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Evaluation Within Project-Based Learning. Last year I took a group of students to Cuba to produce documentaries about the island nation's culture and history.

Evaluation Within Project-Based Learning

The main objective was learning how to produce documentaries, but one of my students learned a much more powerful lesson through the process. After completing her project, she posted it publicly to YouTube and received critical comments from someone living in Cuba. The feedback from an audience member in another country profoundly affected her, making her aware of what she was missing in her piece, and the impact that her work can have on others. No test, grade, or teacher evaluation could have come close to helping her learn that deeply, and it made clear to me how important it is for teachers to reexamine why and how we grade our students if we truly care about their success. As collaboration and project-based learning become preeminent ways of teaching and learning, many teachers struggle with how to evaluate these types of lessons. Institute of Design at Stanford. Innovating pedagogy 2016. Curriculum Update:Differentiating Instruction:Differentiating Instruction. 20 Best Augmented Reality Apps - Play. Enjoy. Learn. Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality Virtual reality, or VR, has a reputation for being for hardcore gamers.

20 Best Augmented Reality Apps - Play. Enjoy. Learn

You know: the serious tech heads who don’t think it’s at all strange to sit in a room with a giant set of black goggles over their eyes and interact with people, places, and things that don’t actually exist.

Apps for learning EAL