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5 Steps to Building a Better Word Wall. It was raining again. My second-grade students were indoors for recess and enjoying free time when a student approached me and asked, “How do I spell because?” I responded, “That’s a tricky one—have you checked the word wall?” The student answered with a familiar tune, “Oh yeah! I forget about the wall sometimes, it’s so high up.”

She waltzed over to the word wall and craned her neck to find the word because written at the top of the wall, in my handwriting. A few moments later, “Mrs. Bruyère?” For 13 years I fiddled with word wall systems, hoping to uncover one that worked for the learners in my class. Taking Action On a Monday morning soon after that rainy day, I called a class meeting to ask my students for their ideas on how to improve the word wall. Another problem was placement. My students shared many ideas during our class meeting that day. A 5-Step Process for Improving the Word Wall 1. 2. How do students want to manage the wall? Courtesy of Justine Marie Bruyère 3. 4. 5. Mathematical Routines. 10 Ideas for Vocabulary Instruction in Math. There is a strong correlation between a student’s word knowledge and future academic success. Evidence shows that what students already know about a topic is a reliable predictor of how easy they will learn new information in that topic.

Words are the tools students use to access background knowledge, to make necessary connections, to learn about new concepts, and to express those ideas in everyday life. In fact, the more terms you know about a specific subject, the easier it is to understand and learn new information related to that subject. One builds upon the other. It takes a numeracy-rich environment for authentic vocabulary learning to occur. The power of numeracy lies in the empowerment of students; that is, students are given opportunities to use academic vocabulary in a natural setting and to recognize and appreciate how that term relates to the world both inside and outside the math class. As teachers, we need to look at developing vocabulary in mathematics. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 10 Ideas for Vocabulary Instruction in Math.

Having a word wall isn't sufficient. It's about how you and your students interact with it and how you present the words on the wall. @crstn85 at #NCTMAnnual… ULSCALE ToA Principles MLRs Final v2.0 030217.