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Le Japonais Shigeru Ban remporte le prix Pritzker d'architecture. Shigeru Ban en 2007 devant son pont en carton, fabriqué près du Pont du Gard.

Le Japonais Shigeru Ban remporte le prix Pritzker d'architecture

Crédits photo : Michel Gangne L’architecte japonais, auteur du Centre Pompidou-Metz, s’est distingué par ses architectures de l’urgence. Il défend un » rôle social » pour son métier. Lire l’article original sur Le Monde. Toward Cycle Cities: How Architects Must Make Bikes Their Guiding Inspiration. If Henry Ford were reincarnated as a bike maker, Le Corbusier as an architect of buildings and cities for bikes, and Robert Moses as their bike-loving ally in government, today’s bike plans would be far more ambitious in scope.

Toward Cycle Cities: How Architects Must Make Bikes Their Guiding Inspiration

Ford would be aiming to sell billions of bikes, Corb would be wanting to save the whole world, and, even if it took him a lifetime, Moses would be aiming to leave a permanent mark. They would want to give bicycle transport a leg-up, like the leg-up the motorcar received from farmlands being opened for suburban development. So who are our modern-day, bicycle-loving Le Corbusiers? And what, exactly, is their task? In any era, the preoccupations architects share with planners stem from whatever mode of transportation is on everyone’s minds. Designers were fascinated by cars for at least forty years, beginning with Le Corbusier’s 1925 plan to rebuild much of Paris, with towers in a park and sunken freeways. Consider the similarities between Corbu and Bjarke. Dr.

Fuck Off As A Service (FOAAS) UNStudio launches open source knowledge sharing - UNStudio. UNSTUDIO LAUNCHES OPEN SOURCE KNOWLEDGE SHARING Unique knowledge developed through building practice is the new core value of architecture BEYOND COLLABORATION TOWARDS CO-CREATION In June this year UNStudio will launch the new organisation of its practice as an open-source knowledge-based practice operating projects around four specialised Knowledge Platforms.

UNStudio launches open source knowledge sharing - UNStudio

As part of the reorganisation of the studio a new interactive online knowledge platform will be launched, aimed at facilitating the open exchange of knowledge, with the ultimate goal of introducing and encouraging the expansion from a collaborative to a co-creative working model for architecture. Conférence LABCITY, L'École Centrale à Paris-Saclay. Wang Shu remporte le Pritzker 2012. L’architecte de 48 ans succède au , en remportant le prestigieux Prix Pritzker 2012. Ceramic House – Jinuha – Chine – Wang Shu. Architectures - La maison Vitra de Herzog et de Meuron, 2009. Blog Archive » Herzog & de Meuron Launched Their First Website Today. 9 « Urbain, trop Urbain.

Le lundi matin à heure fixe, Urbain, trop urbain donne sous forme de chronique un petit résumé des meilleurs liens glanés sur Internet lors de la semaine écoulée.

9 « Urbain, trop Urbain

Le fonctionnement est simple : le taux de consultation des URL diffusées sur notre compte Twitter fait le partage statistique, charge au rédacteur de trouver un fil rouge dans les liens ainsi sélectionnés par cet arbitraire de l’audience… La musique est le seul domaine où l’homme réalise le présent. Société : Lyon, cité radieuse. L'aventure du mouvement moderne international. Pierre WINICKI- Comment reconstruire de la confiance (Interviews) Pierre WINICKI, Institut Confiances« nous avons identifié sept ressorts profonds dont l’absence ou l’insuffisance provoquent un manque de confiance dans la société » politique publique, réforme publique, administration, confiance, Institut Confiances Flore BERLINGEN- Economie collaborative et biens communs- (Interviews) Flore BERLINGEN, Directrice du Cniid (Centre national d’information indépendante sur les déchets).

Société : Lyon, cité radieuse. L'aventure du mouvement moderne international

Defining #parametric #design and #architecture. Image: Wikipedia Recently we have been often asked “What is Parametric Design and Architecture?”

Defining #parametric #design and #architecture

Even if we are daily working with this notions, the answer is not so easy. We’ll now start thinking about how we designers and architecture could give a comprehensive defintion of such concepts. image: Theverymany In the meanwhile we’ll just try to find links between parametric design and other notions that could help us to have a general idea of the territory we are moving through. For example, we could start with the notion of “growth” and evolution. Image: source He explains that “an organism is so complex a thing, and growth so complex a phenomenon, that for growth to be so uniform and constant in all the parts as to keep the whole shape unchanged would indeed be an unlikely and an unusual circumstance. Architecture & Culture Urbaine. Grasshopper. A-ngine. Architecture & Culture Urbaine. Parametricist Manifesto / Patrik Schumacher. We have seen a growing interest in parametric design as it offers a new approach to architecture based on advanced computational design techniques.

Parametricist Manifesto / Patrik Schumacher

As parametricism becomes a tool more designers are turning toward, is this method beginning to define the style of our time? In an effort to identify our architectural style to allow it to be recognized, Patrik Schumacher, a partner at Zaha Hadid, has communicated his beliefs in his Parametricist Manifesto. “As a style, parametricism is marked by its aims, ambitions, methodological principles, and evaluative criteria, as well as by its characteristic formal repertoire.” More about the manifesto after the break. While some disagree with the notion of categorizing work to fit into a style, Schumacher calls for a conceptual reconstruction, meaning that we must disregard style as a matter of appearance, and move to understand style as “a design research program conceived in the way that paradigms frame scientific research programs.”