertiary and Higher Education. I have shared my views here and so far I have some reservations as to whether “we are ready for it or not”. Finally it is coming, and coming fast!
Mastery in Communication Initiative The Mastery in Communication Initiative promotes communication excellence by providing communication courses, coaching, and student advising. Our mission is to help students at all levels of communication competence achieve mastery in communication. We work not only with MBA students but also with students in the MSx Master's Program and PhD candidates; space in our classes and workshops is made available to other graduate students at Stanford when possible. Mastery in Communication Initiative

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Open Culture In a classic essay of Joan Didion’s, “Goodbye to All That,” the novelist and writer breaks into her narrative—not for the first or last time—to prod her reader. She rhetorically asks and answers: “…was anyone ever so young? I am here to tell you that someone was.” The wry little moment is perfectly indicative of Didion’s unsparingly ironic critical voice. Didion is a consumate critic, from Greek kritēs, “a judge.”
30 ferramentas online gratuitas para a educação Seja você um professor, estudante ou pai não perca 30 ferramentas online gratuitas para a educação que podem ajudar os alunos a aprimorar o aprendizado Crédito: Se você é estudante e está em busca de novas ferramentas para aprimorar seus estudos, não deixe de conferir 30 ferramentas online gratuitas As ferramentas separadas a seguir podem servir para os mais diversos públicos. Se você é professor, elas podem ser úteis como complementações dos conteúdos estudados em classe, tornando a aula mais dinâmica e envolvente. 30 ferramentas online gratuitas para a educação
É importante conhecer a dopamina, uma vez que, não só o prazer, mais diversas coisas dependem dela Descoberta há apenas meio século pelos químicos suecos Arvid Carlsson e Nils-Ake Hillarp, a dopamina foi descoberta por não ser somente responsável pelas sensações de prazer. Portanto, mesmo que você não esteja estudando para o vestibular, é importante conhecer a dopamina, uma vez que, não só o prazer, mais diversas coisas dependem dela. » O que mais cai nas questões de química do Enem» Os 10 temas que mais caem na prova de biologia do Enem» Substância química que causa câncer e é usado em plásticos Ela está relacionada com a coordenação dos movimentos musculares, na tomada de decisões e na regulação da memória. Sem ela, não sentiríamos curiosidade nem motivação. A importância da dopamina para sua vida A importância da dopamina para sua vida
o a neurociência está invadindo as salas de aula Diversas iniciativas mostram como a ciência do sistema nervoso pode ajudar a aprimorar a educação. Confira como a neurociência está invadindo as salas de aula: Crédito: O relacionamento entre a educação e as pesquisas é uma realidade que tem aprimorado cada vez mais o processo de aprendizagem e ensino o a neurociência está invadindo as salas de aula
Radical Human Ecology: Intercultural and Indigenous Approaches - Lewis Williams, Alastair McIntosh, Rose Roberts
10 habilidades digitais que todo professor deve ter 10 habilidades digitais que todo professor deve ter Determinadas habilidades digitais devem ser adquiridas pelos professores para que possam se diferenciar e proporcionar novas experiências para seus alunos Crédito: É de extrema importância saber e instruir os alunos sobre as regras de citações de conteúdos online e de copyright A tecnologia pode ajudar os alunos a entender melhor determinados conceitos, oferecendo ajuda e recursos extras na hora de estudar.
E-pedagogy (PDF) References: Bates, Tony (2005): Technology, e-learning, and distance education. London: Routledge Falmer Biggs, John B. (2003): Teaching for quality learning at university : what the student does Society for Research into Higher Education: Philadelph.: Open University Press E-pedagogy course - <a href=""><span>Screen lectures</span></a> E-pedagogy course - <a href=""><span>Screen lectures</span></a>
For Students The Student’s Guide to Affordable Healthcare College students in America face particular challenges in paying for health insurance, and consequently are more likely to be uninsured than any other segment of the population. Experts estimate that … For Students
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eduviews: Blended Learning eduviews Updates to stay up to date with eduviews Contact the Sponsor for more information on Blackboard Blended learning, the teaching practice that combines teaching methods from both face-to-face and online learning, is an established, rapidly growing model of instruction. It has proven highly effective in helping schools and districts address the challenges of student achievement, limited resources, and the expectations of 21st century learners. Blended Learning: Where Online and Face-to-Face Instruction Intersect for 21st Century Teaching and Learning reviews the working definitions of blended learning, explores relevant efficacy data, recaps innovative and practical implementation models and provides profiles of several schools and districts that are experiencing success with their blended learning programs.
<< Back to Ask the Expert Home Classroom instruction is becoming increasingly involved in an essential shift from monotype lectures to the use of several technologies in delivering information. This shift can provide more dynamic and engaging sessions, as well as make available assistive learning to students with disabilities. Various types of technology, including many social media tools, are used to support and enhance classroom instruction while also evoking students’ interest in the content. Social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn have dramatically changed the way students communicate internationally and have become more prominent in the lives of all people. Ask the Expert Technology
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These days, more and more faculty members are teaching both traditional face-to-face (F2F) teaching and online courses in the same semester. There are a number of reasons for this: Some equivalency studies have shown that there is little difference between online and traditional classroom instruction when taught by the same professor in the same semester, which makes traditional faculty more comfortable about trying online courses.A study by researchers Mischelle Taylor Stone and Suzanne Perumean-Chaney shows that instructor experience teaching online courses improves their performance in their traditional courses.Many traditional faculty members have discovered the benefits of online teaching and have added such courses to their schedules.Lower salaries and budget cuts have led more educators to seek additional income opportunities through online teaching in addition to their full-time positions. 7 Ways to Balance Online and F2F Teaching
Overview For some time, businesses have been refining and optimizing their networks of suppliers and partners. But something just as meaningful has been happening – the sudden convergence of the digital, social and mobile spheres – connecting customers, employees and partners in new ways to organizations and to each other. In speaking face-to-face with 1,709 CEOs, general managers and senior public sector leaders around the globe, leaders confirmed that our new connected era is changing how people engage. 2012 Global CEO Study
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