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Dozier Elementary's Sea of iPad Resources. "FREE" Pre K- 5th Grade Educational iPad Apps Note: Please keep in mind that many of the free apps have ads!

Dozier Elementary's Sea of iPad Resources

Many can be upgraded with a purchase to be ad free or used for unlimited access. Our 10 Favorite iPad Apps for Education. We wanted to share our ten favorite apps that you can use in a variety of classes/grade levels.

Our 10 Favorite iPad Apps for Education

Evernote Evernote is a great note taking application that you can use to take your own notes, or use it on student iPads for the purpose of having them gather information and construct projects. Evernote gives the user the ability to quickly type a note, copy/paste text and photos from other sources, and add sound recordings directly to the note. 5 Free Collaborative Whiteboard Apps For the iPad. It seems as though the minute the iPad was announced, innumerable light bulbs went off as developers and entrepreneurs everywhere came to the same realization: "We could totally use this device as a digital whiteboard!

5 Free Collaborative Whiteboard Apps For the iPad

" Indeed, a search for the word "whiteboard" in the App Store returns a whopping 170 iPad apps. Although the device's 10-inch screen may not compare to a full-sized, physical whiteboard, it can be quite handy to use a virtual whiteboard with team members remotely, and the iPad's form factor suits itself quite well to exactly that.

As we mentioned, the App Store is loaded with these kinds of apps, and many of them are quite good. iPad Apps. How do I get Apps to this device?

iPad Apps

Or If you are new to the mobile world, what is an App? App or an application is a program that can be installed on to the device. The app will have an icon associated with it. An app can be purchased through iTunes App Store on your computer or through the App Store app on the iPad (If you need to download iTunes, click here). 10 Excellent iPad Applications for Teachers. With the iPad2 on the launching pad, it’s a great time to share this list of useful iPad apps for teachers from guest writer Paula Dierkens.

10 Excellent iPad Applications for Teachers

There’s no doubt that the iPad is an excellent device, and if you own this gadget, it makes sense to pick up the applications best suited to your lifestyle and profession. So if you’re a teacher, here are ten great iPad apps that you must try out: [Note to readers of this article! I conducted a survey in March of 2012 to update this list of iPad apps that educators like to use in their professional roles, so it is based on actual teacher input. The results are available in this post. Elementary School iPad Apps. Create and publish your own wikis and blogs.

Elementary School iPad Apps

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