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Why Socialism? Albert Einstein is the world-famous physicist.

Why Socialism?

Astrolabe Free Chart from. Hi there, here is the interpretation of the astrological chart that you asked for.

Astrolabe Free Chart from

Also attached is a .GIF graphic file which depicts your chart wheel. Thank you for visiting the Astrolabe WEB site at This report has been created especially for you. It represents your Unique picture at the time you were born and at the place you were born. If you are unsure of the exact time of day of your birth (or the date or the place), the reading will probably not seem as accurate as it could be in certain places, but other parts will seem to be very appropriate. You will notice at certain places in the reading that contradictory information seems to be given.

Self monitoring strategies

The National Defense Authorization Act Opens the Door to a Police State. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was recently approved by an overwhelming majority of the Senate.

The National Defense Authorization Act Opens the Door to a Police State

It will place domestic terror investigations and interrogations into the hands of the military and which would open the door for trial-free, indefinite detention of anyone, including American citizens, so long as the government calls them terrorists. This law is diametrically opposed to the rights provided by the Constitution and opens the door to an effective police state. Forbes (of all magazines) describes it as the “greatest threat to liberties Americans face”.

Here’s an article from The New American describing the law. Senate Passes Controversial Defense BillIn the midst of allegations of police brutality and police aggression at the OWS protests, the U.S. Download Knowledge Directly to Your Brain, Matrix-Style. For the first time, researchers have been able to hack into the process of learning in the brain, using induced brain patterns to create a learned behavior.

Download Knowledge Directly to Your Brain, Matrix-Style

It's not quite as advanced as an instant kung-fu download, and it's not as sleek as cognitive inception, but it's still an important finding that could lead to new teaching and rehabilitation techniques. Future therapies could decode the brain activity patterns of an athlete or a musician, and use them as a benchmark for teaching another person a new activity, according to the researchers. Scientists from Boston University and ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories in Kyoto used functional magnetic resonance imaging, or fMRI, to study the learning process. They were examining the adult brain's aptitude for visual perceptual learning, or VPL, in which repetitive training improves a person's performance on a particular task. Whether adults can do this as well as young people has been an ongoing debate in neuroscience. A Global Astronomy Social Network To Let Amateurs Peep Through Robotic Telescopes. Steven Van Zandt: There Is Only One Issue In America. It's the world's smallest steam engine - Technology & science - Innovation. Shrinking an engine down to a tiny device capable of powering micromachines is no longer just a flight of fancy.

It's the world's smallest steam engine - Technology & science - Innovation

Fundamental Glossary For The Higgs Broadcast. As everybody knows, next Tuesday we will be treated with a CERN webcast of the analysis results on the Higgs boson searches by ATLAS and CMS.

Fundamental Glossary For The Higgs Broadcast

I imagine many of you will want to tune in, but fear you will not grasp much given the typically technical jargon that physicists use to communicate the details of their analyses. So I thought I would provide here a very short glossary of terms you are likely to hear, and which you might have a hard time understanding correctly. When an adult took standardized tests forced on kids - The Answer Sheet. Update 12/12: QUIZ: Take part of the test that the local school board member took in the story below: Reading Quiz | Math Quiz.

When an adult took standardized tests forced on kids - The Answer Sheet

Questions come from the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) for 10th grade. Update 12/6: Revealed: The school board member who took standardized test Original post: This was written by Marion Brady, veteran teacher, administrator, curriculum designer and author. Why I ditched Buddhism. For a 2,500-year-old religion, Buddhism seems remarkably compatible with our scientifically oriented culture, which may explain its surging popularity here in America.

Why I ditched Buddhism

Over the last 15 years, the number of Buddhist centers in the United States has more than doubled, to well over 1,000. As many as 4 million Americans now practice Buddhism, surpassing the total of Episcopalians. Of these Buddhists, half have post-graduate degrees, according to one survey. Khan Academy Blends Its YouTube Approach With Classrooms. Citizen Scientists Take On the Health Establishment.

More than a decade ago, in hopes of advancing research on the rare genetic disease that afflicts her children, Sharon Terry let two different researchers draw their blood for study.

Citizen Scientists Take On the Health Establishment

But when she asked for the results of the investigations, the scientists gave her a startling response. Information generated from her own children's DNA, they said, didn't belong to her. "It's my data," says Ms. Terry, who is now president and chief executive of Genetic Alliance, a network of organizations that do research, advocacy and education around genetics, in Washington, D.C. "But it gets locked away in some database that I can't get to. " Today, Ms. Members of this loose collective of amateurs, who call themselves "health hackers" and "citizen scientists," also perform their own analyses and use the Internet to create and run experiments and clinical trials.

The efforts are varied. Ms.